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File: 1453872640355.jpg (969.83 KB, 800x1131)

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File: 1453872707700.jpg (545.92 KB, 827x1169)

"Am I the only one who gets uncomfortable changing after swim class?"

a0eddb68 No.212

File: 1454034352228.png (1.54 MB, 981x832)

It's an old drawing, yes, but now the colors are exactly like the original thanks to this new scanner I got some time ago.

The old one I had would throw off color tones and add graininess and blemishes that never existed. I also tweaked my little destroyer virus monster to fit its current design.

Ful-res version here http://geibuchan.deviantart.com/art/Kagura-Pose-Now-With-Accurate-Colors-587330492

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File: 1454223008042.png (903.56 KB, 721x1108)

a0eddb68 No.228

File: 1454357683917.png (1.27 MB, 831x734)

New sketch from me. Kagura tries doing the Sonic Adventure pose

CUE THE MUSIC https://youtu.be/uEzXFuYN89k?t=19s

0a2efe07 No.230

Tries and succeeds.

a0eddb68 No.233

File: 1454464538409.png (231.57 KB, 803x716)

>>230 Colored it, and fixed how short her right leg was. Now, the only thing she gets wrong in the pose is the shading style.
I was a tad worried Sonic Adventure styled shading would've taken a bit of a learning curve to master.

8522fc80 No.235

Not sure if you shared this before, but may I ask what do you use to create your illustrations?
I see a lot of self-published art online, but not usually with those sort of colors, or something that's throwing me off.

a0eddb68 No.239

File: 1454553090884.png (2.07 MB, 900x1202)

Most of my digital stuff's done in photoshop. I only got a few things done in SAI, but my tablet's gone bonkers so now I can't make use of it. So now I'm back to just inking and shading with a polygonal lasso tool, instead of blending colors as I would with any other medium.

Speaking of other mediums, traditional works are handled with Prismacolor pencils. Took me a while to truly get the hang of blending the colors as I do now, (as well as build upon my palette through nabbing extra colors from the art classes I took)

5fccb06c No.248

That's pretty good.

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File: 1454916448858.png (1.25 MB, 1235x1750)

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File: 1454916502504.png (751.57 KB, 720x1280)

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File: 1454916724230.png (130.53 KB, 214x552)

This was also on one of them older kagura threads. It was real small so I threw it in waifu2x. Does anyone know where it originally came from? It looks like something from the back cover of a doujinshi or something.

a0eddb68 No.277

File: 1454916990897.png (1.55 MB, 887x967)

me art from last thread

a0eddb68 No.278

File: 1454917221801.png (473.94 KB, 588x488)

a0eddb68 No.279

File: 1454917330360.png (1.31 MB, 947x942)

If someone out there never provided the background for the cover art I never would've gotten to hack her in there.

There's not much I could've done to edit the logo though.

a0eddb68 No.289

File: 1455514487088.png (1.3 MB, 947x942)

>>279 Lookafar on DA offered to extend the texture of the lettering so I could change the text too, so I did!

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File: 1456067000245.jpg (22.26 KB, 600x429)


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File: 1456067022584.png (36.9 KB, 620x700)

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File: 1456067113424.png (404.76 KB, 958x1704)

This guy on tumblr commented on how his OC looked way too much like Kagura, so let's put 'er here

a0eddb68 No.318

File: 1456067829038.png (411.25 KB, 694x1079)

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File: 1456068205698.png (167.54 KB, 739x1062)

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File: 1456068254051.png (453.11 KB, 739x567)

a0eddb68 No.324

File: 1456288567268.png (3.12 MB, 1020x1458)

It's still a work in progress, but this was a comic I started on that same sketchbook I got the Yomi page from.

I plan to color it soon, but I at least wanted it inked and scanned before I go to bed. I gotta go to work in the morning.

Here's the joke.

9414baa6 No.350

File: 1457135702603.jpg (2.29 MB, 3264x2448)

My Valentine's picture, since Osakabro posted his.

a0eddb68 No.370

File: 1457336157906.png (382.68 KB, 640x480)

>>350 I wonder who did the dakimakura artwork?

