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カツヲ] 三ツ星カラーズ 第035話

it has cute girls in it too

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011330fb No.1796

I can't read shit because it's in Digicode and only sexy men can read that, but I really get a very serious IM feeling from what I see there.

0f52ac81 No.1797

yeah exactly. I guess they figured Barasui is lame so they'll just imitate him with another artist.
it's in dangeki Daioh issue 8-9 and this is ep 35 I think.
got it from raw-zip.com

0f52ac81 No.1805

come on Ralen, we want a translation of this, right guyz?

30fc92da No.1806

I know I do, but Ralen is a busy man.

0f52ac81 No.1807

busy doing what, fapping?

df4f8044 No.1808

File: 1501536647487.jpg (37.23 KB, 640x480)

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File: 1502132598809.jpg (37.3 KB, 540x266)

I don't think Ralen should translate this cute manga because translating it would be too much fun and I don't think he deserves to have so much fun.
Let someone else do it. Someone who would like to have a blast doing it.

5ee8f862 No.1837

Tom Sawyer, you used that same exact trick to make the other boys paint that fence for you.

b9026e8d No.1838

And it worked, didn't it.
That fence was painted like, super well.

b9026e8d No.1839

98d60d5a No.1842

quick search: mitsubisho colors scantilated: http://mangakakalot.com/manga/mitsuboshi_colors
we don't really need ralen, he can continue fappin'

47edeb97 No.1843

Of course he must continue fappin', and often. After all, he has a whole fence to paint…

98d60d5a No.1849


98d60d5a No.1850

df4f8044 No.1851

I'm afraid he has a more pressing engagement at the moment. http://mangagamer.org/sonohana/maidens/index.html

685b7653 No.1852

I'm Christian and clicked that. What do I do now?

df4f8044 No.1853

You may continue as you were.

156a0801 No.1854

1st link is broken.

685b7653 No.1855

Nah, I'm sure god is mad now. Oh, Well, since it's hell for me no matter what I think it's time for me to indulge in sinful yuri erogames. Ralen is translating, right?

9031c874 No.1857

File: 1502833673791.gif (10.31 KB, 500x388)

98d60d5a No.1859

here is a good one

df4f8044 No.1861

Yes, he is translating this title as he had the previous two titles published by MangaGamer. We would appreciate your support if you plan on taking an interest in this series.

685b7653 No.1862

I like lesbians but I've never done VN. May give it a try whenever I have a lot of free time.

df4f8044 No.1864

If you would like to sample the tone of the series, I recommend the all-ages title Remembering How We Met, or the Risa-Miya Theater video series, which was created to promote this title.

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