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87ba9363 No.2666

There are 24 pages in this chapter. I think I'll just put the link here instead of uploading them one at a time.

I wavered on whether to translate this literally as "banana juice," but "banana smoothies" seems more accurate given the content.

Yotsuba mentioned "banana juice" once before in the Korean Barbecue chapter (chapter 59).

29a3ff8d No.2667

Thank you Ralen!!! I love smoothies, wow.

d5909fea No.2668

Thanks Ralen, we truly appreciate it as always

faf68cd5 No.2669

thank you! thank you! THANK YOU!Today is most definitely the most enjoyable day!

cf1581f8 No.2670

all right, I spread the link in 2 places (mycomicposts.net and komix-live) and Im sharing it on a private tracker, so you should get some d/lds.

e073d802 No.2671

Thanks as always Ralen!!!

16663647 No.2672

Please don't do this.

3a70e6ab No.2673

File: 1544802399045.jpg (156.67 KB, 577x351)

Since I didn't upload the comic page by page, I forgot to include my comments.

Milo is a Nestle brand powdered milk drink.

I started hearing the Restuko theme in my head on page 21.

I know people don't really use Yotsuba& for image macros anymore, but I thought there were a lot of exploitable panels in this chapter.

34ba1929 No.2674

why not?

8c86745d No.2675

Thank you Ralen for the translation!

Glad Yotsuba got back at regular-sized chapters about everyday stuff. Also that Yanda is back teasing Yotsuba as always.

This made me want to make a banana smoothie for the first time, I didn't use all the same ingredients, but it was tasty.

3848fc55 No.2676

Can get it taken down faster, and more importantly you didn't ask for permission.

c1f9f880 No.2677

File: 1545044626926.png (219.44 KB, 526x529)

Oh, thanks Ralen. You are the best once again.
>This made me want to make a banana smoothie for the first time
They are pretty darn good.
>I didn't use all the same ingredients
I guess you can skip some ingredients but I hope it wasn't the banana, otherwise you just made wacky milk. I guess the must-haves are banana, milk and the blender.
Yanda is right about many things in this chapter, which is kinda surprising. Blenders are fun to use but cleaning them after is a bitch of a hassle, and Milo is really good.
“Are you in the pocket of Big Banana” was just the best line TBH fam.
Hey Ralen, when you got to type “are you in the pocket of Big Banana” did you giggle?
I guess there is no reason to deny that sentence does sound kinda sexual for some reason.

c0c18aa6 No.2678

I didn't giggle, but I was kind of amused with myself for coming up with that translation.
The original just says "Do you owe bananas money or something?"

The whole time Yanda was going on about how great bananas are, it made me wonder if he'd seen that Ray Comfort video.

7c26f6a5 No.2679

File: 1545093435163.png (164.23 KB, 646x248)

>made me wonder if he'd seen that Ray Comfort video
I didn't wanna mention it because it's politics and religion, but yes I thought it was weird when he said bananas are designed perfectly. I immediately thought of Ray Comfort.
To be fair Yanda is not wrong, in a sense bananas are designed since we humans changed them so much.

Oh, and this is cool! Look, Yanda has been drinking banana and shilling for it in the canon since always!
Yanda must be the potassium boy of the century, he never gets spasms!

There's a sort of stigma in Japan about bananas but I don't know much about it, maybe you could explain. Like, childish people and fools love bananas?
In Azumanga there's even a moment when Chiyo calls Tomo an idiot for liking bananas.

87ba9363 No.2680

I suppose it could be seen as childish to like them, but if there's a strong stigma surrounding it, I'm not aware of it (and I'm by no means an expert).

The only cultural association I can think of is that it's the food item associated with the Vocaloid Kagamine Len (each of the Vocaloids has a specific food item associated with them).
Len and Yanda do bear a passing physical resemblance.

0f08408e No.2689

Isn't it just the association with monkeys?

3848fc55 No.2690

I haven't heard of that. Shingo Mama seems to love them though…

d45a3a43 No.2786

Wasn't there a new chapter last month? Did Ralen see it yet? Haven't been here a while and totally forgot about it, but read new chapters for IM and Yotsuba in the same month.

f09460bd No.2787

I do have the raws of IM and Yotsuba from the latest issue that came out at the end of March, but I'm afraid I haven't had any time to translate either of them yet. I'm not sure whether I'll have time this weekend either.
I have a work holiday coming up a week from Friday, so I might be able to work on them then. I'm sorry for the delay, and I will definitely translate these, it may just take a little longer than usual.

db3d2b3c No.2789

File: 1554970634714.jpg (931.01 KB, 900x900)

Are there pictures from this event in Ikebukuro yet?

22abd90d No.2791

85b4dc7a No.2792

>Random 4chan anons attentionwhoring instead of letting Ralen do his superior job

I'll wait for the better version.

afa33e72 No.2793


d5694255 No.2794

Aw, that's kind of you, but just because I didn't translate it doesn't mean it's inferior quality (I haven't looked at it yet).

I have tomorrow off from work, and this is a light homework weekend, so I should be able to get the translation done over the next couple of days.

b41471d5 No.2795

I usually read raws so haven't checked out/compared that other version yet (which apparently now there's a 2nd version of too)… but consistency is good for these types of things, and you always capture its heart well and do it justice, which I believe is especially important here.
Looking forward to seeing it, plus the new IM pages when you get to those!

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