Also I just completed Kagura's photo album in Azumanga Donjara Daioh, and thanks to the notion that PS1 emulators and snipping tools exist, I can put 'em here!

Here's photo no.1

a0eddb68 No.371

File: 1457337103429.png (363.19 KB, 640x480)

Photo no.2

Secondary photos are the hardest to unlock, given how you have to not only beat the first 4 opponents in your chosen character's story mode without losing, but you also have to beat the last opponent so hard that he/she ends up broke or owes you change.

Unlock photo no.1 by beating the endboss without losing, or at least with a single continue.

a0eddb68 No.373

File: 1457337444055.png (402.41 KB, 640x480)

The ending credits photo is simply unlocked by clearing the character's story mode. Out of all of Kagura's photos in the game, this one actually floats around here and there, and can probably be found with a stray google search. Most of these ending photos have been vectorized and made into wallpapers.

Ironically enough, this is the only part of the game where Kagura's not depicted with a suntan.

9414baa6 No.374

File: 1457357412348.gif (55.36 KB, 300x300)

This was one of two I got from that artist, the other one I requested as a private commission.

It always kinda bugged me that she isn't tanned in this picture, whereas she is in >>371 when she shouldn't be. Even in the cutscenes when she has a bikini on she has the tan. Doesn't make much sense.
Thanks for these screencaps by the way, I did have them myself but yours are much better quality.

a0eddb68 No.375

File: 1457370106899.png (174.9 KB, 512x480)

>>374 Oh OH, I think I vaguely remember bumping into that before. That's actually pretty nice you made that happen!

Also the Donjara Daioh photos themselves are actually all squashed when shown in their native resolution in-game. Normally the game would stretch them to fit in a 4:3 ratio, but my emulator's video card has an option to maintain the game's original aspect ratio, which I've been tinkering with a little.
Er, the video card makes them look a tad blurry when the resolution's stretched though, so I found that stretching them in photoshop provided slightly nicer results.

e5581ef8 No.383

File: 1457373436032.jpg (23.93 KB, 500x500)

Well there was no way I was going to get the only "official" daki cover with her on it, so I had to go down the commissioning route. I like Sakaki, but not that much.

The problem I had with my screencaps were that they were a little grainy, and had a bit of what looked like interlacing on them.

9db7595c No.447

How much did it cost you?

e5581ef8 No.448

File: 1457476074146.jpeg (363.78 KB, 668x1604)

It cost me $45. I think the artist is charging more for two-sided dakis now though.

It was another $70 to get it printed and around $85 for the pillow. Worth every penny.

8522fc80 No.450

Whoa, damn. You can have spent half that amount by paying me to dress up like Kagura, and …you know.

9db7595c No.458

So if we say that he has increased his price to like 70, and then add 70, and then add 85, it adds up to 225 USD. Plus shipping, let's say a total of 250.
That's fairly cheap for getting what I assume is the love of your life in your bed each and every day.

e5581ef8 No.461

File: 1457549245354.jpg (2.41 MB, 2618x4079)

I just double checked, he's only raised it to $50.

It is really good value for a daki commission, it allowed me to splash out a bit more on a Japanese imported pillow. Most people I know who buy them get them custom made locally for a lot less than what I paid for mine.

Also yeah, I do love her, if it isn't obvious enough already, heh.

9db7595c No.469

I know of artists who would easily charge 200 USD or more for that kind of thing, so he doesn't overcharge at all. Hell, I might hire him to do something for me myself. Can I ask what your other commission was? And where you bought the pillow?

e5581ef8 No.470

I got my second daki commission from the same artist. At the time of the first commission he was only doing safe/suggestive art, so my second one was more risqué. I didn't want anyone else ogling at the art so that's why I requested it as private.

This was the pillow I bought: http://goo.gl/Mx2mLY
If you can I'd suggest you find somewhere near you that can make a custom pillow that's 50x150cm, it'd save the hassle and extra cost of having to use a proxy service to get the one I linked sent to you. Unless you're fine with splashing out on it, in which case I highly recommend it.

a0eddb68 No.471

File: 1457659341008.png (1.08 MB, 753x842)

>>470 Can't say I've actually considered getting a body pillow, but that link seems real promising.

