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c16d0b1b No.2474

I had some extra time, so I got this done earlier than I thought.

You may remember the previous chapter was 101, but with the release of volume 14, there was some renumbering.

Chapters 95 and 96 (Yotsuba & Tokyo) are now Chapter 95: Yotsuba & Harajuku.
Chapters 97 and 98 (Yotsuba & The Park) are now Chapter 96: Yotsuba & Yoyogi Park.
Chapters 99, 100, and 101 (Yotsuba & Lunch) are now Chapter 97: Yotsuba & Lunch.

Which brings us to Chapter 98: Yotsuba & Socks.

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e6a4c81a No.2483

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Their TV magically transformed into a flat screen.

If you remember, the Ayases gave them an old set they were planning to get rid of back in 2003. I wonder if they bought a new one, or if Azuma just decided the old one looked too dated for 2018.
As of Grandma's visit in chapter 88, it was still the old CRT set. There's a partial glimpse of it in chapter 93 that also looks like the old set. This is the first time it's obviously been a flat screen.

e6a4c81a No.2484

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e6a4c81a No.2491

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Flat screen TVs and video chats. The series is really moving into the 21st century.

That's all until next month.
Download link here:

843c3371 No.2492

I wonder why it’s Yotsuba & Socks and not Kotatsu when it’s clearly the main thing here haha. Thanks for the great work as always, Ralen.

4ac99ec2 No.2493

I wondered that too, and had to double check the title to make sure I didn't misread it.
The chapter seemed to end kind of abruptly, so I imagine it's just the first part of the chapter and the socks will come up again later.

1e4c9360 No.2494

Thanks for the translation.

13129c20 No.2495

ralen is amazing

5a775948 No.2496

Saw a dump of this on /a/ and they credited you at the end, thanks for the translation Ralen!

a0b99622 No.2497

Thank you very much Ralen!

7914e843 No.2498

Thanks, as always!
Can't wait for the rest of that IM chapter too when you get around to that, but no big rush.

b1ab213e No.2499

My Google feed just recommended my own translation to me on Dokusha. I was surprised to see it circulated so fast, let alone that it would show up in my recommendations.

f1fa6bb8 No.2505

The Yotsuba craving is so real, especially ever since Batoto went down/disappeared. I saw it on Reddit.

120aadae No.2506

thank you ralen. i love you

59a08eb5 No.2507

Ever so thank you, but can we has raws pretty please?

7914e843 No.2511

File: 1535892508112.jpg (1.22 MB, 1536x2048)

Someone got it on MangaDex as well within 10 hours of it being posted here.

If Ralen or someone is posting raws and happens to have the whole Dengeki Daioh from this month, care to share Barasui's full drawing too? https://twitter.com/_barasui/status/1035897886901325824

4ac99ec2 No.2512

Here's the raw of Yotsuba.
Barasui's tweet says that's from Dengeki Moeoh. I'm seeing if I can find it on Share.

7914e843 No.2513

Oops, misread that. I guess that makes sense considering that's the one that features art like that, along with BaraNikki and stuff.
I'd search there myself if I didn't have a Mac…
Thanks, appreciated! Feel free to just post it in the IM thread since this is a bit off-topic from Yotsuba&! now.

6da90ae5 No.2514


Muchos gracias!

Those will be very useful.

7914e843 No.2515

File: 1535967577245.jpg (529.8 KB, 1404x1920)

Dengeki Moeoh 2018-10 is up on Sadpanda and other places now but I don't see Barasui's illustration anywhere in there. Just a new ら日記 page. Weird. Am I missing something?

4ac99ec2 No.2516

Barasui's tweet says he did the illustrations for a comic and pamphlet in the new issue. I assume the color image he posted is from the pamphlet. Maybe it wasn't included in the scans (or digital version) though.

Still haven't seen anything on Share.

b1ab213e No.2517

Looked up on Moeoh's website, the pamphlet/booklet is a special feature included with the magazine titled おとなの萌王 僕の彼女の下着が×××♥
(Adult Moeoh: My Girlfriend's Underwear is *♥). A collection of artists draw beautiful women showing you, their boyfriend, their special underwear.
The sample drawings online are all sexy pin-up style, but the artist listing shows Barasui's at the end, so I'm guess his is some kind of silly punchline.

7914e843 No.2518

I guess just it wasn't included with the digital version then. Thanks for checking. Hopefully it'll see the light of day some day.

7914e843 No.2519

Ah yeah, the physical edition has a different cover saying that it includes it: https://www.amazon.co.jp//dp/B07G1XX2KS/

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