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ed8bf220 No.1700

It looks as though Bandai are releasing a set of Azumanga gashapon rubber keychains soon!


Never thought I'd see the day that AzuDai would get some brand new merch. Also let's make this a general merchandise thread, since we don't have one already.

2e8a29cd No.1701

Someone is selling them as preorders on ebay already. I am considering getting the Sakaki one.

9ec06fbf No.1702

Are these new designs? Pretty cool. Wish they would sell them as a set on Amiami but might have to check Yahoo Auctions soon to grab these.

ed8bf220 No.1706

They're reused, but they've been coloured. You can find the originals in volume 2 of the manga.

I do wonder if there will be winter uniform versions of these in the future, what with these summer uniform designs coming out in time for the summer months, would be nice to see.

f38443c3 No.1707

File: 1497044988999.gif (53.97 KB, 150x103)

I've been putting off getting some animu girl keychains for my backpack for a while now, looks like I might have to stop procrastinating.

On the other hand everyone at my work thinks I'm a pedo because I read the Azumanga omnibus on my break.


960f18d6 No.1708

File: 1497064909212.jpg (400.54 KB, 1177x662)

I'd take metal over rubber given the choice, but holy SHIT new Azumanga merch!!

As a result from playing Kirby Triple Deluxe, and from the very notion that real life versions of 10 of the game's sprite keychains were released, I've started a growing keychain collection on a corkboard, just how Kirby displays his.

D'ehehe I got the entire keychain figure collection from ye olden days too!

ed8bf220 No.1709

You do you, man. Who cares what anyone else thinks?

Those plastic ones are cute, but I had personally been hoping for rubber keychains some day, since I've always wanted to carry my plastic ones around but was worried about damaging them. Rubber ones are much more durable.

0107e5c0 No.1716

Are any of these (old or new) available on verified English sites? I wouldn't want to risk buying on a Japanese site if I'm not fluent in the language.

ed8bf220 No.1717

There's a lot of merch you can find on eBay, including someone who's taking preorders for the new keychains, as >>1701 said.

You would be better off looking at places like Suruga-ya. It is Japanese, but it will have a wider range and cheaper prices, though you'll need to use a proxy service to get them delivered to you. Plus using your browser's translation function is serviceable on that site, from my experience.

ed8bf220 No.1761

File: 1500742742521.jpg (3.38 MB, 3840x2160)

Oh hey, look what arrived today.

0107e5c0 No.1904

Speaking of Azu merch, Geibuchan has a poster I never seen before of the gang with flags and a track lap. Is there a digital version of this anywhere?

28c158bc No.2024


What exactly are they selling here? A digital doujin?

d906646a No.2025

>>2024 it appears to be a doujin game for pc.
Or rather, doujin minigames, judging from the back of the box.

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