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There was a new chapter this month.

Here's the previous one to refresh everyone's memory.

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And here's this month's. Or rather, last month's (12/27/2015 release).

Miu actually has the kanji for "Mysterious" on her forehead (怪), but that was too wordy.

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"Country Ma'am" is a brand of cookies, by the way.

I had to take some liberties with the four letter words here.

"Kani" stayed the same as "crab."
"Tako" (octopus) became "taco" because I thought it was funny.
"Goma" (sesame seed) became "seed."
"Soba" stayed the same.
"Niji" (rainbow) became "rain."

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There are a couple clues I'm not sure I'm translating correctly due to lack of context.

I know Wakayama, Yamaguchi, and Chiba are all proper names. Kashima seems to be one too.

"Papa Bear" was 親熊, which doesn't seem to be the name of a place. A Google image search turned up pictures of actual bears.

That's all until next time.

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Thank you for your work, Ralen.

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I was surprised to see that this series is still ongoing. The last volume came out nearly 3 years ago, and the volume before that 7 years before this Saturday. I suppose that's the release schedule when the chapters are only a few pages.

Thank you Ralen you very, very dedicated man.

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41a3a913 No.457

Looks like a feature from the November 2015 issues of Anime Style about Ichigo Mashimaro. I think the series was getting a rebroadcast recently.

I haven't forgotten about this series. I have the past 2 issues to translate still.

41a3a913 No.568

Looking at the later chapters, I realized a mistake on this page (probably lots of mistakes with these clues, actually). All of the puzzles rely so heavily on word play and spelling things, I don't know how I'm going to translate it.

23f770e5 No.728

thank you for the chapter

0166c272 No.729

Has the series just become 'let's see how many ways we can push Mi-chan to double suicide'?
She's really the Meg Griffon of manga at this point.

0166c272 No.767

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Something interesting fans might like.

IM mugs. This is the first merch of the series I've seen in a while. Kind of random, but perhaps it's to pay for barasui's lung tank?

638d47e9 No.769

Looks like miracles do cum true, and what a clever design for a coffee mug too!

Makes me wish we had more official merch that parodied namebrand logos more often, somehow it doesn't feel as strong when fanmade merch goes that route.

36dc98a7 No.771

I love when merch does that

06b8f522 No.777

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This has ben bugging me for a while now.
I know Chi-chan made this face in a chapter I read, but I can't remember which one. Halp?

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I don't know what the chapter number ended up being, but it was from the issue released in the 2010-07 issue.
The one where Miu draws on the transparencies and then holds them up to make whatever's happening funnier (but only to her and the audience).

4c26bdb4 No.916

Anyone have link for all the chapters?

e5f93427 No.918

I will upload everything I got it all, and post the links here.
here is v05


all the books Barasui did besides the Ichigo Mashimaro series.
contains: Off White, I care, Strawberry Babblebath, momento, RONDO ROBE Anime ka Shiryou, Strawberry Bubblebath, yorinuki mashimarom, SweetRose, ChosenRose, Art of ichigo Mashimaro

the last IM from 2010 - to the MOST current from 2013-11.

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e5f93427 No.920

2010 v07 [C61-70] tanko English

2e22fb2e No.921

Thanks now I can enjoy this ride again

830db6cd No.930

Wasn't there new IM and Yotsuba last month? Not on Share yet?

a341519e No.931

It is, and I've got them both, but I'm currently finishing up another, higher priority project, so it will be next week before I can get to either one.
I'm also several issues behind on Ichigo Mashimaro…

608050d7 No.935


WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? How can there be a higher priority project than Ichigo Mashimaro????

2191ee37 No.940

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608050d7 No.952

no ichigo yet? US Ichigo fans want Ighigo too!

a341519e No.956

File: 1473905080761.jpg (405.5 KB, 847x1200)

I've finally been able to come back to this after about 6 months.

After reading ahead on this chapter, I realized I was going to have to change my translations of the clues in >>124.

All of the puzzles in this chapter rely on things like word play and anagrams, so it's going to be impossible to translate. I'm too lazy to put in the effort to localize everything to English, so I'm just going to do it literally with notes.