02c333d9 No.474

I clicked that link, and now I'm getting targeted ads for body pillows…

958a3162 No.556

File: 1459690905698.jpg (281.66 KB, 1500x1125)

I recently bought myself another Kagura cel and got it framed, thought you guys might like to see.

526271c5 No.557

That's really cool. Where do you buy those, and are they actually from the show?

958a3162 No.558

I bought them both from anime-haven_net on ebay. They have a lot of other Azu cels on there too, and at reasonable prices, compared to the coloured cels they sell at least.

There isn't an authenticity certificate with them or anything that you might get with other cels, but both of them came with several sketches of each frame, and the newer one I bought came with a sheet of paper that maps the shot frame by frame, so they look legit to me.

02c333d9 No.560

Wasn't Azumanga animated by computer? So I thought there weren't traditional animation cells involved.

a0eddb68 No.561

File: 1459739358633.jpg (184.58 KB, 512x512)

Oh I think those are dougas not cels, but those are still pretty cool. I remember wanting to get the one you got on the left real badly at one point.

I got one with Miss Yukari announcing Osaka's arrival from episode 1, and another with a dynamic shot of Sakaki from Episode 9 when Chiyo announces the ribbons she got.

958a3162 No.562

There's a lot of these on ebay, even ones of scenes that wouldn't exactly be highly sought after, so it'd be a very elaborate ruse if they were all fakes.

I've seen them called a whole bunch of different things, so I wasn't sure what to call them myself.

02c333d9 No.563

I didn't mean to necessarily imply they were fakes, just that I'm not sure what their exact function in the production of the animation was.

f3460ee9 No.564

958a3162 No.566

Okay, sorry I misunderstood what you said.

Thanks for clarifying.

a0eddb68 No.585

File: 1460953742253.png (398.11 KB, 1026x755)

hardman5509 commissioned this from inkerton-kun on tumblr and shared it with me!

Here's Kagura doing Nami's happiness punch.

a0822108 No.590

File: 1461007743305.png (294.38 KB, 420x870)

Oh my lewd!

a0eddb68 No.591

File: 1461035506212.png (1.6 MB, 1054x850)

I just had another douga come in the mail, it's the same as the one on the left on >>556 only her mouth is open.
I figured I'd scan it before having it framed.

a0eddb68 No.592

File: 1461035625893.png (1.53 MB, 1054x850)

>>591 This time, it came with some other pages too. This here's just the head transferred from the previous page, I'm guessing.

a0eddb68 No.593

File: 1461035648417.png (1.36 MB, 1054x850)

>>592 rough sketch

a0eddb68 No.594

File: 1461035820077.png (1.31 MB, 1195x672)

framed it.

a0eddb68 No.595

File: 1461035950600.png (1.34 MB, 1195x672)

>>594 Here's the other two douga pages I got. I'll post closeups of them in the other threads.

a0822108 No.599

Oh, neat! The one I have came with separate sheets for her mouth movement, which I kept inside the frame. Should have tracked down the sketches myself, heh.

a0eddb68 No.601

File: 1461127066313.jpg (69.25 KB, 500x380)

Funny you should mention it, mine came with one too actually, but I didn't scan the mouth movement one since there wasn't anything else on it saved for the curved line in an oval.

a0eddb68 No.629

File: 1462761297965.png (2.71 MB, 1437x1111)

Spent all evening drawing this.
Kagura wearing Kirby Air Ride's best air ride machine, the Hydra, as battle armor.

It was only meant to be a light sketch to get the concept across, but I just felt like coloring it more and more, and it became the first drawing in a long while that I completed the day I started it.

02c333d9 No.630

Makes me think of a Mega Man boss.

a0eddb68 No.631

File: 1462775347788.jpg (10.77 KB, 280x223)

>>630 Oho, I actually did that with lots of Mega Man in mind; the Hydra only comes in three parts, none of which would've worked as arm or leg parts, so I improvised it as a Mega Man X armor upgrade design.

