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Chapter 95: Yotsuba & Tokyo (Part 2)

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish it in one day, but this was a really short chapter.

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I rode a lot of crowded trains in Japan, but it usually not so bad that I was making physical contact with the other passengers (except for one time riding the subway in Nagoya at night).

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Unfortunate cropping here…

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I thought the short-haired one was Shimauu at first.
This seems like the kind of thing she might get up to on the weekends.

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Why is it poop-shaped?

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And let us begin the baseless speculation that Koharuko is Koiwai's bitch ex-wife.

That's all until next time. 6/27 according to the margin.

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I wondered if this existed elsewhere but I've only seen this sort of cotton candy in Japan.
Maybe it's a Harajuku specialty, like those square watermelons that can only by grown in one part of Japan by law?

Thanks for the translation. It's nice seeing Yots getting the Tokyo experience.

54bd197a No.1609

that fourth panel looks like she's blowing her nose with cotton candy haha

69236af2 No.1610

Oh my god, what if it's his sister?

c3b1bf60 No.1611

The mystery deepens. Thanks ralen! These chapters really brighten my day!

751559eb No.1612


If that's the case, I hope she's cute. We need to see the other members of his family, and all that better if they're good looking.

Were the aliens the WonFest mascots?

dac7fa24 No.1614

Thank you Ralen. Anyone got a downloadlink?

c5040dd8 No.1616

b795f32e No.1629

>take-a-shit street

popular destination for chinese and indian tourists

c2396f08 No.1631

if they ate cotton candy their whole faces and a lot of Yot's hair, hat and clothes will be all sticky and her father will be trying to find a way to clean her up.

da8dd467 No.1632

I always get such a Ghibli vibe when I read a Yotsuba chapter. Great translation.

9c9f728b No.1721

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8bb4eaac No.1722

c5040dd8 No.1723

I just report what's in the margin. The filthy, lying margin.

def2fcbc No.1725

The edict I issued last month in >>1676 was in force only for that month.

9e0d8976 No.1727

Maybe it didn't work because your heart isn't pure enough.

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