It's interesting, in the time since this chapter started, these "locked room" experiences have started popping up all over the place where I live.

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File: 1473905177201.jpg (317.28 KB, 845x1200)

Now, picking up from where we left off…
The next three pages are from the 2016-03 issue.

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File: 1473905298007.jpg (364.22 KB, 845x1200)

a341519e No.960

File: 1473905356297.jpg (336.63 KB, 847x1200)

The next 3 pages are from the 2016-04 issue.

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a341519e No.962

File: 1473905506505.jpg (331.06 KB, 847x1200)

That's all for now. I'll be translating the remaining issues in the next few days.

13baf9d6 No.965

I love you Ralen, thanks as always.

608050d7 No.967

I love you more Ralen but only in a manly way

608050d7 No.970

the 2 new chapters make no sense, are we missing previous installments? Barasui should retire, IM officially became not funny. What's "shoryoken"?

a341519e No.971

File: 1473998601370.jpg (373.74 KB, 844x1200)

The previous chapters are earlier in this thread.
They're solving Miu's "locked room" puzzles. Except it's not really a locked room.

And do you seriously not know Street Fighter?

These next 3 pages are from the 2016-05 issue.

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a341519e No.973

File: 1473998650005.jpg (318.71 KB, 844x1200)

That's all for now. More to come.

0166c272 No.974

Aw, I wanted to see Chi-chan shoryuken Ana on the chin like in >>119
Barasui, you sick bastard, denying me my shit.

0166c272 No.975

File: 1474006356865.png (2.17 MB, 1345x1055)

Could have been the second official non-canon shoryuken in comics

608050d7 No.976

Now that you explain it, I know the name Street Fighter sand I know it's some type of a game or something but that's all know, so I didn't catch the reference. If I put in Métal Hurlant Druillet reference would you be able to catch it?

a43f9d9e No.977

I kind of thought "shoryuken" and "hadouken" from Street Fighter were pretty much universally known.
Like if there was a line that said "Finish Him!" I wouldn't have expected to need to explain it was a Mortal Kombat reference.

50208deb No.978

"You don't know what a robot is? Hahahaha! You're so dumb! Ahahahaha! Dumb."

I honestly don't think much in gaming is actually universally known, outside of Mario. I on the other hand fail at generally universally known TV and Music, because I tend to ignore them.

bcdb275d No.979

File: 1474070987576.jpg (54.5 KB, 303x294)

Even my mom knows what Street Fighter is, and she's a woman.
Wait, I think I get it.
Are you a woman?

Also, unrelated to that, the IM girls=confirmed for silly. They're silly willies, because when you have the first 3 numbers of a combination of 4 digits, you're basically done. It's not a digital lock that will block you from attempting random combinations after you've failed 3 times, like ATM machines do. You have the first 3 digits, so you just give that last digit 10 tries from 0 to 9 and bingo, treasures and wealth. They didn't need the Harambe month.

bcdb275d No.981

You know what? Reading it again I realise you're right.
Apparently Ana thinks like I do. But not really because I'm more about breaking locks instead of figuring out the mystery.
Or just trying every combination from 0000 to 9999. I've open locks with that trick. Takes a long time though.
Why is Chi so pissed about having performed the shoryuken? It was cute. Nothing happened though.
What was she expecting to happen?

a341519e No.982

I deleted my comment in >>980 because I thought maybe I misunderstood you…
The joke is that the last digit being represented by the gorilla was just a gratuitous jab at Nobue (since her picture had no clues at all, just a drawing of her face).

I don't know if Chika was expecting anything in particular to happen, Nobue just pressured her into doing something embarrassing, because "consequences" if she didn't.

2191ee37 No.983

Given previous references to video game tropes in this series, it is reasonable to assume that the average reader of this title would be familiar with such classical titles as Street Fighter. With the broadcast of EVO 2016 on ESPN2 earlier this year featuring Street Fighter V, that likelihood is increased.

