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8cc9fa04 No.1346

Anyone else watch Game Center CX?

I swear I've heard Azumanga music in more than one episode; usually when Arino travels to different arcades and plays coin-op games.

0c1bd89b No.1348

I brought this up years back, when it was easier to watch the series on YouTube.
There were at least two tracks they used from AzuDai, iirc. The ska-ish cute one with the recorder and the one they play while they're in Okinawa. Although, it's been a couple years since I've seen either series.

d2667211 No.1349

I remember a fan of mine brought this up one time. He even linked me an episode when it happens and everything!
I thought it was kinda nice having the music live on even past the series ending.

a0053428 No.1353

The travelogue segments that include music by the Kuricorder Pops Orchestra are not included in home video releases due to licensing complications. This is unfortunate as many fans consider them the highlight of the program.

7baa90d6 No.1364

I remember one episode used the opening theme for Deep Space Nine of all things. Music from Headhunter on the Dreamcast is used often too.

0c1bd89b No.1368

They really are. Game challenges get old especially when it's just platformers, but seeing Arino dicking around outside Tokyo in remote areas to play at arcades is always fun.
Like his trip to the U.S. He almost played Doom. Would have been nice to get his reaction.

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