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The Steiff Duralumins have started going out. The ear tag is a Steiff trademark, so it's okay if you leave it on. My dad, who didn't know, said "They've all still got their tags on," and I had to warn him not to take them off.
9:20 PM Dec 16th

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For some reason the Splatoon Soundtrack artwork wouldn't load, so I made my own with an image I found.
10:09 PM Dec 25th

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Azuma Kiyohiko retweeted
Danbo News
Starting today in Akihabara: The Winter Danbo Modeling Festival begins in the event space on the 5th floor of Kotobukiya's Akihabara building!
See the mass production Zero Danbo here first before it hits shelves!!
12/26/2015 (Saturday) through 1/6/2016 (Sunday). Free entry.
8:45 AM Dec 26th

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52d1f484 No.157

Ah for the days when Danbo brought us love, not war. Now he has a nuclear satchel.

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This month's Dengeki Daioh:
Ichigo Mashimaro - Yes
Yotsuba - No

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File: 1454028345485.jpg (71.33 KB, 1023x682)

I couldn't figure out how to fold this Muji "foldable organizing suitcase."
4:28 PM Jan 27th

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This month's Dengeki Daioh:
Ichigo Mashimaro - Yes
Yotsuba - Yes!

9f649a28 No.327

I still haven't translated last month's IM… Too much word play with the riddles for the locked room game, plus I've been spending my translation hours on another project. I'll definitely make sure Yotsuba gets done this month, though.

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File: 1457926245770.jpg (76.65 KB, 1012x506)

Carl office supplies Angel-5 Royal.
5:11 PM Mar 10th

19f6d4ad No.476

Azuma has a mini broom he leaves on the table? This man is the Zooey Deschanel of mangaka!

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File: 1458085403362.jpg (141.64 KB, 1080x1080)

All right, which one of you is "azunymous" on Instagram?

This is the bread I tried making when I was drawing Yotsuba baking bread. https://www.instagram.com/p/BC8YFEPoTOu/
3:23 PM Mar 14th

What?! You're on Instagram?!
3:31 PM Mar 14th

@hirata_yukaco I just started using it. The earlier one was from me trying to figure out how it works.
3:32 PM Mar 14th

@azumakiyohiko So that account really is you!
Congratulations on your debut!
3:33 PM Mar 14th

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File: 1458085464319.jpg (103.51 KB, 1024x1024)

Daddy's bag. http://ift.tt/1nKiofX
12:59 PM Mar 15th

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You can see the bullet train from my parents' house. "A really cool train goes by!" said my mom. When I asked, "What color is it?" she responded, "The color of a train that's going to space." I've never seen a train like that.
8:20 PM Mar 23rd

@azumakiyohiko Like this? lol
8:31 PM Mar 23rd

19f6d4ad No.526

^What if Yotsuba was Azuma's mother…?

c6056f15 No.527

For all we know Yotsuba could be based off stories his mother told him?

3c7d796b No.534

From the way she answers questions, that seems exceedingly likely.

0215fdf7 No.535

Wouldn't that make Yanda Azuma's father?

02419624 No.536

>>535 Buddy, I don't think azuma is gonna have Yots hook up with Yanda, he'd be in his late 30s by the time she's 18 i think.

9f649a28 No.539

This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - No
IM - Yes

92ca0d66 No.540


I thought there was gonna be yotsuba this month

af17e189 No.547


I hope this means more Asagi time in the near future. I miss her and Torako.

9f649a28 No.606

This month's Dengeki Daioh:
IM - Yes
Yotsuba - No

92ca0d66 No.619

not again…

b2b19f4f No.620

Damn it

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File: 1464174944386.jpg (294.33 KB, 313x450)

9f649a28 No.666

According to the website, this month's issue will feature both Yotsuba and Ichigo Mashimaro.

I've still never been able to find Ichigo Mashimaro from last month's issue, though.

e6ffa6f7 No.667

File: 1464215410628.png (130.86 KB, 415x427)


dc2ed2d3 No.669

Thanks, Satan.

2a08d4a9 No.670

>Yotsuba and Ichigo Mashimaro in the same month
It's a sign! The end is nigh!