I misinterpreted the arrows in the penultimate panel as fighting game motions and was reminded of Fatal Fury.

bcdb275d No.984

File: 1474085346805.jpg (90 KB, 728x1051)

>Fatal Fury
Man, what garbage game. Cool characters totally wasted on a game with inferior mechanics. Inferior I tells ya, INFEEERIOOOOR!
Now that I think about it, the lovely Ichigo Mashimaro ladies have been amusing us with their charming and joyful shenanigans for so long that the first reference to games was Mario Kart for the Super Famicom.
They've had the PS2, more than one version of the Nintendo DS, a Nintendo 3DS, and they don't seem to age. They're stuck in some sort of anomaly.

a341519e No.985

File: 1474087107953.jpg (354.04 KB, 949x1400)

The next 5 (yes, 5!) pages are from the 2016-06 issue.

a341519e No.986

File: 1474087178916.jpg (345.82 KB, 949x1400)

In this page I actually did localize the riddle Nobue refers to.

The one she originally mentions is a play on the word "Tanuki." Because "nuki" can also mean "remove," "Ta nuki" means "remove ta."

a341519e No.987

File: 1474087211427.jpg (303.63 KB, 949x1400)

I won't blame any of you if you aren't able to follow this page.

a341519e No.988

File: 1474087230655.jpg (297.97 KB, 949x1400)

a341519e No.989

File: 1474087262791.jpg (391.79 KB, 949x1400)

That's all for now.
Only one more issue in this story.
Two more issues overall before I'm caught up.

bcdb275d No.990

File: 1474089383290.jpg (83.39 KB, 330x556)

Well, I'm satisfied with this development.
Miu's riddles seem advanced as fuck, specially for a young girl.
Specially for a young girl who refuses to do her homework.
Are we gonna learn Chi's shameful secret now with her diary?

2191ee37 No.991

Even at the time, the multiple planes did seem gratuitous to me, though today I understand contemporary competitors to Street Fighter often experimented with mechanics. However, at no point did I approve of the complex motions for special moves that SNK often imposed, seemingly for their own sake. It was such that for the international Neo-Geo releases of Fatal Fury, several special move motions were simplified. In particular, moves that used ↓↙←↖ were changed to ↙↗, which looks similar to the arrows in the panel.

I am more impressed with the other girls' willingness to act upon Chika this way even at this stage.

bcdb275d No.992

File: 1474169830015.gif (127.15 KB, 208x372)

I can't imagine Ana and Matsuri tying up an unwilling person, so it was just Nobue.
Not that I care who did it, the important thing is we get to enjoy we see Chi-chan tied up and gagged, which is someone's fetish, I bet.
Not that there's anything wrong with someone liking pictures of little girls tied up and gagged. Right? I'm right, right?

0166c272 No.995

I want to disagree, but seeing how the spambots seem to target this board with that sort of content, eh…

39f19220 No.996

File: 1474306854754.png (730.78 KB, 656x776)

a341519e No.997

File: 1474344006006.jpg (390.53 KB, 949x1400)

Here's the end of the locked room puzzle.

a341519e No.998

File: 1474344036341.jpg (295.49 KB, 949x1400)

Matsuri seems to have done most of the heavy lifting for all these puzzles.

a341519e No.999

File: 1474344049957.jpg (321.23 KB, 949x1400)

a341519e No.1000

File: 1474344100805.jpg (459.56 KB, 949x1400)

a341519e No.1001

File: 1474344192814.jpg (387.39 KB, 943x1400)

And here is the latest issue, 2016-10.
Only 2 pages, and the start of a new chapter.

a341519e No.1002

File: 1474344257574.jpg (361.26 KB, 943x1400)

So strong, indeed.

Also, I swear I didn't plan that page to end up on post 1000. Just a lucky coincidence.

That's all until next time!

bcdb275d No.1003

Of all the mean things Miu and Nobue have done (specially to Chika), I think this is the meanest.
You don't humiliate people by reading their diaries in public. Not for a joke anyway. You don't make private things public unless you have a fucking good reason or you're plotting revenge, and Ichigo Mashimaro is not Les Liaisons Dangereuses.
I guess Chi-chan has a big heart because she can forgive them. Love the part where she breaks the ropes.
At least now we know what Chi-chan is truly determined she can't be tied up, so she's basically unrapeable.

