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d33968ef No.1019

Yotsuba appears an anime!
It had to be on The Danbo show, of course, but Yots fully appears in animation. It looks like CG.

If you want to watch the series you can see at an official free stream:

c3ab874d No.1020

Sigh… Azuma, what are you doing?

47672763 No.1022

Probably swimming in a pile of Yukichis

d9c6c848 No.1025

Meh, as long as it is just a short cameo during the credits I don't really see the problem. The man has to eat, too.

Also, cute animation. I like the kitty Danbos from outer space. Is the implication that Yotsuba made them up? Because she's drawing them.

7ceb04f7 No.1026

I actually meant the opposite of that.
Why is Yotsuba a cameo in the credits in a show about cat Danbos instead of the other way around?

d33968ef No.1027

I just keep thinking of his comments years back about Yots wouldn't work as an anime (iirc).
I wonder if that's why he's been so mum lately these past months. Could he be coming around?

I was thinking about that when I was watching Flying Witch a season or two back. It just has that feel that a Yots anime could have.

0892ddce No.1030

It may simply be that the cardboard automaton form factor is more internationally marketable, particularly for merchandising purposes, similar to Domo-kun or the Sanrio line. It does seem unusual that the sole human character to appear in the series is Yotsuba, as a cameo in the closing credits. It suggests that she could make an appearance in the series proper, but the format of the show would make this a challenge.

d33968ef No.1031

That's true. I've been to conventions where exhibitors would sale those Danbo device chargers (I bought one before my trip to Japan last year…).

7f198adb No.1032

They're very cute. I understand why they're so popular.

0892ddce No.1033

It would be fitting, though unlikely given the scope of this series, for a reveal to show that one of the Nyanbo was Miura in costume.

1157b32e No.1034


azuma is dead to me, i'll focus my anime fanaticism on artists who aren't talentless, unproductive junkies.
Yumi Nakata is quality, azuma is a has been

d33968ef No.1036

File: 1475546991461.png (896.04 KB, 1216x673)

7ceb04f7 No.1037

I'm not that familiar with Crunchyroll's business model. Right now it says I have to be a member to watch any more than the first 2 minutes of the second episode.
Do episodes generally become available for free after a certain amount of time? Or are non-members just out of luck?

d33968ef No.1038

Latest eps. are free after a week, iirc. New ones are for paying members.
Here's a 48hr guest pass.

You can have another if you want. I don't get any benefits from it.

795a1405 No.1039

you can get subtitled torrents at horriblesubs.info, nyaa.se, tokytosho.iforget.the.TLD and some other places, but you should download actual good anime instead of an offensively shitty, low quality cash grab made by someone who knows that they have no talent, but that regardless they have tenuous popularity due to the fact that the pedophiles of 4chan appreciated kimura.

b2643288 No.1040

manga artists don't work on the actual animation in the anime versions of their comics.
i mean there are some rare exceptions out there but if you're making a joke you're making it from a position of being an ignorant dipshit

7ceb04f7 No.1041

Does Azuma even have any actual involvement in this series beyond providing the character designs?

688570a6 No.1043

I'd assume not, given how he tweeted about missing what would otherwise be his own show. Though I kinda like the idea of him taking a backseat awaiting what surprises the show would bring.

I'm real impressed by the sheer quality of CG the show has. You can even see the sunlight faintly shimmering through the plastic, emphasizing how the characters are minifigures brought to life, as much as their backstory denies it.

vc: McDonald Belmont. Now I kinda wish Konami ever had a deal with McDonalds to make Castlevania happy meals.

0892ddce No.1045

During the production of the Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show, Charles Schultz at one point tried to intervene in the production as he disapproved of changes made from the comic. He withdrew quickly after witnessing firsthand the difficulty in producing animation.

d0eb1426 No.1062

File: 1476735799130.png (218.27 KB, 640x480)

Do you not understand how anime is made? It's mainly drawn (but rarely you get 3DCG like this) done by studios which are often hired for productions like this by companies if it's not an original. Azuma likely has little say in something that has very little to do with his manga.

But I'm guessing this is a joke I didn't get because of the implication that the west has any influence over manga/anime popularity is silly and even funnier is the irony of using 'pedophiles' in reference to 4chan when you're on /azu/ - (and Barasui).

d33968ef No.1566

File: 1492332709008.png (1.2 MB, 1269x718)

Recent Danbo spotted in the wild animes.
This one is from ep. 2 in Eromanga Sensei.

d33968ef No.1567

File: 1492334320847.png (986.2 KB, 1293x728)

The second cameo of Yots. Third time's the charm, right?!

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