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0dc2b06d No.1423

Where can I get clean images of the Yotsuba covers, without the text over them? I only managed to find this one and a few others. I'm particularly interested in the 9th (the one with the umbrella) and the 10th (the one with the trolley with the teddy bear on it).
Monthly calendar images and color artwork in general is also appreciated.

a7ada31a No.1424

>Monthly calendar images
I would kill for those.
Clean Yotsuba covers might be in the tankobon rips?

7c3a4d52 No.1428

Dunno, but the best way if not avaibale elsewhere is to scan them and do some touch up in shop.

b9477b3a No.1429

File: 1488699611763.jpg (1012.41 KB, 2400x2494)

d53c610d No.1430

That's pretty cool.
I thought it was a cake at first.

1dc819af No.3686

File: 1596889412860.jpg (115.03 KB, 500x680)

found one for volume 5

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