0166c272 No.1004

^if i didn't know any better id think they were pushing her to suicide - which every other person in japan does apparently if you look at the statistics

d77110e5 No.1005

So Chika can't wait to drink coffee, wants to learn a bunch of stuff, and created some bizarre romantic sounding sentence about soy beans?

Don't quite know of those secrets are either dull or rather strange.

bcdb275d No.1006

Her little poem was kinda cringy and she was clearly experimenting with flowery language. That's embarrassing. Besides the content is silly.
I've seen this theme in Chinese cartoons more than once. In Maria†Holic the blonde trap reads the dreams the protagonist wrote in middle school and not even she knew what the hell her younger self was talking about.
In Hidamari Sketch Miyako began quoting a secret letter Yuno wrote to herself. "Dear Future Yuno, how are you?" and then a red-faced Yuno hit Miyako to make her stop. 'Cause cringe.
In Fireball Charming a tiny robot quoted a cringy poem written by Drossel so she killed it, and immediately denied having done so.
Those are the examples I remember. It happens in real life, I mean, find your notebooks and reports from school and read them. You'll laugh and cry.

0166c272 No.1007

There has to be a few Azunymous here that wrote a few stories on fanfiction.net

bcdb275d No.1008

Remember Social Disaster? He wrote Azumanga fanfics.
Not sure how erotic they were. Apparently he deleted everything. I wouldn't know because I don't read fanfics, but that's what I heard.

0166c272 No.1009

I and lot of other posters weren't into it, either. That's when the RP orgy group were forced to migrate to the Shimamuu board, iirc.

bcdb275d No.1011

File: 1474698558669.gif (374.83 KB, 400x224)

Cool how the story begins with the end. Barasui has had the idea of Pulp Fictioning it for like 10 years. I remember some lose pages of IM where the events happen bsckwards and there's a note by the author where he mentions Memento.
But those pages weren't a story. There is a short IM chapter about Miu drawing on Chika's forehead that begins with the middle and then jumps to the beginning and then to the end.

0166c272 No.1012

That may be memory loss from the brain leakage rather than artistic merit.
Least, I hope so or that would mean 'ol man Barasui has deteriorated more than just his health. Bouncing around time is a convenient way to tell a story in a shitty way.

bcdb275d No.1016

Barasui has a physical illness, not an illness of the mins.

a341519e No.1063

File: 1476758391104.jpg (360.59 KB, 943x1400)

I made a mistake in this page.
Apparently 海 in this context refers to the wrestler, and not the sea. I don't really understand how, but it's obvious from the context that's what Miu's talking about.
The closest association I can come up with is that numerous sumo wrestlers' stage names contain the character 海.

a341519e No.1064

File: 1476758426890.jpg (290.55 KB, 941x1400)

New chapter! The sumo wrestling continues.

a341519e No.1065

File: 1476758453918.jpg (370.53 KB, 941x1400)

a341519e No.1066

File: 1476758523125.jpg (373.48 KB, 941x1400)

a341519e No.1067

File: 1476758553628.jpg (407.67 KB, 941x1400)

That's all until next time!

39f19220 No.1068

File: 1476804104030.gif (770.44 KB, 245x412)

PFFFhahaha this rules!

45c2c11c No.1069

I've not noticed it until a third reading, but Matsuri's crown in the previous chapter stands out to me as a highly unusual accessory. Perhaps it comes off as more extravagant compared to previous fashions.

5d3037e6 No.1070

404 on vol 0, can you reupload?

5d3037e6 No.1071

Vol 05 is missing pages 4-8

a341519e No.1074

92c0382c No.1078

File: 1477619557655.png (715.99 KB, 819x1200)

Here I think this is it: https://fuwa.se/p/Fb7vG1.zip
Found it on the goddess.

a341519e No.1079

Perfect, thank you!

This one came out when I was abroad in Japan, so someone else did the editing for me, and I apparently didn't save a copy.


a341519e No.1124

File: 1478135384808.jpg (393.77 KB, 954x1400)

The conclusion of the paper sumo chapter.
Barasui seems to be in top form this month. 6 whole pages, decent gags, and a pantyshot.

