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Damn, that's cold, Koharuko.
He's buying your car, and you're making him pay for lunch?

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Yotsuba's outfit is really cute. Something tells me these are some of the clothes Grandma bought her.

That's all until next time. New issue 12/27 according to the margin.

6cf5ba18 No.2085

I wonder if we'll get a repeat of the pizza incident next chapter.

fcf11aae No.2086

Only if Yotsuba clears the buffet.

48b306f1 No.2087

I'm getting a bit tired of having to wait 2 or 3 months for so little content. 13 pages? I think this is a new low.
I get it, almost every single panel is a incredibly detailed beautiful landscape. But I rather have less landscapes and more Yotsuba antics, which were almost none in this one.

32e6f140 No.2088

I kinda agree. This one is a bit flat.

48b306f1 No.2089

Tell me when the Tokyo arc ends so I'll read all of it straight and see if it feels like an actual chapter all together.

4402201b No.2090

As a translator, I'm all right with the shorter chapters, because then I don't feel the pressure of having to take a big chunk out of my weekend to translate a 30-40 page monster.

As long as Azuma's consistently releasing monthly, I don't mind a slower pace like this. As long as it doesn't dip into Ichigo Mashimaro territory with like 1-3 pages per month…

65df618f No.2091

I like this chapter better than the camping and ballooning one, but I kinda miss Yots just doing her thing around home and neighbors.

I wanted to know more about the Ayases and their friends and maybe new characters that'll stick around (I don't think this new chick will). Nothing too detailed but something like that one episode/chapters in AzuDai where they're just at home in their natural environment.

I don't mind the shorter pages, either. For the reasons Ralen said, and capping it at around a dozen per chapter makes it less exhausting to get through once the arc is finished.

ee50cbd1 No.2102

koharuko is a good girl, fuck you all

cb3de549 No.2103

She's only been in a couple chapters. Hardly enough time to call her "good." (fuck the cheap-ass car)

Although, Scruffy was in a couple chapters but he a good boy from panel 1.

65a1571e No.2128

Thank you, Ralen.

5c5c570d No.2138

look at this page here >>2081
now, if she just lead him on and tried to beg him to pay on the spot, it wouldnt have been very nice. but she harboured no ulterior motives, indeed the thought that he wouldnt pay didnt even cross her mind. it is this kind of oblivious selfishness that is the mark of true femininity. any real connoisseur of women can appreciate this seemingly negative trait, which is in fact a supreme expression of the cute little pet nature of womankind

cb3de549 No.2139

You know what, you make fair point, but I'm going to hold final judgement until we get more information on her stance on eating ass.

f9324b23 No.2165

isnt ch. 100 already out?

01ade316 No.2166

Just got the raw today. I probably won't get around to translating it until this weekend at the earliest, though.

20e4ca84 No.2167


0adcdda1 No.2171

where can i find the raw?

01ade316 No.2172

I always get them on Share.

5b56942e No.2173

I can't wait to read 10 pages about Yotsuba doing one thing in Tokyo!

9b5d0899 No.2174

say, is there any mega folder somewhere that has all the chapters released so far in it?

cb3de549 No.2187

there used to be a site that hosted all of the translated chapters and stayed pretty updated but I guess it's gone now?
not the one that one asshole tried to get "donations" for. i think it was a russian hosted site. haven't checked it out in years since the official english publications started coming in a timely manner

dc898428 No.2199

You mean (the now dead) 4chan.biz I assume. Wayback tells me it was alive in 2013 and dead in 2014. https://web.archive.org/web/20130725000433/http://4chan.biz:80/ for memory's sake. Had an online viewer, links to the image albums, and some other stuff. Was pretty nice, I recall using it a fair bit.

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