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08ac71d0 No.1933

You think Sakaki would like to play Ecco the Dolphin for the Sega Genesis?

293dd036 No.1934

yes but she would stop playing once she sees the giant octopus at the end of the second level

3d762df3 No.1936

File: 1505317687310.jpg (96.09 KB, 640x719)

Yes, I can see her being shocked by dangerous, non-cute things. Specially if they're threatening a dolphin, or in this case the Jesus Christ of dolphins.
Man, that game is fucked.
Sakaki is squeamish, which is why she's cute. Best member of the gang, really.
She is. DEBATE ME!

Anyway, other than Kagura I don't think we ever say them girls playing a lot of VG. Am I wrong?

5f598c11 No.1937

>>1936 Sakaki affirmed Kaorin's assumption of her playing the vidya once, and being kinda good at fighters and racing games, but that could've been a white lie to keep her crane game winnings a secret.

Still, I'd imagine Kaorin would've been even more awestruck after discovering Sakaki's crane skills. Winning those things earns you all kinds of bragging rights, no matter who you are.

I'd kinda like to watch a moment of Sakaki teaching Kaorin how to play those games, like how she wanted.

Also we got the manga confirming Yukari being in possession of a PS1, I wonder if she's a fan of Twisted Metal…

5d974522 No.1938

Yukari was in line for a game release (wasn't she late for school for it? lol). I think it was a nod to Dragon Quest, so she might be into RPGs.

bac77c6b No.1939

File: 1505422288745.jpg (37.27 KB, 668x491)

I noticed just now the dolphin has no junk. Don't dolphins, male and female, have huge cocks?

53cab646 No.1940

is THAT what you zero on?

e5e31163 No.1941

Yes, because it's not normal. It's unnatural for a dolphin not to have a huge dodongo.

10136040 No.1942

This was an imagining by Sakaki, so it's likely it was omitted to keep the focus on the interaction between the dolphin and herself.

9d73407d No.1943

File: 1505504360022.jpg (128.11 KB, 826x1166)

Dunno mang, since it's Sakaki's imagination and you mentioned "interaction between her and the dolphin" now I'm even more curious about the lack of dolphin dodongo.
See what I mean? See what I mean?

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