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Old thread is here:

Last month's issue was the end of that chapter, and the old thread is almost full, so this seemed like a good time to start a new chapter.
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Is that a real language, or just gibberish?

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When I was first translating this, I wrote the boy's name as Sasazuka, because I just automatically assumed any featured male character was Sasazuka.

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Catching up now. Only 2 issues behind, plus the one that comes out this month.

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Oh, interesting.

I think it's meant to emulate Arabic. Of course I can't read Arabic, so I don't really know for sure if it's actually that, or just gibberish based on/meant to look like that writing system.

Exciting! Thanks again.

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2018-09, the start of a new chapter.

For those unfamiliar, they're celebrating Tanabata, a summer festival on July 7th of each year that celebrates the one day a year when the mythical figures Orihime (representing the star Vega) and Hikoboshi (representing the star Altair) are able to cross the river separating them (the Milky Way galaxy) and meet.

It's traditional to write a wish on a special slip of paper and tie it to a bamboo stalk.

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Miu's top (blouse?) is different from her usual style in this chapter.

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Reposting the last page. I think I mistranslated Chika's lines the first time.

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Cute. Thank you.

[spoiler]If you need, post the original lines and I can let you know my translations. Do these tags even work here? I guess we'll see.[/spoiler]

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Here's the raw.

e0e186fe No.2586

I'd probably have said "Come on, take this" for これ持ってきな (what you have is still fine, makes sense, and is just as good) but everything else is 100% how I'd have translated it.

a1cfbdba No.2587

I had it as "take this" originally, but I kept thinking that wasn't right, because "take this" should be 持っていきな (and in my experience, Japanese is much more strict with its use of "coming" and "going" than English is).
But I guess the implication could be "take this and come back."

It was the second line that caused me to change it. I originally had it as "Go home already" until I also noticed it was also using "きな," and I realized Chika was saying "come back," not "go back."

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You know what, I think maybe "take this and come back" is the right interpretation.
The second line is probably her saying "Go home and then come back."

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Here's the 2018-10 issue.

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I have no idea what kind of game this is.
It looks like a leaf is put on the table at random, and she's supposed to name the type as quickly as possible.

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This takes care of the backlog.
I'm now caught up to the current issue, which I just grabbed from Share today.

ee42fe9f No.2597

Thanks for your work. I hadn't visited /azu/ in ages and I come this week and there's all this IM stuff. Wonderful.

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Here's this month's issue (2018-11).
With this, I'm officially caught up.

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I'm assuming those are poops.

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That's all until next time.
New issue on 10/26 according to the note at the bottom.

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File: 1538290704551.png (16.9 KB, 306x67)

Yes, that makes sense. The final update you posted with "hurry back" and "take this with you" reads as correct to me, given the imagery and context.

Thanks! So awesome to see this up to date. I assume the Japanese @wiki page is wrong though – this is the last part of chapter (episode) 81, not 82.

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Damn, Barasui's still got it! Thanks for posting.

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The start of a new chapter with the 2018-12 issue.

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In the original, they were discussing how most Japanese people mispronounce "avocado" as "avogado." And then Miu mentions a place called "Ibaraki" which is apparently often mispronounced "Ibaragi."

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That's all until next month.

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Cute. Thanks!

e0e186fe No.2618

Not sure how I feel about the "translation" a joke about voicing phenomena (or, the misapplication of rendaku) to one about more arbitrary & prescriptivist takes on language… but oh well. :P

9b56afae No.2622

There is also the matter that Daylight Saving Time is not observed in Japan.

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File: 1545110897891.jpg (146.25 KB, 969x1400)

Here's the 2019-01 issue. 4 pages this month.

I think the title page is a reference to an old Japanese song called "Found a Little Autumn."

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Next issue 12/27 according to the margin.

e0e186fe No.2685

Yay, thanks Ralen!

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File: 1545141665193.png (221.59 KB, 521x465)

This panel made me lol out loud. Miu's dumb face is just funny.

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thanx for the new IM, many thanx
have an Azu

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New IM for December.
No Yotsuba, though.

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That's all until next time.

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Cute. Thank you!

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