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906e6edc No.2176

Chapter 100: Yotsuba & Lunch (Part 2).
The Japanese title indicates this is the middle part, so we can expect the next issue to continue with this story.

21 pages, so I don't think I'll upload them one at a time.

The note at the end says the next issue will be out on 2/27.

96aaf139 No.2177


e4247a92 No.2178

Thank you Ralen!

79538251 No.2179

Thank you so much for this

fd8e3650 No.2180

I love how Yotsuba looked at the chef with the pudding like she'd discovered what love felt like.

Because pudding is serious business.

2e53c284 No.2181

thanx a bunch fore the new chapter Ralen!
maybe now Yotsuba will know there is more to food than just ramen.

0b726298 No.2182

Thanks Ralen!

a9509dcd No.2183

File: 1517910374997.jpg (332.88 KB, 899x850)

Thanks, Ralen! You're so sweet I'd eat you like cake too, cherries and all~

I'm almost certain that's Koiwai's sister now. That scene where she explains how she went straight to the entree is where she out-Koiwai Koiwai.

8a045e0a No.2184

File: 1517955867945.jpg (162.7 KB, 807x463)

You just know Yotsuba will try to conquer the buffet.

2b42ba43 No.2193

Page 17 makes me wonder if Yots was watching Spirited Away.

Thanks as always for the translate, Ralen!

906e6edc No.2195

File: 1518185537415.jpg (148.54 KB, 912x370)

Koiwai specifically mentions that.

bab252d3 No.2197

am I the only one who thinks that yocchan's reactions on the pages 10 and 14 are kind of unyotsubalike (new word I invented)?? more reminding of other more conventional manga I mean

2b42ba43 No.2201


lol, evidently I missed it!

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