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760620aa No.1

After the sudden closure of wakachan.org, I have volunteered to continue hosting the /azu/ board.

This board is running on vichan https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan/, a fork of Tinyboard, itself a popular PHP-based replacement to aging imageboard software such as Wakaba. Tinyboard+vichan offers a host of usability features that Wakaba does not. Because no code is shared between these projects, it is not possible to import the old posts. However, I believe the advantages offered by vichan are an acceptable trade-off.

I am in contact with the former administration of wakachan.org to retrieve a backup of /azu/ from before its closure. Pending transfer of the old site data, I will attempt to create a read-only mirror archive of the old site and reinstate the random header images.

As a reminder, this is a work-safe board.

This post will be updated with further information as requested.

760620aa No.2

Additional features available in vichan include the following:
  • In addition to the normal Wakaba-style markup, several additional formatting options are available:
    • Text can be marked as a spoiler with two percent signs %%: %%Everyone passes their college entrance exams.%% → Everyone passes their college entrance exams.
    • Text can be underlined with two underscores __: __Yotsuba&!__ by Azuma Kiyohiko → Yotsuba&! by Azuma Kiyohiko
    • Text can be struck out with three underscores ___: ___Why in the heck?___ → Why in the heck?
  • A "Spoiler Image" checkbox is provided to replace the thumbnail with a spoiler notice.
  • A mobile-friendly layout is available.
  • All users are given a unique ID per thread. This allows other users to differentiate all posts by a given IP.
  • Tinyboard uses robust anti-spam measures that mitigate the need for Captcha. Regardless, reCaptcha can be enabled if the need arises.
  • For advanced users, the vichan API is enabled. See https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan-API/ for details.
  • The image gallery for Nameless Window can be accessed at the "galleries" link at the top of the page.
The following features require Javascript to be enabled in your browser:
  • Images will expand inline when clicked, rather than opening a new tab.
  • Timestamps are displayed in your local time.
  • Hovering over a post reference will highlight that post if it is visible in the window. Otherwise, it will appear as a popup next to the cursor.
  • You can quickly quote a post by highlighting text and typing immediately after.
  • Images can be hidden on an individual basis by clicking on the "hide" link next to the file name, or all at once with the "Hide images" link at the top right of the first post.
  • Click on a poster ID to highlight all posts from that IP in the current thread.
  • If you have cookies enabled, the author given in your posts is appended with "(You)". This allows you to track your own posts while posting anonymously.
  • Threads can be hidden from the thread list by clicking on the [–] to the top left of each thread.

15bbbaf4 No.5

It's good to be home, hopefully everyone finds their way back.

b542880f No.6

End of an era I guess. Not the only time the board had to move. I hope wakachan at least gives you the board data.

fec1e92c No.16

760620aa No.19

This board was created independently out of a desire to preserve the /azu/ community. I have no means to contact any members of /azu/ other than Ralen, who informed me of wakachan.org's closure directly, nor was I aware of any branches of the larger iichan/Wakachan network that were still operational.

6030f244 No.21

Why did Wakachan suddenly close anyways? 10+ years is nothing to scoff at, so it's kind of sad that it just up and died without warning. It was my favorite imageboard even if it was slower than molasses.

54b3cac1 No.23

According to the old board's administrator, someone posted something illegal (it's not clear if it was on /azu/ or one of the other wakachan boards) and it the hosts took it offline.

There was the occasional "teen model" spam on /azu/, but I was always quick to delete it and ban the spammer's IP whenever it showed up.

fec1e92c No.24

Got it.
I had been periodically checking for info on the other boards on shanachan after wakachan went down, and found out about idlechan before I found the link to this place.

Doesn't seem like idlechan /azu/ has any traction at all, but it's only a few days old.

54b3cac1 No.25

I posted a link to this place in the nsfw thread on the shanachan fetish board, but I don't know how many people have seen it.

ffae5b1e No.26

That's how I got here, as it was the only thing I could think of that would bring me back. I figured that we would probably re-incarnate sooner or later, as we've done it before.