Too many SFX this issue, so I skipped editing most of them.

a341519e No.1125

File: 1478135431094.jpg (448.91 KB, 954x1400)

a341519e No.1126

File: 1478135467933.jpg (365.37 KB, 954x1400)

More expressive facial expressions this time around too.

a341519e No.1127

File: 1478135536119.jpg (378.18 KB, 954x1400)

I think there was a typo on this page.
I'm assuming 行事 (event) should have been 行司 (referee).

a341519e No.1128

File: 1478135564220.jpg (367.32 KB, 954x1400)

a341519e No.1129

File: 1478135597177.jpg (417.03 KB, 954x1400)

That's all until next time! 11/26, according to the margin.

11f1dd48 No.1130

The Danbo's influence has reached even here.

6b24f60e No.1134


This is actually the first time in ages that I've found it hilarious rather than merely absurd. I love the expressions Miu makes when they do battle.

bcdb275d No.1135

Did Chika invent some sort of fantastic cardboard centaur?
Also, why is she wearing the ugliest overall?

a341519e No.1136

She's a big fan of Beetlejuice?

bcdb275d No.1137

A big fan of what?

45c2c11c No.1138

File: 1478496533124.jpg (125.51 KB, 680x478)

Beetlejuice, a film and animated series featuring a mischievous spirit that wears a distinctive striped suit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beetlejuice

38a11aaa No.1139

At first I thought you were serious, but now I wonder if you weren't just trying to get me to say his name 3 times.

bcdb275d No.1140

That's exactly what I was trying to do, you clever bastard. I'll have to find another way.
And I will find it.

11f1dd48 No.1141

I carelessly used the name twice myself.

bcdb275d No.1142

What name?

11f1dd48 No.1144

File: 1478552268629.gif (15.44 KB, 148x252)

a341519e No.1145

What kind of time delay is acceptable between utterances? If two are more than 24 hours apart, do they both still count, or does it reset?

At least it's not like Candlejack. You only have to say his name once for

bcdb275d No.1146

Well, we definitely lost Ralen to an old meme, and that's too bad because he was just getting jiggy with it, which is as timely a reference as the Candlejack thing.
But I'll answer his question anyway. In Community they say Beetlejuice three times and takes 3 years for them to do so (they don't even say it twice in the same season) and he still sho

0166c272 No.1147

I was very confused until I realized you weren't talking about the comedian Beetlejuice. I haven't seen the movie character

bcdb275d No.1148

>haven't seen the movie character
Dude! How?!
Next you're gonna say you haven't watched Star Wars. Go see Beetlejuice, you owe it to yourself.
It's second best Michael Keaton (would be best if not for Birdman) and a reminder that Tim Burton used to be good.

0166c272 No.1154

I …haven't seen the original Star Wars films, either. Only watched Episode 1-3 ;_;
To be fair, I watched them with the Rifftrax commentary.

d244e843 No.1173

I remember candlejack, man that was a long ti

a341519e No.1206

File: 1481003791293.jpg (378.84 KB, 1920x1080)

>What kind of time delay is acceptable between utterances? If two are more than 24 hours apart, do they both still count, or does it reset?

Is there an Adult Swim bump writer on this board?

a341519e No.1207

File: 1481003824195.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x3240)

Yes, I took pictures of my TV screen.

bcdb275d No.1212

>Is there an Adult Swim bump writer on this board?
Maybe it's a coincidence.

6f84ed07 No.1327

File: 1483503803897.jpg (520.63 KB, 943x1400)

New issue of IM this month as well.
Only four pages. The start of a new chapter.

6f84ed07 No.1328

File: 1483503837009.jpg (383.45 KB, 943x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1329

File: 1483503891504.jpg (437.52 KB, 943x1400)

All this time I thought the story of the woodcutter who dropped his axe in the lake was a Japanese fairy tale… I didn't realize it was one of Aesop's fables.


6f84ed07 No.1330

File: 1483504000086.jpg (378.53 KB, 943x1400)

I'll be interested to see where Barasui goes with this.

The standard trope would be that well-behaved Miu just isn't the same, and they all start to miss the old one.

Of course, Barasui usually subverts the standard tropes, so in this case he'd probably have them all go home and live happily ever after.

