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Amazon Japan has revealed a special pre-order bonus for both the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and Robot Kit.

Both kits come with a special cardboard of Danbo called Danboard and original masking tape (not pictured). You can now use Danbo alongside your Nintendo Labo creations!

International pre-orders with the Danboard and original masking tape are still available for the Variety Kit and Robot Kit, scheduled to ship April 20, 2018.

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I knew it! The second they announced the Labo kits I knew it!
It makes sense and everyone and their dog made the connection because it's super obvious, but I knew it. Yeah, it'd be foolish not to make a Danbo kit for the Labo thing.
If I win big cash bags in the lottery I'll get me a Labo kit. Not that it is too epensive, but only by winning the lottery I'll be able to have the free time I'd need to sit and play with it.

Hey, since Danbo is naked, does that mean this manga has been secretly lewd for years?

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