3fb04dd2 No.28

99.5% posters on new /azu/ confirmed perverts.

(Nothing has changed)

760620aa No.37

As an experiment, all traffic on this site will now be automatically redirected to use HTTPS.

236bd1d3 No.58

File: 1451799851145.png (63.32 KB, 514x390)

Why hello it is I back again. No one told me about this place, I just googled "Azumanga" and looked for results from this past week.

588f9cb2 No.59

Thanks a lot. Looking forward to that backup

04dd8af7 No.64

File: 1451946195341.gif (241.07 KB, 400x218)

Well, despite me not having been here in ages, I was a little depressed when I found out wakachan all of a sudden disappeared.

Thanks AXYPB for setting up the new place, and a good 2016 to all.

fe13865a No.141

I've made a change to the page header. You may need to clear your cache to see it.

13b7f8ec No.174

I just found it by searching for "azumanga ralen".

968ca7fd No.178

i actually went to relen's tumblr page that he used as a travel to ask where everyone went.
still haven't heard nothin' lol

54b3cac1 No.179

Did you submit a question? I haven't updated the blog since I got back over a year ago, but I should still get email notifications if someone submits a question.

968ca7fd No.180

im sure i did but im new to the site so i don't even know if im supposed to get notified if anyone replied back or not lol

821cc4db No.184


I was thinking about doing that too, but figured that even though it was mostly inactive, I didn't want to ask about /azu/ in case it was more of a personal type blog. I know that most of the /azu/ related stuff was omitted from the blog and just posted in the board.

Hopefully these spoiler tags work out. Also Ralen, I kinda miss your blog posts. I hope that's not creepy, but I just found it kinda interesting and refreshing to see what kind of stuff you were up to aside from /azu/

Instead, I ended up just asking in YP. Although I don't really feel great about that either since I hate posting off topic for any board, I'm glad that Gulf Standard was very understanding since he or she comes to /azu/ sometimes too.

54b3cac1 No.186

I'm not sure why I didn't get an email notification. I just logged in to my tumblr account and I can see your question there.

Any questions go to my private tumblr inbox first, and they only show up on the blog if I post a public response to them. I got a few inappropriate inquiries when I was still maintaining the blog that I never responded to.

fe13865a No.189

For those curious, after 30 days of operation, the largest sources of traffic are, in order, Google searches, Yuri Project, and Idlechan.

83732b16 No.229

Neat. Thanks for putting this back up, I also googled 'azumanga imageboard ralen' to get here haha

a84d13d5 No.288

Damn, some of the headers are good. How do I go about to download them?

83ef0b5a No.322

I wandered in via a random Google search for Azumanga Daioh boards. Glad to see it back, and thank you AXYPB.

Does anyone know if the illegal material that killed Wakachan.org was related to the Yotsuba translations, or was it something else?

54b3cac1 No.323

I don't know what the content was for sure, but I would imagine it was probably porn spam of some sort.

c40a421c No.334

Oh thank god I found this.

09c38709 No.551

File: 1459370834806.jpg (99.65 KB, 720x560)

Good to be back. I always did see /azu/ as Wakachan's most popular board, awesome to see it as an "independent" board now.

To help keep this party going, do the mod(s) have a donation portal, like a patreon or something?

I want to do my part for /azu/!

6bb415ad No.554

This site is hosted free of charge. No financial support will be necessary, but the sentiment is greatly appreciated.

717ecdc5 No.583

Wow, I hadn't looked at /azu/ for a really long time. So glad to see the community went somewhere else. And there's even a Kagura thread!

b3ddb9f3 No.1250

File: 1482470081825.jpg (1.18 MB, 1725x3000)

One year ago, this board was opened to provide a new home for a suddenly displaced community. I am proud to have seen many of its members find this board, largely through word-of-mouth and Google searches for Ralen's name, without losing momentum from the former Wakachan board. I thank you all for your support and pledge to continue hosting this board for you as long as I am able.

15bbbaf4 No.1254

The question is why did I continue searching for ralens name after I found where this moved. Also why is my verification image a picture of a fence.