That's all until next month.

be218434 No.1341

anyone noticed how Miu always has a piece of clothing that's boyish and clashes with the rest of her clothes? A subtle hint to her sexuality, perhaps?

6f84ed07 No.1343

Her outfits almost always include a necktie.

73a6d695 No.1347

Miu-chan ain't no dyke.

0ced0b9c No.1351

File: 1483987183886.jpg (240.97 KB, 1280x720)

Barasui did the gabriel dropout endcard for episode 1

f99e9830 No.1352

Normally I would suggest not contemplating the sexuality of people who haven't gone through puberty, but this is Ichigo Mashimaro, so.

6f84ed07 No.1354

Also, these are not actual children, but the creations of a middle-aged man

e4a6828a No.1356

Another option is that new Micchan is just passive aggressively annoying rather than bombastically annoying.

73a6d695 No.1357

No, your wrong! They're real!

9f06c4ce No.1362

no, she is a lesbian

6f84ed07 No.1365


Or she just does it for the lulz, because she knows trying to kiss Chika gets on her nerves.
There are kids like that, too.

45c2c11c No.1373

I do not wish to hold court to discussions on sensitive topics such as this, as they very frequently lead to incivility in threads on manga that do not explore these themes. This discussion shall not continue here or anywhere else on this site.

297bf228 No.1377

File: 1484880465131.png (199.47 KB, 640x480)

>>1375 He just said to knock it off with that shit,

ea229b00 No.1378

Effective immediately, all posts pertaining to political and sensitive topics and those with an intent to make any other users feel unwelcome will be expunged, and authors of such posts dealt punitive measures at my discretion.

56fa6122 No.1381

thank you axypb, you're a good mod

6f84ed07 No.1387

File: 1485832658757.jpg (292.46 KB, 969x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1388

File: 1485832706316.jpg (312.3 KB, 969x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1389

File: 1485832740436.jpg (320.3 KB, 969x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1390

File: 1485832810172.jpg (250.97 KB, 969x1400)

Looks like Barasui went the standard route after all!
That's all until next time (2/27 according to the note in the margin).
I wonder if it'll be a new chapter, or some kind of continuation of this.

d763881c No.1393

I didn't read the previous chapter, so I thought Miu was going through some born again Christian thing

6f84ed07 No.1394

The tie does make her look kind of Jehovah's Witnessy.

32f98102 No.1395

Thanks for the new chapter, it wasn't as funny as I think it could have been, but then again replacing Michan was never an option, so maybe the wriggle room wasn't there.

6f84ed07 No.1396

Maybe in the next issue goody two-shoes Miu-san get pissed Chika booted her into a lake, and becomes angry and belligerent as a result, before traveling back in time and moving in next door to her.
Origin story!

73a6d695 No.1397

I'm hoping Chika wakes up again because that was also a dream.
In any case there's something wrong here, because in the story if you're honest and you tell the spirit you dropped the thing you really dropped in the water the spirit gives you both things.
If Chi-chan told the truth she'd have gone home with two Mius. May still happen if it's an Inception thing.

6b24f60e No.1398


I kind of want to see Good Miu with that expression Chika has in the third page.

d763881c No.1399

It's supposed to be if you're caught lying you're denied of everything including the original, so Miu would have I guess died. Ana-Hermes fucked up.
Also, for some reason, Japan uses a goddess and not Hermes. Not that I'm complaining.

ea229b00 No.1400

Assuming Chika was fully familiar with the legend, the prospect of living with two Mius, even if one of them was good-natured, may have been too much for her to even consider.

6f84ed07 No.1401

The inverse of that is if she'd lied, she should have lost both.

I'm wondering if Ana will pop up again now that she's kicked the polite Miu into the lake and give her a choice between two different personality traits.

6f84ed07 No.1431

File: 1488743447508.jpg (313.65 KB, 969x1400)

Well, I guess that was the end of the last storyline.
A new one starts this month.

6f84ed07 No.1433

File: 1488743628446.jpg (204.72 KB, 969x1400)

It was bound to happen sooner or later…

6f84ed07 No.1434

File: 1488743648627.jpg (177.76 KB, 969x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1435

File: 1488743750052.jpg (292.62 KB, 969x1400)

I can't help but wonder if this is a meta joke.
Like Barasui drew him leaning slightly but didn't realize it until after he was done, and decided to work it into the page.