230531d5 No.671

File: 1464339235217.png (46.6 KB, 256x241)

0a14f731 No.768

New Dengeki Daioh:
Ichigo M. - No
Yotsuba - No

323d6c77 No.773

Where’s the fucking accountability? Where do they get off saying there’s a new chapter when there isn’t one?

e34fc4a3 No.778


its not right!

1679d786 No.779

File: 1467351371792.jpg (42.29 KB, 667x1000)

I don't know what this is promoting with, but it's a realistic interpretation of Yots. I can see why they think she's a gaijin:


323d6c77 No.783

I can’t, from this. Epicanthic fold, distinctly east asian nose, etc.

125658ef No.784

Just a glance I thought it was Yotsuba tempura.

0a14f731 No.806

New Dengeki Daioh:
Yotsuba - No
Ichigo M. - No

19f6d4ad No.808

That's too bad. I was hoping for Yotsuba& Pokemon Go

f1d4ca9a No.898

New Dengeki Daioh:
Yotsuba - YES!
Ichigo M. - Yes

61896fba No.902

File: 1472076238791.gif (598.13 KB, 400x550)

Great news!

a2aa62af No.907

Totally untrustworthy.

f1d4ca9a No.908

dae45add No.909

The Dengeki website has never been wrong before.

125658ef No.913

10bb04ff No.915

Cinderella! Cuteness overload

dae45add No.1018

This month:
IM - Yes
Yotsuba- No

dae45add No.1024

Azuma's first tweet in 6 months.

I couldn't get up and missed Nyanbo. I'll try again this evening.
7:50 AM Sep 27th

f1d4ca9a No.1076

This month's Dengeki Daioh:
Ichigo Mashimaro - Yes
Yotsuba - No

2fc51732 No.1077


When Barasui manages to update more consistently than you….

dae45add No.1180

File: 1479755829382.jpg (100.88 KB, 1280x1280)

Azuma suddenly tweeted a lot the past several days.

About the ending of the "March Comes in Like a Lion" anime. I thought it would've been so cool if Saishi Suteo had taken the place of Rei-kun.
11:54 PM Nov 12th

The Monochrome Danbo I designed a while back just arrived. The braids attach magnetically, so I've been having a lot of fun with that. http://store428d.com/fs/ydso/db_mmd
3:38 PM Nov 15th

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File: 1479755854635.jpg (135 KB, 1280x1280)

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File: 1479755980692.jpg (173.03 KB, 1280x1280)

dae45add No.1183

File: 1479756118138.jpg (143.72 KB, 1280x1280)

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File: 1479756869176.jpg (105.52 KB, 1012x1012)

This microwave was made in 2013, but it's already stopped heating stuff up.
4:04 PM Nov 16th

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File: 1479756991036.jpg (73.79 KB, 225x282)

@azumakiyohiko If you were so inclined, perhaps you could try our company's Healsio water oven? (Grown-ups! Freakin' grown-ups!!)
8:14 PM Nov 16th

dae45add No.1187

My staff was just talking, "What was the name of that movie again?" "It's like, 'On the Edge of the World' or something…"
9:26 PM Nov 17th

They're probably talking about this:

dae45add No.1189

Whenever I try to buy Yunker energy drink, I always get exhausted by their mysterious product line. They've got "Yunker Kotei Royal," "Yunker Royal Kotei," and "Yunker Kotei Royal 2." And has anyone figured out the difference between Yunker Fanti and Yunker Fantii?"
8:36 PM Nov 18th

dae45add No.1190

I just realized Ohashi Torio's "Nyanbo that Came from Space" is out, and I've been listening to it on an endless loop. Chururiru pupupiru rappa~
8:11 PM Nov 20th

19f6d4ad No.1191

The sudden spurt of activity must mean Azuma's staff found and gave him his meds

4afc457a No.1192

I would have believed such a product line with similar names between each item only existed in comedy.

f1d4ca9a No.1198

New Dengeki Daioh:
Yotsuba - no
Ichigo M. - no

dae45add No.1235

File: 1481683943629.jpg (293.15 KB, 2048x1544)

Over here, we'll sometimes fill out drawing technique tests together with things like cubes or shading. Today I did a Miku study to practice curves.
2:01 PM Dec 12th

e34fc4a3 No.1248

I hear theres yotsuba this month

21627ce3 No.1249

You heard right!
IM too!
I'd been checking Dengeki's website the past few days, but didn't see any news on the next issue until now.

