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84549eb0 No.1266

Dengeki Daioh went digital, so there will be better Yotsuba raws now.

d240dd24 No.1270

you forgot to add: IF there is any new Yotsubato chapters

d28e9788 No.1272

File: 1482813195900.png (586.28 KB, 960x645)

There appear to be samples of a select few chapters there to read, and as samples, the pages are small.

Also the yotsuba page gives character descriptions and you can buy individual volumes from there!
Oh and Astro Boy's there on the corner!

84549eb0 No.1273


I thought we were getting a new chapter in the next issue.

Well, IF and WHEN there's a new chapter, the editor won't have to use public garbage raws.

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