That's all until next time. 3/27 according to the margin.

85d97b95 No.1436

This is not the kind of plot development I expected after all these years.

You're probably right about Sasazuka's lean in the last panel, the perspective is very wonky.
Thanks for the new chapter.

6b24f60e No.1437


I wonder if this counts as good luck for the poor bastard. Not that Chika noticed him for very long.

0166c272 No.1438

12 year olds? 5th graders? wtf?!
I thought they were barely in elementry school

2f912cf9 No.1439

Ana and Matsuri are in 5th grade (about age 11) and Chika and Miu are in 6th grade (about age 12).

Nobue is 16, so presumably about 10th grade (Fuuka's age).

9c525136 No.1533

What chapter are we on at the moment?

c3bc1ac1 No.1534

I'm not sure in terms of chapter numbers. I'd have to look up the previous volumes to see what chapter number the series is up to.

There's a new issue this month, but it'll be a week or so until I have a chance to translate it.

6f84ed07 No.1550

File: 1492043339144.jpg (346.11 KB, 969x1400)

Sorry for the delay, it took me longer than expected to get to this this week.

A whopping 9 pages this time!

6f84ed07 No.1551

File: 1492043367715.jpg (291.34 KB, 969x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1552

File: 1492043401279.jpg (302.74 KB, 969x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1553

File: 1492043441438.jpg (315.09 KB, 969x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1554

File: 1492043473668.jpg (291.89 KB, 969x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1555

File: 1492043510783.jpg (287.62 KB, 969x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1556

File: 1492043546486.jpg (297.62 KB, 969x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1557

File: 1492043579615.jpg (270.61 KB, 969x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1558

File: 1492043604271.jpg (311.89 KB, 969x1400)

That's all until next time!

6dd05577 No.1559

Why is Ana-chan so interested in getting Chi-chan laid?

2fbf59dc No.1560

hm, for some reason long IM doesn't work and isn't funny.

6f84ed07 No.1561

I dunno, I thought this one was better than average.

2d170d61 No.1562

I liked it much more than most chapters we had in the past few years.

0166c272 No.1563

Listening to a girl's advice to pick up girls is this kid's first mistake.
Once he wises up, he'll have game for sure. Or turn out like Jeffery Dahmer.

bf3908b7 No.1564

Ralen, do you have a compilation file for all chapters after volume 7?

6f84ed07 No.1565

Post >>1079 has everything from volume 7 up to the date when it was posted. And then everything after that has been posted in this thread.

96a568b8 No.1568

Why is this boy trying to get it on with Chi-chan?
My Chi-chan?

e803afe3 No.1569

File: 1492471647597.jpg (335.79 KB, 500x744)

Because he has uncommonly good taste.

6f84ed07 No.1617

File: 1493870390108.jpg (323.43 KB, 969x1400)

7 pages this time. Barasui must have been on a roll.

6f84ed07 No.1618

File: 1493870417308.jpg (308.05 KB, 969x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1619

File: 1493870437150.jpg (326.49 KB, 969x1400)

I got lazy with the sound effects this time.

6f84ed07 No.1620

File: 1493870475838.jpg (324.04 KB, 969x1400)

6f84ed07 No.1621

File: 1493870506326.jpg (267.54 KB, 969x1400)

"Not really."
Kinda harsh…

6f84ed07 No.1622

File: 1493870620870.jpg (254.57 KB, 969x1400)

Sasazuka reminds me of Riki from the Mato-chan/Chiro-chan series.

6f84ed07 No.1623

File: 1493870657653.jpg (324.79 KB, 969x1400)

That's all until next time! 5/27 according to the margin.

6f84ed07 No.1624

Next time looks like it'll be a new chapter.
Is it time to start a new thread? This one's over a year old, and starting to get kind of full.

ed3c56f2 No.1625

The current post limit before bumping ceases is the default setting of 250 posts. If you wish, you can begin a new thread for continued translations if there would be no room for further discussion.

e803afe3 No.1626

Miu's expressions in these chapters were precious.

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