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Chapter 95: Yotsuba & Tokyo (Part 1)

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The ticket shows they're riding the Seibu railway to Ikebukuro, which indicates they're living around the Saitama area, northwest of Tokyo.

Their departure location is listed as "Ajisai" which is a fictional place as far as I know (this name was mentioned before at Fuuka's culture festival).

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Again, the "Like a ninja!" is taking liberties, but I liked keeping consistency with the last chapter. This is the moment she trained for!

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I wonder if this is how she ended up with Koiwai in the first place.

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I just noticed how ridiculously huge the puff ball on her hat is.

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I knew you could insert the tickets face up or face down, but I didn't know you could put them in at different angles.

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That's all for this time. Next chapter on 4/27, according to the note at the bottom.

I'm excited to see what kind of person Koharuko is.

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a new chapter. feels like it's been years between chapters…oh wait it has!

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Happened to me once when I was cute. It was scary.
My dad was walking a few steps behind me, LOLing his AO.

3a32ac1b No.1532

Haha, happened to me, too! Not the fake ticket but every time I when to the Shinjuku station I'd fuck up in some way.
Didn't know you had to take the ticket out at the other end and had to talk to the old staff dude to let me out the station. He got frustrated at my broken Japanese and just waved me through.

Coming back, my ticket got wet and the machine couldn't read it. Staff had to open the case to get it out. And there were a lot of fucking people rushing behind me (after a concert at Seibu Dome).

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Thanks for the chapter Ralen.

I put them all together in a .rar file in case anyone wants to download it.


2f232368 No.1536

Also, noticed a typo here: >>1507

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Back at my computer now, so I was finally able to correct this.

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