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ccc6302e No.10

I hope more azunymous people find this site. I wish there was a way to advertise it to the /azu/ faithful.

Does Ralen know about this?

61d3c686 No.11

Ralen informed me directly of the original website's demise, which drove me to create a replacement.

e8783e26 No.22

Damn, I totally missed wakachan's demise, but then, I hadn't been a reular in years(I think I'd be hardpressed to remember anything I ever said here. I was probably most active around the point the Azumanga Supplementary lesson chapters popped up).
Anyway, I learned from 4chan's /a/ board that waka was gone, and that this place sprung up.

28b075bf No.34

I don't mean to be a nattering nabob of negativity, but I wouldn't place my trust in tinyboard for your long term software needs.

4f217396 No.35

It's called vichan now though, and it's better than tinyboard.

fe04f501 No.36

It's not that vichan and tinyboard are bad, they are just not for scalable imageboards. If they reach a certain threshold then the software will start having deadlocking problems due to shitty code. It's completely fine for smaller imageboard. I even go on one that gets 1000 posts a day and it's never been a problem. There's absolutely no need to worry about the software. The only thing needed with it is to make sure you can maintain it occasionally, but as is the case with every imageboard software, even those not supported anymore.
The main problem I feel that vichan has is that it's built so much with providing a "4chan experience" that the code is fucking awful and instead of fixing any of the numerous flaws that the software has, they just integrated new features and built them around the code. It's absolutely terrible for customization (MP3 embeds, board specific CSS, and a whole platitude of other things I could probably list, but I guarantee nobody is interested in me drone on about the many issues the software has.
That being said though, for a basic and small imageboard, ranging anywhere from 0 to maybe 5000 users, it does its job great and with minimal issues, which isn't something you can say about any of the other aging open source imageboard softwares. There are still sites using Kusaba X of all things, so these problems can be fixed, it's just a matter of if it is really worth the time (which it isn't. Just take a class in perl and work on making Wakaba a bit better if you're truly interested. All other open source alternatives are crap.)

61d3c686 No.38

I've considered a number of alternatives before selecting vichan. If the issues with it are in scalability, then the size of the community is small enough that they are unlikely to present throughout the lifetime of this server.

a897988e No.60

Yeah me too. Kinda sad to see that old place go considering how long it's been up for.

4d98e330 No.63

I remember creating a thread in the original board for if/when Wakabachan would die, and sure enough all the links that were submitted as back-ups were either dead or abandoned…
I was about to go to that one guy who rips off Ralen's work for profit to see if anyone went there.
Welp, whatever.

cf4329e5 No.65

For what it's worth, it looks like shimauu.net had expired, so I grabbed that and forwarded it to yotsuba.moe.
Don't think anyone had actually gone there in the year+ i've had it though (it wasn't even listed on google until a couple days ago), but it's got a link to here (and not much else).

4d98e330 No.66

^That's interesting, 'cause for first week the site went down I tried Google and nothing came up (I think maybe the /azu/ Steam group did, but even that has sparse activity).
I had to search every so often on Twitter to see if there were any updates that someone would mention by chance. Someone actually created a handle just for this board, so that's when I came back just a couple days ago.

cf4329e5 No.67

Same here, I only found this place after finding idlechan after checking various boards on shanachan. Seemed like "azu" is generic and short enough that there's enough noise on twitter to drown out any actual relevant tweets.

Unrelated, it seems like there's still links to threads on shimauu.net/azu/ somewhere out there, I got a request for "/azu/res/206627.html" from a Baidu spider shortly after turning on the redirect.

61d3c686 No.68

I advise configuring a 301 redirect for all requests for shimauu.net/azu to this site to increase the chances that former members will find it.

cf4329e5 No.69


9223fda8 No.133

I did the same thing, but couldn't find anything on twitter or on /a/. Eventually a google search showed this place though

896c7abf No.198

After some on and off internet searching, I've finally found /azu/.
It's fitting that the last post on there was asking how Azumanga had impacted ones life.

32bd3ddc No.226

Have there been any new chapters of Yotsuba since the site shutdown? I’ve been out of the loop for a while.

3da30d1f No.227

The most recent chapter is Chapter 89, "Yotsuba & A Whole Day." Yanda comes over for Lunch and Yotsuba/Koiwai hang out.

c50e23da No.254

Which means no, the last new chapter was on the old board. Maybe next time?

f9bd8a20 No.342

Damn, i didn't find out about this til now. I even missed it going on axypb for sharing Kriegsaffe No.9 with friends. Thanks to the local kagura-lover anon for pointing me here.

021b44a9 No.343

OH SHIT I forgot to tell you myself, sorry bud

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