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yukarin > alle

57ba004e No.2247

And put Tomo on Chaotic Bastard

She's not stupid, but rather lazy.

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Chapter 101: Yotsuba & Lunch (Part 3).

This is a fairly short chapter. It looks like this will be the end of volume 14, which comes out next month in Japan. I'm guessing the past few multi-part chapters will be consolidated into larger, single chapters, which will change the final chapter numbering somewhat (I think this will only put us around chapter 97 overall).

The note at the end says the next issue will be available April 27.
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0e3bd19e No.2243

For some reason I thought it was a beer (Sapporo + Kirin Ichiban -> Sapporo Ichiban).
Instant noodles makes a lot more sense, I imagine Koharuko's reaction would have been a bit different if she thought Yots was being fed beer.

9e027632 No.2244

The series isn't over yet. This is just the end of volume 14.

I made the same mistake when I read it the first time. I thought, "isn't that beer?" before looking it up and seeing it was instant ramen.

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File: 1521356303342.png (523.61 KB, 909x465)

zoom zoom

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File: 1521356367039.png (417.05 KB, 909x465)

exploitable version

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File: 1521420255736.png (592.21 KB, 909x465)

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6998b203 No.2232[Reply]

Yotsuba&! 14 Cover !

45d22a34 No.2233

this one is kinda lazy. like what the hell is yots standing there supposed to imply?
the perspective seems to be a little off too

786c0a17 No.2234

>>2233 She's copying the pose in her drawing lol

45d22a34 No.2235

then i'll retract my previous statement. azuma doesn't deserve morose, philistine readers like me who can't see the mastery in his subtlety. thats a very cute/yots thing right there.

but im standing by my comment on the perspective. something def feels off there

bb38165e No.2236

she is looking at herself in a mirror. dumb

3f6b5920 No.2237

Oh, neat. I didn't notice the mirror until you pointed it out.

I still don't see any similarity between her pose and her drawing, though. The drawing kind of looks like a robot with its arms folded across its chest.

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File: 1518988267967.jpg (157.57 KB, 1200x630)

New WonFes art by Azuma.

070f1aca No.2207

This month's Dengeki:

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File: 1519598073447.jpg (46.74 KB, 624x437)

bf23f540 No.2209

I don't want to put you in a hurry but… TRANSLATION WHEN

a2406ffb No.2228

I just discovered this board today. I'd like to thank everyone who took the time and effort to translate these tweets. It's really fun m(_ _)m

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e1faca32 No.2200[Reply]

What have you played?
What do you wish to play?
Where to find some of them?
Where's the move list for A, Taisen Shiyo~?
And other important questions.

6cd88658 No.2202

File: 1518560348899.jpg (49.8 KB, 800x600)

I have played the volleyball game and the Osaka simulator, and that's about it.

I want to play the game that's bubble bobble or Tetris or something but with Azumanga characters.

Not sure where to find the two games I've played. A google search might bring them up because I downloaded them years ago.

c71b132f No.2203

The game manual for A, Taisen Shiyo is preserved in the Internet Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20060814024636/http://home.j04.itscom.net/snowman/taisenshiyo.html

I have been unsuccessful in running it in any version of Windows after Windows XP. I've resorted to using a VMware virtual machine with a Windows XP installation, which allows for controllers to be passed through.

7917bf26 No.2205

I did post a link to a torrent of a ton of Azu games many moons ago. The original link is dead but it's been mirrored here: https://nyaa.pantsu.cat/view/735262

I've played most of fan games, except some don't work very well or at all on my computer. Also played the official ones emulated as well.

Anyone know how to play the Volleyball game? I could never figure out the controls on that one.

File: 1517689813017.jpg (492.72 KB, 969x1400)

906e6edc No.2176[Reply]

Chapter 100: Yotsuba & Lunch (Part 2).
The Japanese title indicates this is the middle part, so we can expect the next issue to continue with this story.

