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038b90c3 No.137

Are they making it this year? Where can I get it? Thanks

6784e94c No.138

Azuma tweeted that there will be no calendar this year "due to circumstances."

97e0d46a No.161

File: 1453303180281.gif (706.42 KB, 96x144)

Anyone got scans of any of the older calendars?

e5a79d28 No.163

I have the daily calendars. I scanned and uploaded at least one full year's worth. Not sure if anyone saved it 'cause I sure as hell didn't.

e73d23dc No.175

File: 1453465080232.png (57.24 KB, 708x480)

Oh snap. I hope someone has.

e5a79d28 No.176

Well, I do have them all (also the Azumanga ones), but I'll have to really pull my ass off the floor to do it. If anyone has any requests I can start with that.

e73d23dc No.181

Could you do 2015?
Also if you ever end up scanning them again, I'd probably upload them to web archive/sadpanda or wherever else they'd stay up for a long time.

e5a79d28 No.182

Alright. I'll have time next week. Also, I'm not sure if scanned them in the right res. (were kinda too big), so if anyone has any basic tips on that or "cleaning up" (whatever that means) I'll look that up too, I guess.

e73d23dc No.183

Thanks a lot anon.

7e6c3a32 No.237

I hope you get more free time anon

e5a79d28 No.238

Haha, go fuck yourself. I'm in a position of losing my job while supporting other matters that help me scrap me by. But, sure, I'll scan your pieces of paper while I'll fuck myself over getting other pieces of paper.

5b56866e No.286

File: 1455299109364.jpg (310.52 KB, 700x600)


7d3148f8 No.555

I worried that Satomi was in a long hiatus from Twitter, and as I expected, he is in bad condition.

435cbc7f No.565

Damn that sucks.

e5c6ce3e No.860

Not sure when they normally announce it, but there hasn't been a tweet on that same account since then, so it's probably not looking good for a 2017 calendar :(

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