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New Yotsuba chapter this month.
Lots of callbacks to prior chapters.

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Grandma mentions Koiwai should get a car from Koharuko in chapter 88, part 1.

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"The Day Before" sounds ominous…

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Yotsuba had never had pizza before, but knows what uni tastes like…

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vc: "Blacktown Express"

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This is the same checkout lady from chapter 79 who commented on Yotsuba's blue hands.

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In Japanese grocery stores, the cashiers don't bag your groceries for you. They transfer them to another basket, which you then take to a bagging station and bag yourself. I assume it's to make the line move faster.

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Geeze, a smartphone and a car in as many days? Where's Koiwai getting all this money?

I also think this provides an interesting window into his mother's influence on him… It's been mentioned a number of times how he doesn't have a car or a cell phone, then his mom comes to visit and tells him he should get a car and a smartphone, and just a few days later he's buying both.

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I kind of feel bad for Yanda… Koiwai seems unnecessarily harsh on him.

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Aw, Koiwai does care after all.

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The shrinking frog is crazy.
The tadpole is up to 5 times bigger than the adult frog.


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I took a little liberty with the dialogue here.
Yotsuba literally says, "Swiftly!" but I liked the sound of "Like a ninja!"

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That's all until next time!
The next issue will be out on 2/27 according to the margin.

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I lov you Ralen

b51a2995 No.1326

D'awww how her eyes light up at the idea of fancy eating!

The notion that the chapter just sorta starts out with Yotsuba forcing her into a pose is just genius.

dc8456a9 No.1333

I agree, Yanda is just a guy who wants to be loved.

9e608f2a No.1334

Koiwai and Jumbo seem to hold something against Yanda. Lightly, at least, since they allow hanging out with him and let him inside Koiwai's home.
They seem like reasonable guys so I think Yanda did something really stupid in the past to deserve the light scorn that he gets.
And haha, Fuuka! I think that's only going to make her legs fatter!
Thanks for the trans, Rallies!
Koiwai seems like a directionless guy. Isn't the home they're living in a hookup from his mom? For someone who's traveled the world he doesn't share the attitude for it in his personal life…

52a8a1dd No.1335

I always saw this as pretty standard behavior. People in social circles often get the role of being the butt of jokes, often the people capable of making fun of themselves already. This is his role and he pretty clearly tolerates it. They both love him or he wouldn't get invited in the house, especially not as often as he is. Is it cruel, probably, but I doubt it's intentionally hurtful, and there's a fair chance it doesn't bother him.

858e0052 No.1340

nobody has done the drawing of Fuuka putting a ball into a basket yet????

4ec4a3b8 No.1342

Does it seem like Azuma has someone new inking him?

Loved the scene with Yotsuba throwing stuff in Yanda's basket behind his back.

858e0052 No.1344

yeah noticed that too, the lines are much thicker. maybe he chaned instruments and tool

6a5c6f03 No.1345

I hope Koharuko has a dope whip. Maybe a Skyline GTR or a Mitsubishi GTO.

But it's probably just something sensible like a Daihatsu Mira or Suzuki Alto.

64a45522 No.1350

I want Yanda's Line ID

c1369aca No.1403

So Yotsuba is gonna have fantastic adventures in Tokyo, full of glamour and romance?
That's cool, but makes me miss the Social Disaster more than ever. Because he always wanted to see the Azumanga characters again, and always hoped to see them randomly show up in Yotsuba.
He knew it's unlikely, but he hoped it would happen. With this trip to Tokyo it would have been soooooo easy to get him hyped and make him give himself false hope.

09bda347 No.1405

These three pages make me want to marry Yanda. I'm a guy and most of the time I'm straight(with some exceptions) but there is something unbelievably, superhumanly cute, nice and sexy about Yanda, his childishness and looks.

9e608f2a No.1406

^This is the third or fourth time I've witnessed someone coming out the closet for yanda on /azu/ lol

Personally, he seems like like a high maintenance fukkboi but apparently some people like that…

c1369aca No.1407

File: 1486595081920.jpg (204.97 KB, 728x653)

Even as a straight guy I see the appeal. He's like a child, and he's definitely cute, but those are factors for initial attraction and nothing else.
Even though I can't say I'm anything close to an expert on gay relationships I do know about basic human dynamics, and I'm pretty sure those initially attractive traits aren't the basis for a healthy relationship.
I'm pretty sure Yanda is not a paedophile, but still I don't know if I'd let him spend too much time around the kids.
He's basically on Ena and Miura's level of maturity.

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