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She calls him "onii-chan," but that isn't always necessarily an indication of relationship. He could just be an older male friend from her childhood.

But I'm like 90% sure she's his younger sister.

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Yotsuba did the same thing when they went to go see the hot air balloons.

"Do you remember why we came here?"
"…To eat soup."

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Yes, I took a little bit of liberty with Yotsuba's line here, for comedic effect.

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That's all until next time.
New issue 11/27, according to the margin.

d8904a4c No.1997

>according to the margin
But the margin is wrong some times, right?

c6f9fde1 No.1998

More often than not lately, yes.

d8904a4c No.1999

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So we could say it is… a margin of error?

ca491305 No.2000

Thanks for the chapter Ralen.

98ac698f No.2002

Ahaha yea thanks!

I really like how Koharuko expresses her ideology in just showing Yotsuba a good time, almost as if Azuma's expressing where he wants to go with his writing directly to the viewer.

7d9b7b16 No.2003

How come no one is reacting to my awesome joke about the margin of error?

c6f9fde1 No.2004

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3084c879 No.2006

So this is the first chapter of Volume 15, right?

c6f9fde1 No.2008

Despite having a new chapter number, the title indicates it's the second half of the previous chapter. So maybe it'll be the last chapter in volume 14?

I'm so behind, I didn't even realize volume 13 was out in English…

4294dee0 No.2092


She does look like him and his mother, so it makes sense. That he had a cute sister, that is.

014b0447 No.2093

Well, all the girls are cute, it's just Azuma's style.
She's the least cutest though imo. Ena's mom looks cuter than her.
Maybe it's the angles she's shown in the panel but it looks like her face is sticking out, like her skull is trying to exit her body through the mouth.

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