21 pages, so I don't think I'll upload them one at a time.

The note at the end says the next issue will be out on 2/27.
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8a045e0a No.2184

File: 1517955867945.jpg (162.7 KB, 807x463)

You just know Yotsuba will try to conquer the buffet.

2b42ba43 No.2193

Page 17 makes me wonder if Yots was watching Spirited Away.

Thanks as always for the translate, Ralen!

906e6edc No.2195

File: 1518185537415.jpg (148.54 KB, 912x370)

Koiwai specifically mentions that.

bab252d3 No.2197

am I the only one who thinks that yocchan's reactions on the pages 10 and 14 are kind of unyotsubalike (new word I invented)?? more reminding of other more conventional manga I mean

2b42ba43 No.2201


lol, evidently I missed it!

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01ade316 No.2172

I always get them on Share.

5b56942e No.2173

I can't wait to read 10 pages about Yotsuba doing one thing in Tokyo!

9b5d0899 No.2174

say, is there any mega folder somewhere that has all the chapters released so far in it?

cb3de549 No.2187

there used to be a site that hosted all of the translated chapters and stayed pretty updated but I guess it's gone now?
not the one that one asshole tried to get "donations" for. i think it was a russian hosted site. haven't checked it out in years since the official english publications started coming in a timely manner

dc898428 No.2199

You mean (the now dead) 4chan.biz I assume. Wayback tells me it was alive in 2013 and dead in 2014. https://web.archive.org/web/20130725000433/http://4chan.biz:80/ for memory's sake. Had an online viewer, links to the image albums, and some other stuff. Was pretty nice, I recall using it a fair bit.

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1cfdd2f1 No.48[Reply]

Yotsuba and/or "10 years later" thread.

If Yotsuba aged in real time, she would be 18 this year…
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File: 1488423959082.jpg (2.05 MB, 1235x1754)

0e0aaae3 No.1446

File: 1489115201970.png (691.27 KB, 826x416)

IRL Yotsuba.

572c9311 No.1449

You're just evil.

3f899884 No.2169

File: 1517322089162.jpg (1.56 MB, 1599x2268)

95506831 No.2198

My-my, what a cute little one.

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74e06105 No.1634

File: 1494231027758.png (4.54 MB, 1554x1296)

>>818 Updated this. I was wondering who else to fill the space with since Sakaki and Mayl were looked lonely after some time, but then I remembered some friends were still waiting on requests.

Letterabcd requested Sonia Strumm from Mega Man Star Force,
Stuart K Reilly ordered Sabrina as usual, only with a revolver,
and Penkenarts wanted his OC, Naomi. That's her in the corner with the pillow.
Now they're having a BIG OL' slumber party!

f3076abf No.1649

File: 1495159405892.png (4.14 MB, 985x1767)

Did this during work. I'll upload it as a 2-parter

f3076abf No.1650

File: 1495159510382.png (4.29 MB, 985x1766)

>>1649 There's Sakaki in the botton right corner, getting pelted by raining Puyos.
Match 4 of the same color to clear them!

cc4bc14a No.2097

File: 1513381756562.jpg (159.35 KB, 1132x637)

Yukari's falling in love again…

cuz King Dedede's got fat stacks!

5df270cf No.2130

File: 1514895856559.png (3.49 MB, 1413x1396)

Kaorin chugging that gay shit & Knuckles

File: 1518139179271.jpeg (74.98 KB, 620x465)

0757c8b0 No.2191[Reply]

Sooooo, how's it going?
I used to post here all the time. Well, not here, I posted on /azu like two bords ago. I still love Azumanga and Yotsuba but I haven't had a lot of time to nerd it up in almost a decade now. I'm getting married in two days and I haven't been sleeping, I'm way too tense.

97c971e6 No.2194

Congratulations! Hope there's a post-ceremonial dance👍👍👍

It'll be fine, I'm sure of it.

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