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fe2cf155 No.1149

Remember that weird RP thing Social Disaster and others had going on?
I googled it and surprise, I found a detailed TvTropes page.
Man, that RP was weirder than I thought.
Also, it had 5 seasons! Man, why! Why the dedication?! I mean, I loved SoDa, but this shit is bananas.
I don't remember who else played.


Anyway, check this out:

Season 1- The first season began with Yukari Tanizaki suddenly deciding to kill her class, and their attempts to stop her/escape. The story then moved into the afterlife, as one by one the students either fell victim to her or to their own stupidity, and they began trying to find a way to return to Earth before it came time for their souls to be judged and assigned to an eternity in either Heaven or Hell.

fe2cf155 No.1150

Season 2- After successfully returning to Earth with no memories of the afterlife, the group faces an evil alternate dimension version of Chiyo-chan followed by a nation-wide zombie apocalypse. Tomo's sister Torako joins the cast, Kaorin becomes an antagonist when Sakaki rejects her to be with Kagura, and Torako and Tardboy accidentally become porn stars after a video conference system films them having sex and broadcasts it all over Japan. After a series of close calls, which included the collapse of Japanese society, they are finally able to reach safety and are evacuated to Hawaii.

Season 2.5- A Breather Episode, with the cast now living in Hawaii. Torako and Tardboy are trying to get used to being celebrities, and Tomo and Yomi are trying to film a porno of their own to get a piece of the action. Meanwhile a remnant of the evil Chiyo awakens and begins exerting control, Asagi begins trying to force Tomo into being her submissive sex partner like her sister was before her, Kagura becomes a celebrity in her own right, and Nyamo reveals that she is pregnant after drunkenly having sex with Kagura's father in Season 2. The season comes to an abrupt end when Tardboy is kidnapped, and Torako is shot and nearly killed trying to protect him.

fe2cf155 No.1151

Season 3- The longest yet. Things are kicked off when Kagura is kidnapped by the same group who took Tardboy, leading the group back to Japan to rescue them both. Once there they encounter post-apocalyptic mech gangs, communist terrorist organizations, missing friends and family members, evil robot scientists, and the United States military, not to mention the big bad villain of them all: a nefarious clone-spawning pornography company straight out of Hell. The season finally ends with the cessation of hostilities between the United States and Japan, and much of the cast's evacuation (or return, in some cases) to Hawaii.

Season 3.5- Another breather episode, with much of the cast either getting into wacky hijinks or just trying to relax after the insanity of the last season.

Season 4- Just started, and expected to deal with the cast fighting off an Alien Invasion.

e1c0fe5f No.1152

I feel that the summary of "Loads and Loads of Characters have adventures and lots of sex." is rather missing some crucial detail.

fe2cf155 No.1153

>is rather missing some crucial detail
Should the word "butt" be right before "sex"?

b365451f No.1684

does anyone have it saved? asking because i vaguely recall seeing bits of it here and there back in the day

56b77094 No.1698

Tardboy. Haven't heard that name in years

6c0b3671 No.1703

That's not his real name, though.

6c0b3671 No.1704

You could try Waybackmachine, if you have the original URL of the board where the RP was.

e75f3d6c No.2096

I'm like a year late from seeing this thread, but I was the one who played Tardboy. Why so much dedication? Because it was a lot of fun and once in a while I still kinda miss it.

I think I still have a zip file with most of it. A lot of it got lost because the sub board we used after we got booted from here eventually expired and we had to move to a non-image board, which I admit I didn't really like all too much.

I think by the fourth season people there were too much new characters introduced and a few people left. I played a big role in moving the second and third seasons along and by the fourth I was burnt out and out of ideas. By then there was so much subplots going on at the time I could barely keep tabs on everything going on and just sort of fell off. Also by the end it wasn't even really an Azumanga based RP anymore and I think we all eventually realized this and it ended when Soda decided it was enough and removed the board we used.

I still think one of the more bizarre things to come out of it was the guy who made reverse gender OC's and introduced Knuckles The Echidna to the story.

ca1fe59c No.2108

At fisrt I used to read your crazy adventures, and I don't remember what they were about but I must have enjoyed them at some point for some fucking reason. I remember finding them amusing, but I never even considered participating.
The closest I've come to online RP ever has been, amusingly, in this very board. Social Disaster and I played virtual Calvinball.
I wonder where that crazy, crazy guy is now…
I like to imagine he finished his cool Lego thing.

f672987d No.2111

I barely remember something about him and legos but I remember SoDa said he had like 3 jobs. Was under the impression he was an undergrad and did his …thing in the short spree time he had. Can't say I'd blame him of he saw more of what world wants to offer outside /azu/

btw if you want I can start a crossplay /azu/ group on Discord for pretend roleplays if you want. I need someone to keep me company on Christmas night…

ca1fe59c No.2113

File: 1514157015695.jpg (105.08 KB, 300x1053)

What I remember about his Legos (the plural is just "Lego", right?) comes from a Tomo thread. We were takling about Tomo and how crazy weird she is, and we were talking about this and that and the other thing and he mentioned his dad was in a terrible mood at the end because the medication made him kinda high, in a bad way. So his dad grabbed some cool Lego thing he was building and just threw it out.
And then died anyway. I remember this because that was the point where I could no longer post silly Tomos.
>if you want I can start a crossplay /azu/ group on Discord for pretend roleplays
Maybe some other time, man. I have a Christmas date with the fiancée, plus I've never used Discord.
And TBH I don't think I'd use it for RP. Wasn't it designed for games?
Tonight I get a Nintendo Switch. Wanna play some online games and everything?

f672987d No.2117

>So his dad grabbed some cool Lego thing he was building and just threw it out.

Holy shit, I remember now. His dad grabbed it and just threw it outside iirc. He didn't elaborate if he picked up his Lego pieces and build it again or something. Just left it like that. ;_;

Reminds me of another guy (least I hope now it's another guy) who had a dad that would yell and berate him over anything but would then give him a new toy to make up for it - like every other week.

…Merry Christmas, /azu/!

47f3e16a No.2119

File: 1514211483865.jpg (47.12 KB, 500x200)

SoDa's dad sure ruined our friend's cool Lego thing before dying of cancer…

This just became one super cheerful Christmas thread, everynyan!

1ed5f5c2 No.2154

Oh wow, people are still talking about this? Neat.

Too bad the wiki's, and the last seasons seems to be lost forever in the void of cyberspace.

8a3aa409 No.2155

Nothing is really lost forever. Not in the internet.

853124c8 No.2156

Except for Geocities.

8a3aa409 No.2157

Every page that ever existed on Geocities has been saved by someone somewhere, and it's a matter of time before they're shared and posted for all to see.

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