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3ef68f80 No.2094

With all the Hollywood anime adaptations, maybe this is just what we need; Azumanga except the main characters all have superpowers and try to fight off depression.

b0f915e0 No.2095

If it's directed by Michael Bay he'll turn Osaka into a transforming robot.

7e92d19d No.2098

I'm not seeing the problem here.

2e398085 No.2099

Like that show where the girls turn into cars?

6055ef0e No.2100

File: 1513544696975.png (737.81 KB, 1283x677)

I thought you were bullshitting or something along the lines of Strike Witches but this is much worse than what I could imagine

2e398085 No.2101

I tried to post a gif of that transformation sequence, but it was too big.

8ce0ff7d No.2107

File: 1514126114037.jpg (68.41 KB, 800x450)

I think I've liked one Michael Bay thing in the past, but I don't remember what it was. May have been the meatloaf video about what he would do for love. Most things he has made have given me some form of infection right in the dick.
What's Runaways about?
>Azumanga except the main characters all have superpowers
The title "Runaways" already made me think of Misfits, which is a kinda-not-so-bad, some times pretty good show I used to watch 'cause my fiancée liked it. I may check it out.
Last year I saw a girl with one of them Dad hats in the subway, and I was about to take a pic of her for this board to enjoy, but then I thought it would be sort of creepy to take pics of random girls. Also, it's illegal to take any sort of pic or record video in the subway in my country.
So you'll just have to imagine her. It may be better that way, 'cause now you can imagine her better than she was, or nakeder.

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