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e93eb2c5 No.3988[Reply]

I mentioned once before about creating a Discord server as an alternate meeting place, or possibly a future replacement for this board if it ever goes away.

Is anyone actually interested in something like that? I figured it's better to go ahead and set something up sooner rather than later, so people will know where to find it if this board ever unexpectedly goes down.
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bcac6225 No.4200

File: 1611455131273.png (1.69 MB, 1448x2048)

I thought people just didn't post here often because they're afraid of breaking the archive with too many posts. Honestly this place is more like a tidy fanclub so it wouldn't hurt to have an extra place to take the heat.

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773464df No.4091[Reply]

y'all could you reply to this with yotsuba and azumanga christmas images? that would be swag cause I'm a semi-new yotsuba fan
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72ef0ac4 No.4101

an even bigger res of that image
(can't post it natively because i get an error trying to post)

cff69c90 No.4109

File: 1609262551657.jpg (247.95 KB, 1928x1429)

A little late, but here you go. A belated merry Christmas to all of /azu/.

ec825ad7 No.4201

File: 1611461994265.jpg (1.2 MB, 3840x2355)

even bigger version

795a8050 No.4202

Tomo has a crippled right hand.

821977d1 No.4203

I always wondered about that myself, and then recently someone posted the original of that image in the Discord (which of course I can't find now).

That's where the seam between the 2 page spread was, so part of the image is missing where the seam was photoshopped out.

File: 1609390679469.jpg (534.54 KB, 1426x2048)

59349ca4 No.4116[Reply]

I'm going to be lazy and just post the link here instead of posting one page at a time. I don't have much commentary this time anyway.

Our little girl is growing up…

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241250d9 No.4189

with all the talk about yotsuba going to school and the manga ending, I found a very interesting interview with azuma where he talks exactly about that: https://mangabrog.wordpress.com/tag/kiyohiko-azuma/
hopefully I'm not reposting it

e314eb4a No.4191

>It’d take over ten more years [from 2015], and this series is not going to make it that far.
End is nigh! Everyone panic!

480f0a96 No.4192

i think he could change his ideas easily. he even says he doesn't see the series as a "family" series, just yots plus whatever but lately i think there are hints of parent/child bonding that is shown here and there.

then again he doesn't seem all that interested in thinking ahead that far anyway. azudai just perfectly ended the way it started.

9d0eea45 No.4194

That was quite interesting. Thanks for posting.
Thanks Ralen as always for the TL.

4b3b22dc No.4195

File: 1611262195879.png (28.28 KB, 160x255)


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4c253ea8 No.4193

say drugs to osaka
say no to yes

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8e63413d No.3595[Reply]

This is a thread to comment and post things from the manga that weren't in the animation.
Like the fact that Osaka and Chiyo worked together at Magnetron Burger, (which is an obvious parody of McDowell's), and the fact that Osaka wasn't even born in Osaka.

Some of the jokes they didn't animate are pretty good.
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5522ac43 No.4029

File: 1607213597737.png (48.88 KB, 236x227)


60b0a77e No.4043

File: 1607593370792.jpg (250.22 KB, 847x1200)

Cutest page ever

8e63413d No.4047

That stamp is too cute. Almost as cute as Yomi with braids.

f714cadc No.4166

I ended manga yesterday and I don't remember this page lol

7296e1ce No.4167

It's from the supplementary lessons.

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b12ed0ac No.4165[Reply]

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95efa302 No.4159[Reply]

To a new year, /azu/. Have a nice 2021

3cba2635 No.4160

File: 1609482483922.png (301.81 KB, 1470x982)

New year, same love!

d21aa425 No.4161

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a7f5c0b7 No.3956[Reply]

So I recently had two very distinct, very odd Azumanga Daioh dreams the other night, and I was wondering if /azu/ would be interested in hearing about them?

One was a quest to save mostly rare Azumanga merch from my old high school before the nuclear apocalypse and store it in a disaster proof vault so humanity could know Azumanga even in the end-times.

The other was pretty kinky and sexual in nature (Osaka and watersports) so that one I might not be able to post.

What do you think?
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dac79351 No.4110

File: 1609270356901.jpg (25.53 KB, 736x552)

I had an odd Azumanga related dream a while ago.
I was invited to Chiyo's house to use her bathroom. (I don't remember why, I think the reason was that mine was broken.) I was let in and she took me to it right away, the door was normal person sized but when I opened it, it was TINY (in the dream I was my full height of 6'4) inside. Chiyo then commented on the size.
Chiyo:Oh! (or あ! if you prefer) this is my old bathroom that I outgrew, but it's the perfect size for Mr. Tadakichi!
She closes the door and we begin to walk towards her normal bathroom, but I'm distracted by some kind of (I don't fully remember this part) background gag involving Osaka and when I turn back to say something to Chiyo, all I see is… Those eyes (pic related) up close and in my face. Almost like a screamer if you know what that is.
Then I wake up.

0a90bdd4 No.4111

File: 1609271495869.gif (7.14 KB, 200x104)

But there was a new chapter, your dream was just a early premonition that was a month off.

582321cf No.4112

That dream sounds as though Azuma himself could have written it.

e35f30ad No.4113

Have you ever had a dream that, that, um, that you had, uh, that you had to, you could, you do, you wit, you wa, you could do so, you do you could, you want, you wanted him to do you so much you could do anything?

7981e827 No.4114

>you wanted him to do you so much
That depends on who "him" is wink

File: 1608309164778.gif (247.89 KB, 307x500)

1dcc456d No.4071[Reply]

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8672a9ac No.4079

File: 1608650145734.jpg (300.44 KB, 566x800)

>eansa med oss, klappa era händer
バルサミコ酢、やっぱ いらへんで

5f972957 No.4081


63407eb7 No.4083

File: 1608736574227.gif (210.45 KB, 180x135)

Not sure where we lost you, but I don't blame you.

>>4075 is the famous "Caramelldansen." The song is in Swedish, but became popular as a meme in Japan with some of the lyrics being misheard as Kansai-ben. In Japan it's colloquially known as the "Uma Uma Dance" (potentially either "Horse Horse dance," or "Yummy Yummy Dance").

The first line of >>4078
>eansa med oss, klappa era händer
translates to English as "Dance with us, clap your hands,"
but also sounds like, "barusamiko-su yappa irahen de" (バルサミコ酢、やっぱ いらへんで), which roughly means "Turns out we don't need any balsamic vinegar" (in Kansai dialect, which is the region Osaka is from).

There's also an episode of Lucky Star where Tsukasa gets briefly obsessed over balsamic vinegar (or at least the words "balsamic vinegar") so there's a good deal of fan art featuring her with a bottle of balsamic, which is why I posted that.


36ba6a6f No.4084

File: 1608765638299.gif (162.74 KB, 251x251)


3684d8ba No.4093

>Not sure where we lost you
It's because I didn't know these >>4078 are lyrics. I thought some people were posting comments in strange languages. But now I get what the post is.

File: 1608842138539.png (250.15 KB, 610x750)

54e7ec45 No.4089[Reply]


411f0fed No.4090

I remember on the old /azu/ that a guy used to post the lyrics to The Flaming Lips "Christmas at the Zoo." I wonder if that guy is still around.

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