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d2ff1a25 No.2719

Hi /azu/, does anyone have an Azumanga themed cards.dll file from way way back in the day? That file provides the card art that's shared between solitaire and freecell and all those old Windows card games. I had it on my PC around 2005, lost it at some point over the years, and want to nostalgia all over this old computer I'm setting up. Pic related since I'm like 95% sure it was one of the images on the cards.

88d9f120 No.2720

File: 1547565579834.jpg (185.87 KB, 1200x897)

Did they look like this?

60803f23 No.2722

I wanna say they used the chibi-style art that's cut off on the very top right of your photo. If I remember correctly each different face value was a certain character and the color and surrounding decoration depended on card suit. It has been like 15 years though so my memory is fuzzy.

2b89ae09 No.2735

File: 1550259332076.png (1.11 MB, 1024x768)

Are these them?

f335e24f No.2737


93070fb0 No.2738

was gonna say i may have it but it's actually this.
i use to buy random merch on yahoo auctions and i wonder if i have the cards somewhere.

i can look but i don't have a scanner.

f7010d67 No.2739

I like that.

4942ffc9 No.2740

Suoer cute.

82572677 No.3221

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82572677 No.3222

(rename to .rar and extract)

31c4c8ea No.3223

ooh, what is this?

08f4a86b No.3337

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The suit colors can be a bit confusing at first though.

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