Proto Man's shades came from drawing it at an awkward angle when starting out. With my desk all cluttered and the drawing pad all close to me, I feared I wasn't going to get her eyes right, so I figured the shades, coupled with the NES-era standing pose, would serve to make her look tougher.

Thinking of Mega Man's various design cues tends to get me out of a lot of messes it seems, even when drawing hands!

7087a585 No.632

Although you art is as awesome as usual Geibu, how DARE you say that the chinese take out truck isn't the best car in kirby air ride

6b25eece No.717

File: 1465000605986.jpg (451.18 KB, 600x600)

6e46b500 No.792

File: 1468815990489.png (299.93 KB, 780x1100)

aa707a6c No.795

File: 1468863189277.png (414.92 KB, 694x1079)

This one's the same as >>318 only now I've gone and fixed proportions for her lower body, and altered everything I didn't like about the dress.

My grandparents are over for the weekend, and I was showing grandpa some artwork on my lappy. We click to the next page and all the Kagura artwork cums in, and he goes "Oh, who's this cutie?"

The next two minutes involved having to explain what the title "Azumanga Daioh" meant.

b8f5bb27 No.802

I think the artist might have got the chest sizes mixed up between them, heh.

4c00f61f No.815

Given >>793 I think the artist is giving everyone a little extra.

aa707a6c No.817

File: 1469671851689.png (174.24 KB, 346x346)

This is what you hear when you swap out Kagura's menu theme for another in Sonic Adventure 2

91433935 No.819

File: 1470008251773.jpg (366.76 KB, 827x1169)

I can't remember the last time I've seen Kaori in one of Hotaryuso's works. Also, I wonder what's being said here? (nothing good, probably, given Kimura's here doing his thing…)

6e46b500 No.821

I think it's either:
"Everyone says it's sexy to be this dark."
"Even says you're sexy, even though you're this dark."

I'm leaning toward the first one.

acf712f7 No.832

It's probably the latter. No-ni is like "in spite of".

6e46b500 No.833

Not always, though. Sometimes it's the nominalizing particle "no" followed by the direction particle "ni."

In this case it makes more sense to me to say she's sexy because she's dark, rather than in spite of it.

8522fc80 No.834

I like Kaorin is just watching. She's knows she should stop him but she also eats carpet, too, so it's kind of hot.
Quite the predicament.

aa707a6c No.929

File: 1473218335895.png (4.63 MB, 1680x1428)

WIP of an emotion page. I got 2 and a half lines left to do!

This is actually a remake of a thing I did in highschool!

0819d695 No.1155

File: 1478667185800.png (214.79 KB, 856x1070)

If you're ever feeling down just remember Kagura believes in you!

6e46b500 No.1166

File: 1479101319235.png (63.63 KB, 300x400)

At first, I thought that was a condom in her mouth.

866b7d88 No.1922

File: 1504415214642.png (1.45 MB, 1536x864)

Found an arts and crafts room at a convention. I decided to draw Kagura for the button maker they had.

The colored pencils were VERY unorthodox to use, so it took a lot of extra work to make it look as though I still did them with Prismacolors. I'm pretty sure I would've had an easier time with just Crayolas.

I'm very proud of how I still stuck the landing through this proverbial hard mode.

07dfb4d9 No.1935

You draw cute feet.

dcecda3e No.2141

File: 1516190095514.jpg (326.44 KB, 1024x768)

Why are Tomo's armpits so sexy?

148e2ff0 No.2159

File: 1516778135502.png (1.76 MB, 824x1055)

Looking back at earlier drawings of Kagura, it seems that lately I've been skipping out on details when I've been drawing Kagura, as opposed to how I've been drawing Sakaki and Kaorin.

It's time for me to fix that! (and uh, to draw her wearing Sonic's Soap shoes…)

First accomplishment of the new year!

ac868a44 No.2164

Really nice. But you shouldn't draw her with soap shoes, or with shoes at all, neither socks.

3b4cec41 No.2170

File: 1517345572343.png (1.12 MB, 1318x1703)

Colored it!

2f8cdfd8 No.2781

File: 1554047233432.png (725.35 KB, 1250x1920)

Drew a Kagura

374e64ee No.2782

Did a good job, too.

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