393fe353 No.1256

It's a Christmas miracle!

122713a5 No.1264

Thank you for your support and everything you've done for this little community. Merry Christmas to you and to everyone on /azu/!

5d5b5f94 No.1282


Thanks for having us! I only found this with a Google search for Azu, not Ralen.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And more Yotsuba.

e9baa140 No.1358

File: 1484333528986.jpg (54.05 KB, 600x600)

Anybody here have that one pic of the Yots typhoon fig photographed in a natural setting?

P. sure it's standing on a little rock against a forested backdrop.

Been looking for this photo ever since I saw it as someone's desktop, and didn't ask for sauce.

5f80dfa2 No.1370

You might check the gallery on MFC here:

Didn't see one with that exact description but there's a few outdoor shots.

1c2363ee No.1944

Anyone still have any of the images I posted there like Chiyo taking a bite out of a kitten's head, the A-Team and Dr Strangelove parodies or the mirror universe AD?

8ba1ef0a No.1945

File: 1505929100109.jpg (25.01 KB, 512x384)

I have the first of those pictures on hand.

8de0fc0f No.2435

File: 1531097195022.jpg (162.78 KB, 1024x768)

With apologies for the bump, but…

also: hi, everyone.

8de0fc0f No.2436

File: 1531100000213.png (284.46 KB, 700x520)


d35fb81c No.2437

File: 1531119658391.jpg (140.3 KB, 674x1205)

I never saw those before. Damn, how I loved the A-Team when I was little.
But recently I tried to watch it again and all my nostalgias got bruises and cuts.
Still, clever pics. Love the あ-Team part.
Unlike the A-Team, I can watch/read Azumanga even after all these years and it's still great. Kagura being Baracus is specially nice because gives new context to this.

c9e3c206 No.3141

I miss you guys ;_;

f707c518 No.3145

It's over.

151dfeae No.3146

doesn't seem over?

d4291249 No.3147

I can't remember how I found this place but I'm glad I did. It's a cute little slice of Net 1.0.

Eventually it'll fade into the dark, but until then I'll be watching.

2547fc12 No.3148

>It's a cute little slice of Net 1.0
Exactly how I feel. I love this place and it's here yo be enjoyed for as long as it lasts.
I miss the fuck out of the old members, I think about them some times.

f8f0e0ec No.3155

Speaking of old members, I think you mentioned you were going to be a father. If your child is female, did you consider naming her Chainsaw in a tribute to Social Disaster? Either way, I hope you end up being a good dad, like Koiwai.

67712dc0 No.3156

File: 1572089910375.jpg (18.14 KB, 225x350)

>did you consider naming her Chainsaw in a tribute to Social Disaster?
Holy shit, someone remembers that agreement?
I also hope I'll be a good dad, but I don't know if Koiwai is a good model. He's an amusing guy, sure, but walks around on his undies in front of her daughter. It's even implied that he plays with his dick out.
And well… damn, I guess I did promise, huh?
Of course no one can actually name their kid "Chainsaw", it would be illegal or something, but believe me if it's a girl I'll call her that informally, and I'll never tell her why.

d0db9997 No.3165

do you have any idea how hard it is to find this place?

ib . axypb . net ???

I am surprised I found it at all. I was just looking for Yotsubato related internet stuff.

67712dc0 No.3166

>I am surprised I found it at all
Same. I don't even remember how I found it.

11c7c5c5 No.3167

File: 1572878740453.png (779.35 KB, 578x960)

maybe through this credit page that Yotsuba Scans used to add to chapters?

d0db9997 No.3168

File: 1572944165127.jpg (196.53 KB, 1920x1080)

ah yes, Ralen may in fact have been the key word

67eec02e No.3188

Maybe, now that I think about it.

I think that if you type azu plus the letter R, Google autocompletes "Ralen"

151dfeae No.3190

I would check this, but, I'm already here- soooo

7e310868 No.3218

I assumed this board was gone for good until I tried to see if someone had archived Ralen's translations elsewhere. Google sent me here.

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