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2d3cb691 No.2005

Through hours of scouring the internet I managed to find… a comic Azuma drew in 1995 of Donkey Kong.

012af845 No.2007

What does it say?

e566aa1b No.2009

I totally didn't expect something like that. I thought back in the day he only did lewd parodies.
Or maybe dong expands in the other pages? If the answer is yes, lie to me and say no.

dcc4397d No.2011

"Don't Call Him a Monkey!"

Title: "Who Stole Them?"

DK: "Ahh! My bananas are gone!"
Cranky: "Hoh-hoh, Diddy seems to be missing too."
DK: "Grandpa!"
DK: "So that means…"
Cranky: "That's right."
DK: "Diddy! You ate them all, didn't you!"
Cranky: "Hey! Get back here!"

b497fd05 No.2013

File: 1507770047900.png (769.05 KB, 611x542)

Ohoo, I knew he did doujinshi of other properties, but I had no idea that entailed gag manga based off nintendo games too!

The revelation alone is amazing! Now I'm wondering how he handled Funky Kong or King K.Rool,

463682ff No.2016

That was random.
Now I want to see Yots piloting the barrel plane

67b1dc6e No.2017

I wanna see Jumbo do battle against DK.

67b1dc6e No.2018

Cute pic, btw.

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