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File: 1482486514127.png (121.81 KB, 509x381)

3d433b47 No.1255

"lets get this blunt lit"

4c50a692 No.1259

Osaka! That's PCP!

8143e230 No.1274

File: 1482889484486.jpg (124.18 KB, 1600x1280)

All the cool kids have moved on to the synthetic analogue 3-MeO-PCP. Just as much psychosis and brain lesions, but at least it doesn't suppress orgasms.

b322bfed No.1275

File: 1482891347594.jpg (64.22 KB, 768x576)

In all honesty I fantasize about smoking weed with Osaka.

Veri: Consume Gin

c7d2aab6 No.1276

Just bake it into some saaataaa aaandagiii.

a07503f3 No.1278

9e1ac58d No.1279

Windowledge Dude lives in Cali, right? At least he seems to know San Fran well.
Weed is legal there now, so he should grow it to his heart's content - assuming he's still alive.

vc: condon surgery

2440eb68 No.1451

1d127608 No.6159

File: 1665805849352.png (690.92 KB, 962x1162)

b8cf5207 No.6200

The mean streets of Albania?

e4fd222f No.6216

"I do love me some 3-MeO-PCP."
-Koyomi Mizuhara

d22bae0b No.6219

File: 1667259970161.jpg (35.2 KB, 694x650)

osaka hit da zaza

e479a1c8 No.6230

I think if Tomo did weed, she's be Osaka.
If Osaka did blow, she'd be Tomo.

Moon juice and soma would turn Kagura into Sakaki.

090c71e2 No.6237

File: 1667506085789.png (239.59 KB, 1000x1000)

Xanax turns Sakaki into Chiyo
Ecstasy turns Kagura into Kaorin
Alcohol turns all the characters into Ms. Yukari
DXM turns Sakaki into Osaka.

6e1c86ea No.6239

>Ecstasy turns Kagura into Kaorin
He he… I know what you mean…
It's because people on MDMA also tend to enjoy amateur astronomy, right?

b29ef369 No.6241

mdma make you insatiably horni

09026280 No.6242

File: 1667581976809.jpg (121.89 KB, 612x792)

Yeah, I know. I was joking, pretending that I didn't get what you meant.
I mean, I don't "know" know, more like, I've heard that MDMA makes you horny. I've never tried it myself.
Poor Kaorin, if only she knew to give drugs to her friend in order to trick her into having sex…

And krokodil turns you into Kimura-sensei, right? I mean, that would explain what happened there.

96564326 No.6243

eh, drugs are hard to get in Japan. Kimura-Sensei does conjure memories of opioid-heads, with the skin stretched over his jaw, and the slow way he speaks.
I gotta say, i wonder what Sakaki would be like on Oxy… I'd like to do LSD with Osaka though… she could probably come up with some mind-bending concepts during a trip >w<

19980637 No.6247

Estrogen turns me into Sakaki uwu

69b09487 No.6251

Good for you! Full support for you on your journey.

dff5fc98 No.6252

No se como mierda vine a parar aquí pero hola

76e958cc No.6253

I'm on HRT too! I look more like tomo tho..

bac4f258 No.6263

File: 1668293468931.png (112.82 KB, 259x194)

Hola weón, what's up?

Like Tomo? Long or short hair?

60881516 No.6271

File: 1668448180004.jpg (64.8 KB, 600x480)

I'd say long, but still growing >< kinda like a mix between pic rel and Fuuka Ayase

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