21627ce3 No.1384

This month:
IM - Yes
Yotsuba - No

2fc51732 No.1385


I think we've fallen into a bizzaro universe where Barasui updates more regularly than Azuma.

e370ed47 No.1386

To be fair, Yotsuba has been consistently good, where as IM varies from complete shit to pointless.
Azuma probably uses his time to outline the chapters and Barasui just writes what he remembers from his fever dreams.

4e7a2625 No.1417

This month:
IM - Yes.
Yotsuba - No.

aa3649a7 No.1418

why did you lie to me, past issue's margin :(

1aac406d No.1419

I want my money back.

7c68e185 No.1425

Remember when Ralen was cool and he'd bring us a new Yotsuba every month? Now he's just like "Nah, there's no new chapter this time. Get lost, nerds."

1bf2dd20 No.1490

This month:
Yotsuba - Yes!
IM - Yes.

55e114d6 No.1491

And then he kicked a puppy.

71d0edbc No.1492

is this real, Ralen please confirm my family is dying

1407ff0b No.1493

Jang un there!
Ralentí, I know there's still good in you! Please confirm!

1bf2dd20 No.1494

File: 1490586739762.jpg (119.55 KB, 627x841)

From this months content description.

21627ce3 No.1495

What they said.

55e114d6 No.1498

Is the puppy you kicked okay, though?

21627ce3 No.1503

If there's new Yotsuba, does it even matter?

44ceedab No.1504

I found the raw scans while lurking the internet. do I post them on this message board?

21627ce3 No.1506

You can if you want. The translation is in >>1505.

44ceedab No.1525

That was before I saw that thread. Thank you so much for your work!

21627ce3 No.1526

No problem, I hadn't even posted that thread yet when you asked about uploading the raws.
I didn't want to stand in your way if you still wanted to upload them, though.

1bf2dd20 No.1580

New Dengeki Daioh out on April 27th:
Yotsuba - Yes!
IM - Yes.

d9f09c64 No.1584

You mean to tell me the text at the bottom of last chapter wasn't a blatant lie? Been like years since that.

21627ce3 No.1587

File: 1493506530337.jpg (154.88 KB, 1200x1200)

It's been so long since Azuma tweeted, I forgot how this works.

Tsuya-hime genmaicha looked cute, so I bought it.
4:53 PM Apr 29th

21627ce3 No.1659

This month:
IM - Yes.
Yotsuba - No.

55e114d6 No.1660

>Yotsuba - No.
I cannot accept this situation. Change it.

21627ce3 No.1661

Are you asking for fanfiction?
Because it sounds like you're asking for fanfiction.

55e114d6 No.1662

No, I wouldn't ask for something like that. That would be silly.
I'm asking you to change reality itself in order to accommodate my needs.
Or, you know, just lie to me and say there's Yotsuba this month.

ec98901b No.1676

By the power of my administrative position, I declare it thus: A new installment of Yotsubato! is available this month.

55e114d6 No.1677

You are indeed a wise, generous leader.

21627ce3 No.1719

This month:
IM - Yes.
Yotsuba - No.

9f02b230 No.1720

well shit

efc20c58 No.1724


ef1af927 No.1767

And this month, Ralen?

f6708783 No.1769

This please, I'm dead inside and Yotsuba is the only proper therapy.

0a14f731 No.1775

No Yotsubato or Ichigo M. this month.

f6708783 No.1803

File: 1501525535893.jpg (29.39 KB, 540x275)

f6708783 No.1865

Any news this month, Ralen?

1bf2dd20 No.1866

Yotsubato is in this months Dengeki Daioh according to the preview!

0847c0d4 No.1867

I want to read this month's chapter! I need it!
I need to know more about Yotsuba and Yousuke's daring and rebelious adventures in Tokio.

8b3658c8 No.1868

Patience, my friend. It will be released on Saturday.

0847c0d4 No.1869

I want it now, though.

7891d661 No.1870

maybe 4chan got it released by now.

18cac981 No.1871

Ew. No thanks, I'll wait. I won't touch 4chan any more.

