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2cbe646f No.1570

I bet Osaka snores like a chainsaw.

046f8889 No.1571

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27cff60d No.1575

File: 1492932523897.jpg (65.85 KB, 391x264)

Snores like a broken chainsaw, maybe. A chainsaw that's not working.
I mean, the point of Osaka is that she does everything softly. She's a being of pure softness. Soft-spoken, slow, she can't even sneeze good. Even her physical appearence is soft.
Kagura on the other hand must snore and kick about and do other noises and things while she sleeps. I bet she scratches her belly, too.

3938ea5d No.1577

Osaka slept in class numerous times, and no one ever remarked on her snoring.

169ea3ef No.1578

File: 1493016226710.png (824.33 KB, 702x1054)

>>1577 yeah that's what I was thinking. It'd make for a funny moment though, if the girls catch her snoring during a slumber party or something and just flip out from it since she never snores.

>>1575 As cute as that sounds, there's some moments in the anime where Kagura falls asleep during trips. It might be cuz she's sitting up and she's in the background, but she's dead silent when it happens. Also she drools on her way back from Okinawa.

Yukari snores each time she's depicted sleeping and eventually lets her limbs go all over the place.

420ecf48 No.1579

File: 1493066294422.png (678.81 KB, 720x576)

She's been seen napping in class as well, on two separate occasions, without making a sound. It makes sense with all the energy she uses up.

4068b886 No.1585

How does she manage to look cute just by looking sideways?

7f114f8d No.1586

dat's the unspoken magic of having big pupils and still being able to show off the whites in your eyes.

e540268d No.1608

You are the AzuDai snoring expert.
It also reminds me of that one fan of Faye in Cowboy Bebop who counted every gunshot taken in the series ..for some reason.

2cbe646f No.1613

I bet she farts like a chainsaw, more likely. Talk about gas emissions!

cf21471f No.1627

File: 1494050868437.png (985.06 KB, 1280x738)

Osaka made guest appliance in the most recent ep of Natsume

cf21471f No.1628

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420ecf48 No.1633

If you wanna talk about obsessiveness, I've taken screencaps of every frame of the AzuDai anime that Kagura features in.

It's about 5k pictures.

cf21471f No.1636

thats stupid, kagua is a shitburger

2cbe646f No.1643

File: 1494850401492.jpg (156.13 KB, 750x725)

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