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568e1045 No.1760

Post them Azumanga edits

568e1045 No.1762

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1d948afb No.1763

does "rodgering" means what I think it means or it means something else? >>1760

729d4938 No.1765

File: 1500849220769.png (221.81 KB, 342x1068)

Meet Whomp

568e1045 No.1766

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568e1045 No.1776

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b0456286 No.1777

File: 1501373414585.png (226.35 KB, 381x593)

Not really a manga edit, but someone on tumblr years back went and masked out Yomi for everyone's editing needs…

…but he meant Yomi from "Senran Kagura".

b0456286 No.1778

File: 1501373499377.png (335.57 KB, 640x480)

…So I replied "thanks, just what I needed" and dropped him this.

4ea82d65 No.1779

File: 1501390533545.jpg (490.38 KB, 372x1623)

Might as well get this out of the way.

4ea82d65 No.1780

File: 1501390623406.jpg (560.7 KB, 1134x1079)

And this one

518752de No.1802

File: 1501520452534.png (62.75 KB, 332x255)

Got this ask from an anon back when I still had Anon asking enabled. I forgot all about it.

Gotta say I felt a little dirty putting something together for some fan's crazed fanfiction writing.

fe396922 No.1830

File: 1502144062247.jpg (98.61 KB, 368x1074)

my personal favorite

b8906b57 No.1834

Do you maintain a public collection of bizarre compositions such as this?

a5733a7b No.1836

File: 1502225783680.gif (4.46 MB, 427x238)

>>1834 Not solely in image form, but a good lot of masked frames and resources go into making stuff like these. I tend to clump episodes together and come up with all kinds of setups for the girls!
A good lot of my works end with Azumanga Daioh edits, so nearly each video's a double feature.

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