04b5bd8f No.1873

I'd rather wait a full week for Ralen's tl than read 4chan's (or anyone else's for that matter)

0b562d4f No.1875

7891d661 No.1877

well it IS Saturday now. Where the F @#(*%) is my Yotsubato translation?????

3949dd01 No.1899

I just found the raw on Share this morning (couldn't find it yesterday). I'll post my translation in the next day or two.

0a14f731 No.1946

This month:
IM - No.
Yotsuba - Yes.

1e728b76 No.1947

File: 1506235154380.jpg (123.31 KB, 813x436)

Someone pinch me! New Yotsuba two months in a row?

dbe2232f No.1948

The raw scans of the new chapter have been on 4chan for more than 24 hours. How come there is no translation yet?

27b0133c No.1949

Someone needs to wake up Ralen

070f1aca No.1950

Morning! I'll check Share now.

6ee08a79 No.1951

what's Share?

7ce0357a No.1952

Where a fairy that owes you a wish lives.

070f1aca No.1953

Old school Japanese file sharing service for comic raws.

7ce0357a No.1954

Just for that? Weird.

070f1aca No.1955

No, for all sorts of stuff, but I mainly use it for comic raws (and porn).

72c89951 No.1956

Give me my translation!
I want to know who the hell is that girl and why she knows Yousuke!

442a6527 No.1957

I'm down with both those things.
Can this program be used by a normal person, or you need to know Japanese?

2fd35d86 No.1958

797b40d6 No.1959

Translated chapter 98: https://imgur.com/a/37JEp

070f1aca No.1961

There is an English patch to translate the menus and interface, but the majority of the files will have Japanese tags and file names.

Honestly, setting it up was such a huge pain.
Like most filesharing programs, you have to make sure your network ports are open, otherwise it can't find any peers. You also have to add all these connection "nodes" in order to start making connections, which you used to be able to find on websites, but most of the node sources that existed when I first installed the program several years ago aren't around anymore.
It's also not compatible with Windows 8 or above, so if you're running anything higher than Windows 7, you'll need an XP VM, which adds a whole extra level of complexity.

You guys are probably better off going with this release for the time being.
I still plan to translate this chapter, but it probably won't be in a timely fashion.

9a963131 No.1962

>You guys are probably better off going with this release for the time being
If you're busy I get it, but frankly I won't read translations made by someone else with the same joy.
I love you, Ralen. I wanna see you naked and lewd things up. Or maybe just hang out and drink and play video games, and then lewd things up, but with our clothes on.

e3d13308 No.1963

because of people like you Ralen now refuses to give his personal info online.;-)

016a50c6 No.1964

Which is good, people more often than not gain nothing and risk a lot by posting their info on line. If anything, I say the pervy comments help Ralen be safe.

51856509 No.1965

While Ralen is under my employ, it is in the best interest of all involved that his personal information remain undisclosed. He will enact no lewd actions for anyone on this board without my leave.

baa40107 No.1970

but if i hire him i can right?

00740b74 No.1972

Only if your heart is pure and you wish upon a star.

070f1aca No.1973

What makes you think you can afford me?

97fb3c13 No.1974

For sure I can't afford you, but some of the Azunymousae and I got together secretly and made a campaign and we got together a lot of ca$h money, so we can afford you together.

070f1aca No.2035

Christmas comes early this year?
The Dengeki website shows a new Yotsuba this month, even after the last issue's margin said the next issue wouldn't be until November.

Still no IM.

070f1aca No.2039

I'm seeing lots of titles from this month's issue on Share, but no Yotsuba yet. I wonder if it was an error on the website.

84adfc92 No.2040

Do websites even make mistakes?
I'm pretty sure Christine Young has been a 19 year old since 2003

9229fe04 No.2055

INCOMING!!!! New Yotsuba released on monday! Source: daioh.dengeki.com

9229fe04 No.2056

sorry, I meant "to be released next monday"

6ff72cfb No.2057

It's a Christmas miracle.

Speaking of Christmas, I think the Yotsuverse should expect an Xmas special at some point? I think they're still in November.

070f1aca No.2058

I can predict it would involve having Ena explaining the concept of Santa to her, (and Yotsuba finding the whole thing entirely foreign, and probably terrifying).

f8589bd5 No.2059

Well, it is terrifying. The fat old fuck knows where I live and what I've been up to.

