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File: 1520280236136.jpg (63.83 KB, 376x534)

6998b203 No.2232

Yotsuba&! 14 Cover !

45d22a34 No.2233

this one is kinda lazy. like what the hell is yots standing there supposed to imply?
the perspective seems to be a little off too

786c0a17 No.2234

>>2233 She's copying the pose in her drawing lol

45d22a34 No.2235

then i'll retract my previous statement. azuma doesn't deserve morose, philistine readers like me who can't see the mastery in his subtlety. thats a very cute/yots thing right there.

but im standing by my comment on the perspective. something def feels off there

bb38165e No.2236

she is looking at herself in a mirror. dumb

3f6b5920 No.2237

Oh, neat. I didn't notice the mirror until you pointed it out.

I still don't see any similarity between her pose and her drawing, though. The drawing kind of looks like a robot with its arms folded across its chest.

f04a7707 No.2261

yeah not a very good drawing at all, azuma is gettign lazy.

417b8391 No.2327

File: 1525765068833.jpg (545.24 KB, 946x1400)

I downloaded the tankouban and noticed a few pages that don't match up with Ralen's translations. These three are from chapter 92 of the tankouban.

417b8391 No.2328

File: 1525765112226.jpg (569.04 KB, 953x1400)

417b8391 No.2329

File: 1525765162151.jpg (567.09 KB, 950x1400)

417b8391 No.2330

File: 1525765392333.jpg (486.67 KB, 953x1400)

The next two are from chapter 94 of the tankouban. They seem to be right after the page where Yotsuba's father checks his phone while lying down. Anyway, if these are translated, someone please share them. I couldn't find them.

417b8391 No.2331

File: 1525765417853.jpg (364.76 KB, 953x1400)

e31046f9 No.2332

It's not uncommon for pages to be added or redrawn when the paperback collections come out.
Are the chapter 92 pages from right after they leave yoga?

I can translate these. Maybe this weekend?

417b8391 No.2333

It's right after the one leg hand clap pose page where Yotsuba does to perfection. There was actually another one that followed it, but that had no dialogue, just more yoga poses.

8cf70316 No.2334

Did you scan that one too?
I believe the initial version ended on the one-legged pose.

417b8391 No.2335

File: 1525812026624.jpg (319.64 KB, 955x1400)

Yeah. The scene cut is weird, but this was added after the one legged pose and then jumps to those three other pages.

dba870c1 No.2336

Nice! Bonus content!

e31046f9 No.2344

File: 1526013242461.jpg (553.73 KB, 946x1400)

Here you guys go.

e31046f9 No.2345

File: 1526013265994.jpg (571 KB, 953x1400)

e31046f9 No.2346

File: 1526013311155.jpg (578.03 KB, 950x1400)

e31046f9 No.2347

File: 1526013347421.jpg (493.7 KB, 953x1400)

e31046f9 No.2348

File: 1526013403226.jpg (374.16 KB, 953x1400)

417b8391 No.2349

(Same guy that uploaded): Thanks! Ralen, it should be noted that this volume (volume 14, chapters 91-97) includes all the chapters released thus far and since the last volume. The next magazine chapter may have a numerical change to #98 and if not, it will surely in the tankouban. First time I think this has ever happened with Yotsubato!

5a85d716 No.2350

Thanks Ralen, you're the best.
Thanks you too for making us aware of the extra content. You're also the best somehow.

e065bc27 No.2351

Ohoho it's amazing how well this teeny bit of extra content helps.

Yotsuba's solo hiccup was a thing I didn't know I needed, it's just so spontaneous!

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