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There was a new chapter this month.

Here's the previous one to refresh everyone's memory.
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Looks like Barasui went the standard route after all!
That's all until next time (2/27 according to the note in the margin).
I wonder if it'll be a new chapter, or some kind of continuation of this.

d763881c No.1393

I didn't read the previous chapter, so I thought Miu was going through some born again Christian thing

6f84ed07 No.1394

The tie does make her look kind of Jehovah's Witnessy.

32f98102 No.1395

Thanks for the new chapter, it wasn't as funny as I think it could have been, but then again replacing Michan was never an option, so maybe the wriggle room wasn't there.

6f84ed07 No.1396

Maybe in the next issue goody two-shoes Miu-san get pissed Chika booted her into a lake, and becomes angry and belligerent as a result, before traveling back in time and moving in next door to her.
Origin story!

73a6d695 No.1397

I'm hoping Chika wakes up again because that was also a dream.
In any case there's something wrong here, because in the story if you're honest and you tell the spirit you dropped the thing you really dropped in the water the spirit gives you both things.
If Chi-chan told the truth she'd have gone home with two Mius. May still happen if it's an Inception thing.

6b24f60e No.1398


I kind of want to see Good Miu with that expression Chika has in the third page.

d763881c No.1399

It's supposed to be if you're caught lying you're denied of everything including the original, so Miu would have I guess died. Ana-Hermes fucked up.
Also, for some reason, Japan uses a goddess and not Hermes. Not that I'm complaining.

ea229b00 No.1400

Assuming Chika was fully familiar with the legend, the prospect of living with two Mius, even if one of them was good-natured, may have been too much for her to even consider.

6f84ed07 No.1401

The inverse of that is if she'd lied, she should have lost both.

I'm wondering if Ana will pop up again now that she's kicked the polite Miu into the lake and give her a choice between two different personality traits.

6f84ed07 No.1431

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Well, I guess that was the end of the last storyline.
A new one starts this month.

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File: 1488743628446.jpg (204.72 KB, 969x1400)

It was bound to happen sooner or later…

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File: 1488743750052.jpg (292.62 KB, 969x1400)

I can't help but wonder if this is a meta joke.
Like Barasui drew him leaning slightly but didn't realize it until after he was done, and decided to work it into the page.

That's all until next time. 3/27 according to the margin.

85d97b95 No.1436

This is not the kind of plot development I expected after all these years.

You're probably right about Sasazuka's lean in the last panel, the perspective is very wonky.
Thanks for the new chapter.

6b24f60e No.1437


I wonder if this counts as good luck for the poor bastard. Not that Chika noticed him for very long.

0166c272 No.1438

12 year olds? 5th graders? wtf?!
I thought they were barely in elementry school

2f912cf9 No.1439

Ana and Matsuri are in 5th grade (about age 11) and Chika and Miu are in 6th grade (about age 12).

Nobue is 16, so presumably about 10th grade (Fuuka's age).

9c525136 No.1533

What chapter are we on at the moment?

c3bc1ac1 No.1534

I'm not sure in terms of chapter numbers. I'd have to look up the previous volumes to see what chapter number the series is up to.

There's a new issue this month, but it'll be a week or so until I have a chance to translate it.

6f84ed07 No.1550

File: 1492043339144.jpg (346.11 KB, 969x1400)

Sorry for the delay, it took me longer than expected to get to this this week.

A whopping 9 pages this time!

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That's all until next time!

6dd05577 No.1559

Why is Ana-chan so interested in getting Chi-chan laid?

2fbf59dc No.1560

hm, for some reason long IM doesn't work and isn't funny.

6f84ed07 No.1561

I dunno, I thought this one was better than average.

2d170d61 No.1562

I liked it much more than most chapters we had in the past few years.

0166c272 No.1563

Listening to a girl's advice to pick up girls is this kid's first mistake.
Once he wises up, he'll have game for sure. Or turn out like Jeffery Dahmer.

bf3908b7 No.1564

Ralen, do you have a compilation file for all chapters after volume 7?

6f84ed07 No.1565

Post >>1079 has everything from volume 7 up to the date when it was posted. And then everything after that has been posted in this thread.

96a568b8 No.1568

Why is this boy trying to get it on with Chi-chan?
My Chi-chan?

e803afe3 No.1569

File: 1492471647597.jpg (335.79 KB, 500x744)

Because he has uncommonly good taste.

6f84ed07 No.1617

File: 1493870390108.jpg (323.43 KB, 969x1400)

7 pages this time. Barasui must have been on a roll.

6f84ed07 No.1618

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File: 1493870437150.jpg (326.49 KB, 969x1400)

I got lazy with the sound effects this time.

6f84ed07 No.1620

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File: 1493870506326.jpg (267.54 KB, 969x1400)

"Not really."
Kinda harsh…

6f84ed07 No.1622

File: 1493870620870.jpg (254.57 KB, 969x1400)

Sasazuka reminds me of Riki from the Mato-chan/Chiro-chan series.

6f84ed07 No.1623

File: 1493870657653.jpg (324.79 KB, 969x1400)

That's all until next time! 5/27 according to the margin.

6f84ed07 No.1624

Next time looks like it'll be a new chapter.
Is it time to start a new thread? This one's over a year old, and starting to get kind of full.

ed3c56f2 No.1625

The current post limit before bumping ceases is the default setting of 250 posts. If you wish, you can begin a new thread for continued translations if there would be no room for further discussion.

e803afe3 No.1626

Miu's expressions in these chapters were precious.

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