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Old thread is here:

Last month's issue was the end of that chapter, and the old thread is almost full, so this seemed like a good time to start a new chapter.
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I have no idea what kind of game this is.
It looks like a leaf is put on the table at random, and she's supposed to name the type as quickly as possible.

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This takes care of the backlog.
I'm now caught up to the current issue, which I just grabbed from Share today.

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Thanks for your work. I hadn't visited /azu/ in ages and I come this week and there's all this IM stuff. Wonderful.

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Here's this month's issue (2018-11).
With this, I'm officially caught up.

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I'm assuming those are poops.

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That's all until next time.
New issue on 10/26 according to the note at the bottom.

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Yes, that makes sense. The final update you posted with "hurry back" and "take this with you" reads as correct to me, given the imagery and context.

Thanks! So awesome to see this up to date. I assume the Japanese @wiki page is wrong though – this is the last part of chapter (episode) 81, not 82.

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Damn, Barasui's still got it! Thanks for posting.

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The start of a new chapter with the 2018-12 issue.

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In the original, they were discussing how most Japanese people mispronounce "avocado" as "avogado." And then Miu mentions a place called "Ibaraki" which is apparently often mispronounced "Ibaragi."

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That's all until next month.

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Cute. Thanks!

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Not sure how I feel about the "translation" a joke about voicing phenomena (or, the misapplication of rendaku) to one about more arbitrary & prescriptivist takes on language… but oh well. :P

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There is also the matter that Daylight Saving Time is not observed in Japan.

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Here's the 2019-01 issue. 4 pages this month.

I think the title page is a reference to an old Japanese song called "Found a Little Autumn."

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Next issue 12/27 according to the margin.

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Yay, thanks Ralen!

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This panel made me lol out loud. Miu's dumb face is just funny.

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thanx for the new IM, many thanx
have an Azu

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New IM for December.
No Yotsuba, though.

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That's all until next time.

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Cute. Thank you!

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Only 2 pages this time, and I'll admit to getting lazy with the sound effects.

I'm not not sure what the 8銭 in the graphic at the bottom means. I know 銭 is 1/100th of a yen, but that seems like it should go with the 39 above (2.39 yen per dollar).
The gist of the joke though is that 2 yen per dollar is a ridiculous exchange rate, since it's usually in the range of 80-120 yen per dollar.

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I had to redraw Ana's elbow, so if it looks strange, that's why.

9085d1b2 No.2770

thanx for the sub

e0e186fe No.2783

Thanks Ralen! This is the start of chapter 83, yeah?

1122e78f No.2785

It looks like the start of a new chapter, but I haven't been keeping up with the chapter numbers.

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I didn't plan it this way, but what an appropriate title page for Easter.

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File: 1555869667715.jpg (279.11 KB, 969x1400)

In Japanese, the word for "pigeon" and "dove" is the same (which makes sense since they're both kinds of doves).
Another name for the pigeon is the "rock dove," so I had Ana call it that to make Nobue's comment work (and Ana is so proper, it makes sense for her to say something like that anyway).

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That's all for this time. New issue on 4/27 according to the note in the margin.

e23e1e82 No.2854

Déjà vu… >>87

ebad400e No.2855

Thank you, Ralen! Appreciated as always. Yay for new IM.

>Ana's outfit

e4adf316 No.2858

Hey, speaking of pets, what ever happened to Matsuri's ferret?

418ae143 No.2859

File: 1555947459368.jpg (9.39 KB, 200x250)

I don't think they've shown the dogs either.
I'm okay with the little girls from IM never growing up, I think they live by Simpsons rules (they've had birthdays and still don't age) so the pets must be also immortal.

I wish real life could be like that…

040ca5b1 No.2861

Agreed on all fronts. Me too, Chileanon. Though on the other hand sometimes it's nice to get to see people grow up and change, sometimes even for the better. :)

5b6d13a5 No.2907

File: 1557076353871.jpg (270.48 KB, 969x1400)

While looking stuff up to translate this issue, I came across this video.
I'm not sure if this chapter is a reference to this group in particular, or if the similar elements (the outfits, the music) are just generic "magic show" stereotypes in Japan.

5b6d13a5 No.2908

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There are only 2 pages this time. The next issue will be out on 5/27 according to the note in the margin.

e0e186fe No.2910

Thank you!
(I guess this chapter's still continuing next month, then?)

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