152bbfe3 No.2063

When is the translation coming? The chapter has been out for more than 48 HOURS!

070f1aca No.2067

I've got the raws. Translation probably this weekend.

671ffc3a No.2068

great news!

516b4683 No.2122

This month?

b2287a69 No.2123

Yotsuba: No.
IM: No.

016a50c6 No.2124

This month is a good month.

9dbd6ac4 No.2126

NOOOO! Another delay!

6ff72cfb No.2129

File: 1514788538053.jpg (89.75 KB, 608x416)

3f594dde No.2150

Any update for this month?

3e96faa7 No.2151

Doesn't look like there is any IM or Yotsuba this month either.

2a74538a No.2152

File: 1516689957475.gif (1.71 MB, 480x297)

070f1aca No.2153

I've been checking the Dengeki website, but don't see any updates about this month's issue yet.

3e96faa7 No.2158

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the 'Next Issue' pdf on the main Daioh Dengeki site has the listing for manga covered each month. Neither IM or Yotsuba are mentioned there. But the release date is, January 27th.

070f1aca No.2160

File: 1516803975317.jpg (44.41 KB, 572x236)

I always look for the "This Month's Daioh" post on the main page about a week before release.
It looks like they just posted it last night, and IM and Yotsuba are both shown as included in the upcoming issue.


ba22396c No.2185

Is azuma just… completely gone from the internet? I havent seen a blip of online presence and I wonder why he'd just vanish when he's been a pretty consistent blogger for over a decade.

070f1aca No.2186

I don't think I would have ever called him "consistent"…
He did blog sporadically, but that died out in favor of his Twitter. He tweeted like crazy for a few years, but that's slowed down the past several years.
In the beginning he would always tweet a response to everyone who tweeted at him on his birthday, but he hasn't done that in years.

6ff72cfb No.2188

it's not unusual for some creators in the field to step away from SNS and do something productive (like the times before twitter). charlie brooker is the same.

i do miss that fling azuma had with that one chick. was hoping it would end up like densha otaku

070f1aca No.2192

No IM yet on Share. I'm starting to wonder if the release page was wrong.

d029048c No.2204

File: 1518988267967.jpg (157.57 KB, 1200x630)

New WonFes art by Azuma.

070f1aca No.2207

This month's Dengeki:

bf23f540 No.2208

File: 1519598073447.jpg (46.74 KB, 624x437)

bf23f540 No.2209

I don't want to put you in a hurry but… TRANSLATION WHEN

a2406ffb No.2228

I just discovered this board today. I'd like to thank everyone who took the time and effort to translate these tweets. It's really fun m(_ _)m

858c7614 No.2254

lthat cover confirms what i've been think for a while: yotsuba has been getting more and more feminine starting in volume 12. before that her behavior and stories pretty much never had her gender be relevant but she's been wearing more dresses, wanting to be a princess and been urged by her grandmother to do housework. By now it seems clear Azuma is doing it intentionally, I wonder if it's building to anything or if Yotsuba is just developing more awareness of her gender as she gets older.

858c7614 No.2255

>>2254 …shit i meant to reply to the thread with the volume 14 cover

dfbb617c No.2256

Sorry, this is off topic but I don't know where else to post this. but do you know what happened to AXYPB? Is he ok? I tried to ask him about what happened to MOM weeks ago but he never answered back.

ead661ea No.2257

are you his son?

e48a4d78 No.2258

I actually haven't heard from him in a few weeks.

As far as what happened to MoM on Steam, there's a lengthy topic in the discussion forums here that has all the currently known information.

ead661ea No.2259

Oh damn, that could potentially be serous, right?
I mean, between Steam and MG.

070f1aca No.2260

I really couldn't say.
In my mind, having a single title flagged for removal (whether justified or not) wouldn't be any more serious than someone having a single YouTube video removed due to content.
But I don't really know anything about how publishing on Steam works, so that's just conjecture.

4b839f5f No.2264

Have you still not heard from him? He's been offline for nearly a month now. I know he doesn't post here a lot but I'm starting to get really worried for his health, the game being taken down must have hit him really harder than I thought.

ead661ea No.2265

wait, isn't he the admin of this board?
if he's gone won't that mean this board will be shut down eventually?

