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383e3ea7 No.2269

Is this our go-to tofu?

d2b24f43 No.2270

It's always been mine.
I'm an extra-firm sort of man.

805eba11 No.2274

File: 1523581083593.jpg (879.2 KB, 2048x2048)

>I'm an extra-firm sort of man.

d2b24f43 No.2275

Wait, didn't I ban you years ago?

d22fa6a2 No.2277

Don't change the subject, you "extra-firm sort of man" you. Explain that lewdness.

And yes, 8 years ago. I requested a ban because I felt like I needed to reduce the geekness. Now I'm married, recently married, and I'll be a father, so it worked for me.

d2b24f43 No.2280


I assume.

I hope you realized you can be a geek and also a boyfriend/husband/father.

d22fa6a2 No.2281

Thanks man, it's the best thing I've done. Not easy, though. Gonna get harder with the kid, too.
But totally worth it.
>you can be a geek and also a boyfriend/husband/father
Yeah, I know that but back then I was in a weird place. I was in a long relationship that was becoming tortuous, she was too controlling and I was becoming a bit of an asshole. She nagged me about being a geek (although she was too) and so when I turned 30 I said "fuck it, I need to live the second half of my life as a normie: no more games, no more cool-ass manga, no more things that she nags me about, but also no more of her. That'll show her! I'll show her how much of a normie I am and also I'll break it up"
And I did, and it didn't work because she wasn't impressed, she took the breakup well because she was tired too, and I managed to reduce the powerlevels for like a year. So that's why I requested a ban back then, it was merely part of a bigger plan to change completely.
Now I've come to see, happily, that instead of changing your true nature you need to find someone who accepts it.
Never stopped reading your translations of Yotsubato, of course.

And you've been okay? Been splendidly? All's cool in Casa de Ralen?

d2b24f43 No.2301

Phew, busy week last week. Didn't mean to leave you hanging.

Yes, everything's going pretty well in the Ralenation. I've had a few paying translation jobs with MangaGamer (working on a new one with them right now as a matter of fact).
Got a nice day job that pays the bills and gives me the flexibility to do translation in my spare time. And my s/o of about 3 years just moved in last summer. No kids in the foreseeable future, though.

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