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This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - No
IM - Yes

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25c9f1bd No.2403

He said "Yotsuba - No".
It'll be a Yotsubaless month. Nothing to Woo! about.

2c317427 No.2405

IM is always good though.

ac30d942 No.2406

But Yotsubato is way better, and IM has not been the same for years. Should have been cancelled years ago, when it was great.
IM is The Simpsons of moe. The last good chapter was the paper sumo adventure, which was excellent but sadly an exception.

12554a4a No.2410

How long has it been since the last Yotsuba? I hope the wait is worth it.

21627ce3 No.2415

I went to make a wire transfer at Mitsubishi UFJ. I was wondering which window to go to, when the information guide told me, "We charge a fee for those here. The Mitsui bank next door doesn't charge any fees," and amazingly guided me to another bank.
2:20 PM Jun 7th

aa2c05b4 No.2416

That Mitsubishi UFJ guy seems to be a good guy, but he's a sabotager and perhaps even an agent from the other bank.
Now Azuma even exposed him as a naughty employee, which is why Twitter is dangerous.
I also hate those fees, but I wouldn't put my job at risk for principle. You think maybe the guy recognized Azuma and was a fan of his work? Is that implied in the tweet?

21627ce3 No.2418

Actually, it was a woman.
I thought I translated that part, but I must have left it out.

One of the replies to this tweet speculated that she might have been acting according to company policy based on the idea that window transactions cost them money, so they want to keep the number of them as low as possible.

b635cb1a No.2425

Any Yotsuba antics this month?

0a14f731 No.2426

Sorry nope.
This month's Dengeki Daioh:
Ichigo Mashimaro - Yes
Yotsuba - No.

21627ce3 No.2447

This month:
IM - Yes
Yotsuba - No

21627ce3 No.2448

File: 1532438931307.jpg (175.29 KB, 1200x1200)

I went to the Umino Chika's World Expo the other day. Got a cute sticker.
2:01 PM Jul 22nd

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File: 1532680366161.jpg (65.41 KB, 479x558)

4930a30e No.2453

Are you ever going to finish chapter 78?

13efcdc5 No.2455

Is that directed at me, or Azuma?

Chapter 78 was the one where Yotsuba gets blue paint on everything.

3e96faa7 No.2456

The new IM hasn't shown up yet? Or has it and I missed it?

696dbb38 No.2457

Oh, I'm still way behind on IM. But I will catch up, I promise. I should start having more time to work on it again in the next few weeks.

I hadn't been keeping up with the chapter numbering for Ichigo Mashimaro. The monthly issues aren't numbered beyond the year and month of the issue they appear in, so that's how I've been keeping track of them.

231fed5c No.2460

You. As far as I know you the last thing you have done the first 4 pages of the Ogiri chapter, which (per tankobon numbering) is chapter 78 – and the latest chapter to exist/which has been published. But there are more (12? iirc) pages you've yet to translate.

Maybe I missed the second half of this and further chapters after that one, including the blue paint one?

b3ffa665 No.2461

My confusion is that I thought you were talking about Yotsuba& when you said "Chapter 78."

Like I clarified in >>2457, I'm still behind on IM, but I will catch up.

ed3f8aec No.2462

Oh, that makes sense. My bad, I should have clarified. And then I missed when you said "Yotsuba" in the blue paint sentence, apparently. No worries – thanks for your work and will look forward to it

724a7dcc No.2464

NEW YOTSUBA next Monday!!!

bfeb1ec4 No.2465

File: 1535133927489.jpg (17.14 KB, 346x450)

Is that true? I really hope you're not just tricking us.

8ae90c31 No.2466

It's true. Check out the official site of Dengeki Daioh if you don't believe me.

e86417c5 No.2467

File: 1535153795431.png (245.03 KB, 787x395)

Yay! I'm ready for some wholesome adventures

25c9f1bd No.2468

Heck yeah!

7a06d9d8 No.2469

Oh fuck yes.

4d485808 No.2470

File: 1535228104113.jpg (38.4 KB, 369x185)


696dbb38 No.2472

Got the raws. I'll work on translating them this weekend.

4d485808 No.2473

File: 1535520583604.jpg (73.25 KB, 365x433)

Thank you as always Ralen!

40bc97ac No.2569

New Dengeki Daioh-
No Yotsuba, only Ichigo Mashimaro this month.

3519a72d No.2609

I must know the significance to the socks! Hope there's a chapter this month.

61e77337 No.2610

No news on the Dengeki website yet, but I'll keep checking.

6e9d0e2d No.2611

This month:
IM - Yes
Yotsuba - No

7a06d9d8 No.2612

I like IM, yay.
Wonder when we'll see more Yotsuba though.

add81caf No.2630

File: 1542153182365.jpg (683.97 KB, 997x1152)

My copy of volume 14 arrived from Amazon today (U.S.)!

7301024c No.2631

I came here just now for the first time in ages at basically random only to find out that volume 14 was released in the US just yesterday. Gonna have to get this, thanks for the heads up and congrats on your copy

0fa7d1f3 No.2637

File: 1543029960852.jpg (65.31 KB, 700x767)

yostuba nendoriod coming soon

dfad19f9 No.2638

File: 1543041617044.gif (247.65 KB, 373x434)

Fuck Yeah.

47935649 No.2639

File: 1543096967475.gif (39.1 KB, 267x200)


d753dc5f No.2640

Gosh darn, thats cute! I dont collect those but I`ll buy this one as soon as I can.

78b223d2 No.2643

This month:
IM - Yes
Yotsuba - Yes

036b510b No.2644

Good month!

838f53c9 No.2645

With each new chapter we get closer to a Yotsuba Christmas.. good news!

9c71e26c No.2647

File: 1543284084564.jpg (407.52 KB, 1024x683)

christmas is saved

db889c88 No.2649

Oh yay!

87cc7ee0 No.2654

FYI, I've been checking Share for the latest issue the past few days, but I'm not seeing any uploads yet.

8734e68c No.2655

No worries Ralen. Thanks for all your work.

87cc7ee0 No.2656

It looks like this thread reached the bump limit.
I guess it's time to start a new one…

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