6dcf8c02 No.2298

Will there be a chapter this month?

070f1aca No.2302

The Dengeki website was just updated today.
Looks like IM: Yes, Yotsuba: No.
Volume 14 does come out on 4/28, though.

f578c760 No.2311

070f1aca No.2353

File: 1526142134128.jpg (6.79 KB, 500x250)

Azuma's first tweet in almost a year.

No text.
Posted 4:49 PM Apr 16th

070f1aca No.2354

File: 1526144544676.jpg (414.67 KB, 1024x1143)

I'll post the raw images at the end.

Yotsuba&! Volume 14 comes out on 4/28.
5:50 PM Apr 25th

070f1aca No.2355

File: 1526144591650.jpg (370.2 KB, 1004x1200)

070f1aca No.2356

File: 1526144693105.jpg (289.94 KB, 760x1199)

A new volume of Yostuba&! comes out today.
6:30 PM Apr 28th

070f1aca No.2357

File: 1526144720045.jpg (344.22 KB, 755x1200)

070f1aca No.2358

For some reason, volume 14 hasn't gotten here yet, so I haven't read it yet. I hope it's good.
4:32 PM Apr 28th

070f1aca No.2360

File: 1526145918568.jpg (158.91 KB, 1081x697)

This is the exhibit that was mentioned in >>2318.

Azuma Kiyohiko retweeted
Advertisements utilizing over 30 pages of raw drafts are currently on display inside the ticket gates at JR Tokyo Station's Shinkansen transfer gate! You should definitely take the opportunity to come see it up close. The display is open from 4/30 through 5/6.
※Please withhold any inquiries from the station and its staff. Direct questions to KADOKAWA (http://asciimw.jp/info/inquiry/).
10:23 AM Apr 30th

070f1aca No.2361

File: 1526146374980.jpg (100.43 KB, 500x707)

Azuma Kiyohiko retweeted
To commemorate the release of the latest volume, the official Yotsuba and Danbo store, Kotobukiya Akihabara, is hosting a mini exhibition!
There are ten or so original drawings from the latest volume on display, also featuring two giant Naoto Arakawa Danbo dioramas! You can only truly appreciate it by seeing it for yourself, so stop by! There will also be mystery bags for a limited time only.
3:02 PM Apr 27th

070f1aca No.2362

File: 1526146408233.jpg (182.8 KB, 1200x922)

070f1aca No.2363

File: 1526146542449.jpg (145.46 KB, 1064x708)

070f1aca No.2364

File: 1526147022152.jpg (145.19 KB, 1024x683)

I wonder if he's concerned because he's worried about them being stolen or damaged, or if he's embarrassed to have his rough drawings on prominent display like that.

I went to Tokyo Station to see. There are lots of Yotsubas standing conspicuously near the station's Yasue exit. With raw drafts. I was surprised at how easy it is to casually check them out up close, which kind of concerned me. Only 6 more days.
4:15 PM Apr 30th

070f1aca No.2365

File: 1526147079590.jpg (116.25 KB, 1024x683)

070f1aca No.2366

File: 1526147219539.jpg (151.52 KB, 1024x683)

070f1aca No.2367

File: 1526147290096.jpg (131.5 KB, 1062x711)

Oops, I just realized I missed some of the pictures from this tweet.

070f1aca No.2368

File: 1526147357669.jpg (101.86 KB, 770x650)

070f1aca No.2369

File: 1526147483556.jpg (204.82 KB, 1177x830)

070f1aca No.2370

File: 1526147829899.jpg (19.74 KB, 370x320)

Since I finished volume 14, I thought I'd also try to submit some frequently requested LINE stickers. They're under review now.
6:15 PM May 12th

Image: "Wait a second."

c7d6502a No.2371

would love to get those stickers if i had friends who used the damn thing..
nice to see azuma back online tho

070f1aca No.2372

File: 1526433469178.jpg (14.36 KB, 370x269)

My Yotsuba& stickers submission got approved without any problem, so they're available for purchase now. https://line.me/S/sticker/3536335
3:46 PM May 15th

Image: "Nice to see you!!"

