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9e027632 No.2210

Chapter 101: Yotsuba & Lunch (Part 3).

This is a fairly short chapter. It looks like this will be the end of volume 14, which comes out next month in Japan. I'm guessing the past few multi-part chapters will be consolidated into larger, single chapters, which will change the final chapter numbering somewhat (I think this will only put us around chapter 97 overall).

The note at the end says the next issue will be available April 27.

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Looks like Azuma is setting up a future chapter.
In the story's timeline they should be in late November right now, so New Year's would still be a few years off in publishing time.
If they go visit Grandma, that means we should get to see Grandpa too. And maybe other family members.

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9e027632 No.2222

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Where did that car seat come from? Did Koharuko keep it in the car for when she drove Yotsuba around?

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04cf73b9 No.2224

Oh, um… I didn't expect it to be THAT short. I guess it's the end of the Tokyo arc, but they could have at least added the farewell to Koiwai's sister or something.
Thanks for the translation as always, Ralen.

04cf73b9 No.2225

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Never mind, I'm retarded and I read the chapter from the thread preview.

25276304 No.2226

yeah that's pretty retarded but in a cute Osaka-esque way!

so by 2025, granted we're not facing a post-apocalyptic existence.
iirc, the grandpa was mentioned in the gradma chapters once or twice. was curious he was up to. something to look forward too…

e3c5e55e No.2227

Awesome chapter, thanks for the translation Ralen!

d56e3ca5 No.2229


Thanks as always Ralen.

916afa1e No.2230

This arc was cute and I like Koharuko but I really hope we get a long stretch of just episodic self-contained chapters. I always felt that was the strength of Yotsuba& in how it told really concise but fun stories and I think a lot of the secondary characters have been shoved to the side lately for each volume having most of its time taken up by some arc. #BringMiuraHome

be2eb210 No.2238

I've had Sapporo Ichiban. It gave me explosive diarrhea.

1f83eacf No.2239

would have loved to have seen that

d92362ac No.2240

You are awesome Ralen. Thank you!

c43d983b No.2242

Thank you Ralen, this chapter was a nice end to Yotsuba&! I always figured they would end the series by hitting the freeway in a cool convertible car and saying "today is always the best day! let's go beyond the boundaries of the infinite in pursuit of happiness!" or something like that. I guess I was right.

0e3bd19e No.2243

For some reason I thought it was a beer (Sapporo + Kirin Ichiban -> Sapporo Ichiban).
Instant noodles makes a lot more sense, I imagine Koharuko's reaction would have been a bit different if she thought Yots was being fed beer.

9e027632 No.2244

The series isn't over yet. This is just the end of volume 14.

I made the same mistake when I read it the first time. I thought, "isn't that beer?" before looking it up and seeing it was instant ramen.

52b4d7e5 No.2248

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zoom zoom

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exploitable version

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