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e93eb2c5 No.3988[Reply]

I mentioned once before about creating a Discord server as an alternate meeting place, or possibly a future replacement for this board if it ever goes away.

Is anyone actually interested in something like that? I figured it's better to go ahead and set something up sooner rather than later, so people will know where to find it if this board ever unexpectedly goes down.
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a170d14a No.4955

A pity. Thanks for your answer though.

File: 1617820910567.jpg (396.69 KB, 1426x2048)

82c31f86 No.4366[Reply]

New chapter, new thread.
12 pages this time! And it's actually pretty funny in my opinion.
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ecb8a2d3 No.4992

>Do Ana-chan's shorts give anyone else a funny feeling in their tummy?
That's not your tummy, dude.

ee6d33e6 No.4993

Moe bladder?

1c80a714 No.4994

I want to give Ana-chan a funny feeling in her tummy

db2d8bd5 No.4996

are they continuing the series or is this that thing he does where he releases chapters every Christmas or something.

also are you guys getting weird spam lately?

1b339f27 No.4997

The series is still ongoing, and updates are now more regular than Yotsuba.

The board has been getting spammed a lot lately, but I do my best to keep it clean. It seems to die down when there's more activity.

File: 1594013840689.png (8.83 KB, 133x141)

e090528c No.3601[Reply]

how about a PFP thread? drop your azumanga pfps!
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f083069a No.4591

File: 1628745091804.jpg (12.24 KB, 154x155)

used this one in december for a bit before i went to a himeno chainsaw man pfp. actually got a twitter mutual out of it

a859bcc5 No.4596

File: 1628795150583.gif (1.81 MB, 600x520)

I am scared to click this knowing the type of spam this board gets.

1df1ab37 No.4817

File: 1637326851261.jpg (69.91 KB, 1125x1084)

9634ac87 No.4827

File: 1637971412378.gif (2.54 KB, 42x38)

0fdcc347 No.4967

File: 1641615312092.jpg (33.85 KB, 617x458)

File: 1617391875067.jpg (243.46 KB, 1200x900)

7bd1427a No.4361[Reply]

It looks like the old thread stopped bumping.

I checked out the "Yotsuba& Original Art Mini Expo" that's going on in Shibuya today. There were about 20 pages of original art from up to volume 14. It's rare for photography to be allowed. It's going on until Sunday the 28th.
6:21 PM Mar 25
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b841347c No.4950

3d911df5 No.4960

This, I was under the impression that we'd get part 2 on Christmas. I guess we flew too close to the sun to ask for more than one chapter in the same year :(

54b1f323 No.4961

Azuma does such thorough research for each of his chapters, I'll bet the latest one didn't come out until close to Christmas because he was waiting for the opportunity to research Christmas trees and decorations.

I just hope we don't have to wait until next December for part 2…

e6eccdb5 No.4962

The problem is that it will be too awkward to see the second part of the christmas chapter published in january or february (if not later).

1452793d No.4963

File: 1641202099137.png (66.35 KB, 612x612)

Well in any case it will be THEE Christmas chapter we read every year once it's here so we at least have that to look forward too.

File: 1638647455973.jpg (651.89 KB, 1426x2048)

c7657be0 No.4868[Reply]

Several of the previous chapters were consolidated for the paperback collection, so this chapter's number is back down to 105.
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bda1e430 No.4899

This fuckin rules. Thanks!

f75a251d No.4900

Maybe it’s one of those cultural attributions to something more abstract. We say “greenhorn” in English speaking countries, but Japan uses blue to mean the same thing.

325d5857 No.4934

Thanks for the translation Ralen! Merry Christmas!

dae22c08 No.4939

This. Thanks for the translation, and Merry Christmas!

a8e09ce0 No.4951

thanks!! merry christmas!

File: 1591820797347.jpg (17 KB, 260x280)

ce3a8be0 No.3536[Reply]

I know there's already an Osaka thread here, but a third of the posts there are degenerate, so I'm making this
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5f362bdf No.4546

File: 1627131194226.png (347.09 KB, 1711x2249)

d44e6f69 No.4644

Poor Osaka didn't age very well after high school.
Where is the last image from anyway?

23f9f8ef No.4645

File: 1630101818062.jpg (28.03 KB, 440x290)

Ooh, I actually know this one!

That's Tsukiko Sagi, the protagonist from Paranoia Agent.

d88f7b28 No.4699

File: 1632382236280.jpg (89.86 KB, 1080x608)

Take care of yourself, avoid accidents

e3ce7696 No.4867

File: 1638637419480.png (1.13 MB, 1500x2000)

File: 1607618276838.jpg (37.23 KB, 512x185)

52a1f73d No.4045[Reply]

this is where I go now that attorney online has been shut down on my chromebook
also heres a kagura I found
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8ff18ce8 No.4051

File: 1607736438325.jpg (189.75 KB, 411x536)

I'd say it's fine if the naughty bits are covered up.

e7e95393 No.4052

File: 1607741979958.jpg (122.94 KB, 705x1000)


3186aba0 No.4054

File: 1607787651778.png (332.15 KB, 640x480)

D-D-D-Double tan lines?!

e7e95393 No.4055

Yes, she's the perfect human being. Every single race represented.

31910f91 No.4862

File: 1638466088240.jpg (88.67 KB, 712x712)

Padoru padoru~

File: 1637996519527.jpg (1.38 MB, 1256x1920)

51acb956 No.4829[Reply]

Yotsuba&! Chapter 105 part 1 (Not Ralen)
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f8896a28 No.4853

not just any clouds man, motherfucking SHEEP CLOUDS

8acd2fe8 No.4856

File: 1638198169301.jpg (146.3 KB, 640x427)

What an awkward little boy. Cool trivia though.
I wonder if Yotsuba is gonna learn the names of clouds now that show knows they have names.

e1025880 No.4857

New favourite character is now spergo cloudboi

0d5eb08f No.4858

It's a Christmas miracle! Also it's really nostalgic to see Azuma drawing workplace ladies again. I'm sure Yotsuba chapters would come out a lot faster if he had made these characters first since that's what he knows but, it probably wouldn't be as wholesome and more cynical.

e8d72569 No.4859

woah, what a nice early x-mas present!

File: 1635545411823.png (424.88 KB, 1024x572)

489446c2 No.4766[Reply]

7 deadly sins

47ea063c No.4774

Good job with "pride", but that's more like a Kaorin thing. Speaking of, I think she's more lust than Tomo.

6a0f4d38 No.4821

I've heard on occasion that the sin of lust doesn't have to be necessarily sexual, just general hedonism, and Tomo is unbridled hedonism.

File: 1637095858250.jpg (336.37 KB, 1079x1150)

4fdbc737 No.4811[Reply]

Anyone got this image in better quality? Google, Yandex, and Tineye can't find anything. An anon on /wsr/ pointed me here.

11c90907 No.4814

Chiyo-Chan looks like how I feel.

6b05d168 No.4815

I think that's the best resolution. It's one of those shitpost memes thats meant to be bad.

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