070f1aca No.2373

File: 1526433502802.jpg (7.8 KB, 240x240)

The previous LINE stickers were official, but these are creator's stickers, and I just felt like putting them out. They were pretty quick and dirty. I thought I might try using them myself, so maybe I should buy them. https://line.me/S/sticker/3536335
6:58 PM May 15th

3019ba2d No.2374

File: 1526480306565.png (569.37 KB, 1280x800)

What's the difference between official stickers and creator's stickers?
I see these stickers are cheap, but I'm guessing kids of all ages go nuts for them and buy bunches. Is this how LINE makes money?
Also I'm guessing having LINE and using it without having any stickers makes you a lame-o, and I bet kids text each other using a bunch of stickers just to show them off. Like, a status thing.
I'm pretty sure if I google stories about kids secretly spending all of their parent's ca$h just on LINE stickers I'll find at least one.
Am I giving the youth too little credit?
They give you 40 Yotsubas for ¢99 and I'm OK with that, if I used LINE I'd buy that pack for sure because it's super cute, but I bet they don't discourage users from being compulsive collectors.

Since Yotsuba is a tiny queen of funny and expressive faces these work super well.

070f1aca No.2375

I would guess "official" stickers are officially licensed stickers of some character or property, while "creator's" stickers are just something anyone can create and upload.

3019ba2d No.2376

File: 1526524330507.png (25.72 KB, 123x175)

Makes sense. Well, there's no reason for mister Azuma not to make some money with LINE stickers, specially if someone else already made some stickers based on his characters and without permission.
This here is the bestest one, because look at it. What's Yotsuba even doing?

070f1aca No.2377

"On my way"

2c317427 No.2378

File: 1526833566995.png (22.7 KB, 259x224)

these are so super cute

a20a281d No.2384

File: 1526944956090.png (25.39 KB, 200x180)

They're cute and I love 'em, even though I don't have LINE, but now I'm thinking it makes no sense for LINE not to have Danbo stickers.
Danbo has proven to be a hot, valuable property.

Line is barely used outside of Japan, but I was asking around and my brother has a girlfriend who's into Korean dramas and music and other Korean nonsense, and she uses LINE with her friends just because they like to be culturally Asian at least a bit. My brother fucks weird people.

070f1aca No.2400

This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - No
IM - Yes

270efe72 No.2401


2c317427 No.2402

25c9f1bd No.2403

He said "Yotsuba - No".
It'll be a Yotsubaless month. Nothing to Woo! about.

2c317427 No.2405

IM is always good though.

ac30d942 No.2406

But Yotsubato is way better, and IM has not been the same for years. Should have been cancelled years ago, when it was great.
IM is The Simpsons of moe. The last good chapter was the paper sumo adventure, which was excellent but sadly an exception.

12554a4a No.2410

How long has it been since the last Yotsuba? I hope the wait is worth it.

21627ce3 No.2415

I went to make a wire transfer at Mitsubishi UFJ. I was wondering which window to go to, when the information guide told me, "We charge a fee for those here. The Mitsui bank next door doesn't charge any fees," and amazingly guided me to another bank.
2:20 PM Jun 7th

aa2c05b4 No.2416

That Mitsubishi UFJ guy seems to be a good guy, but he's a sabotager and perhaps even an agent from the other bank.
Now Azuma even exposed him as a naughty employee, which is why Twitter is dangerous.
I also hate those fees, but I wouldn't put my job at risk for principle. You think maybe the guy recognized Azuma and was a fan of his work? Is that implied in the tweet?

21627ce3 No.2418

Actually, it was a woman.
I thought I translated that part, but I must have left it out.

One of the replies to this tweet speculated that she might have been acting according to company policy based on the idea that window transactions cost them money, so they want to keep the number of them as low as possible.

b635cb1a No.2425

Any Yotsuba antics this month?

0a14f731 No.2426

Sorry nope.
This month's Dengeki Daioh:
Ichigo Mashimaro - Yes
Yotsuba - No.

21627ce3 No.2447

This month:
IM - Yes
Yotsuba - No

21627ce3 No.2448

File: 1532438931307.jpg (175.29 KB, 1200x1200)

I went to the Umino Chika's World Expo the other day. Got a cute sticker.
2:01 PM Jul 22nd

7f8e979d No.2451

File: 1532680366161.jpg (65.41 KB, 479x558)

4930a30e No.2453

Are you ever going to finish chapter 78?

13efcdc5 No.2455

Is that directed at me, or Azuma?

Chapter 78 was the one where Yotsuba gets blue paint on everything.

3e96faa7 No.2456

The new IM hasn't shown up yet? Or has it and I missed it?

696dbb38 No.2457

Oh, I'm still way behind on IM. But I will catch up, I promise. I should start having more time to work on it again in the next few weeks.

I hadn't been keeping up with the chapter numbering for Ichigo Mashimaro. The monthly issues aren't numbered beyond the year and month of the issue they appear in, so that's how I've been keeping track of them.

231fed5c No.2460

You. As far as I know you the last thing you have done the first 4 pages of the Ogiri chapter, which (per tankobon numbering) is chapter 78 – and the latest chapter to exist/which has been published. But there are more (12? iirc) pages you've yet to translate.

Maybe I missed the second half of this and further chapters after that one, including the blue paint one?

b3ffa665 No.2461

My confusion is that I thought you were talking about Yotsuba& when you said "Chapter 78."

Like I clarified in >>2457, I'm still behind on IM, but I will catch up.

ed3f8aec No.2462

Oh, that makes sense. My bad, I should have clarified. And then I missed when you said "Yotsuba" in the blue paint sentence, apparently. No worries – thanks for your work and will look forward to it

724a7dcc No.2464

NEW YOTSUBA next Monday!!!

bfeb1ec4 No.2465

File: 1535133927489.jpg (17.14 KB, 346x450)

Is that true? I really hope you're not just tricking us.

8ae90c31 No.2466

It's true. Check out the official site of Dengeki Daioh if you don't believe me.

e86417c5 No.2467

File: 1535153795431.png (245.03 KB, 787x395)

Yay! I'm ready for some wholesome adventures

25c9f1bd No.2468

Heck yeah!

7a06d9d8 No.2469

Oh fuck yes.

4d485808 No.2470

File: 1535228104113.jpg (38.4 KB, 369x185)


696dbb38 No.2472

Got the raws. I'll work on translating them this weekend.

4d485808 No.2473

File: 1535520583604.jpg (73.25 KB, 365x433)

Thank you as always Ralen!

40bc97ac No.2569

New Dengeki Daioh-
No Yotsuba, only Ichigo Mashimaro this month.

3519a72d No.2609

I must know the significance to the socks! Hope there's a chapter this month.

61e77337 No.2610

No news on the Dengeki website yet, but I'll keep checking.

6e9d0e2d No.2611

This month:
IM - Yes
Yotsuba - No

7a06d9d8 No.2612

I like IM, yay.
Wonder when we'll see more Yotsuba though.

add81caf No.2630

File: 1542153182365.jpg (683.97 KB, 997x1152)

My copy of volume 14 arrived from Amazon today (U.S.)!

7301024c No.2631

I came here just now for the first time in ages at basically random only to find out that volume 14 was released in the US just yesterday. Gonna have to get this, thanks for the heads up and congrats on your copy

0fa7d1f3 No.2637

File: 1543029960852.jpg (65.31 KB, 700x767)

yostuba nendoriod coming soon

dfad19f9 No.2638

File: 1543041617044.gif (247.65 KB, 373x434)

Fuck Yeah.

47935649 No.2639

File: 1543096967475.gif (39.1 KB, 267x200)


d753dc5f No.2640

Gosh darn, thats cute! I dont collect those but I`ll buy this one as soon as I can.

78b223d2 No.2643

This month:
IM - Yes
Yotsuba - Yes

036b510b No.2644

Good month!

838f53c9 No.2645

With each new chapter we get closer to a Yotsuba Christmas.. good news!

9c71e26c No.2647

File: 1543284084564.jpg (407.52 KB, 1024x683)

christmas is saved

db889c88 No.2649

Oh yay!

87cc7ee0 No.2654

FYI, I've been checking Share for the latest issue the past few days, but I'm not seeing any uploads yet.

8734e68c No.2655

No worries Ralen. Thanks for all your work.

87cc7ee0 No.2656

It looks like this thread reached the bump limit.
I guess it's time to start a new one…

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