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ce3a8be0 No.3536[Reply]

I know there's already an Osaka thread here, but a third of the posts there are degenerate, so I'm making this
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c5e2452c No.3606

File: 1594220888522.png (415.86 KB, 1234x574)

That poster kinda looks fake to me5, but I could be wrong. Cute as fuck, though.
I haven't seen Popotan because I never watch things based on visual novels, but since it looks cute I may.
Speaking of things I haven't watched
I hear it's brillant.

68ebc9ed No.3607

What are these great notes from?

c5e2452c No.3610

File: 1594263458036.jpg (224.67 KB, 505x979)

Not sure. Found it today, some guy wrote an academic paper and his thesis seems to be that manga characters tend tolose their hands when they lose emotional control (which he calls HL) and uses Azumanga as a case study.

I'm not sure how serious he was.
I wanted a picture of Osaka throwing sea cucumbers to go with the thread, and found it randomly.

Here, in case you wanna check it out: https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Visual-representation-of-emotion-in-manga%3A-LOSS-OF-Daioh/0adaf78632746024b02cae34d3100063ed42e25e

0df14060 No.3614

>since it looks cute I may
Don't waste your time, it's really quite terrible.

932e2ff4 No.3617


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d2e4d27e No.3583[Reply]

I hadn't checked this board in a long time but I suddenly remembered it today. I am thrilled it is still active! Thanks to Ralen!! I have enjoyed Azu and Yotsubato for many years!! This has been my favorite board even when it has slowed. I will always think of it with joy when times are hard. Wishing the best to Ralen, wherever he is!
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02fc4ed1 No.3591

File: 1593514154082.jpg (238.52 KB, 1600x1200)

I see that Barnes and Noble edition of Lovecraft's work.

e2a4aec0 No.3592

Sakaki was actually based on the Dr. Manhattan character. Tall, powerful, aloof, but secretly with the heart of a little girl.

Good eye. I picked that up when I was traveling for Christmas one year to give me something to read.

7db62910 No.3593

File: 1593713478597.jpg (20.41 KB, 225x350)

>Sakaki was actually based on the Dr. Manhattan character
Then I guess Kaorin is based on The Silhouette, because they're both similar in tastes, if you know what I mean…

…I mean their hair, they have similar hair.

1c22f989 No.3615

I, too, just remembered this board. I used to come a lot years ago. A Yotsuba thread on 4chan reminded me.

I can't wait to read all the chapters that have been released since then. I think the last I remember they all went rock hunting

File: 1594013840689.png (8.83 KB, 133x141)

e090528c No.3601[Reply]

how about a PFP thread? drop your azumanga pfps!

0c6a778a No.3608

Okay, I'll bite.
What's a PFP?

8c33bce1 No.3609

File: 1594251293384.jpg (42.51 KB, 480x480)

It's a relatively recent trend to call avatars "profile pictures" (shortened to PFP)

a9095b48 No.3611

File: 1594266200898.jpg (423.5 KB, 720x1560)

"Profile Picture" is PFP?
Why not "PP"… Oh, I see…

I dont use anime pics for PFPs, but I googled it and Osaka seems to be the most popular.

a9095b48 No.3613

File: 1594269335307.jpg (353.59 KB, 720x1560)

Oh, I found another fun thing, not just the academic paper I shared here: >>3610 (You)
Google decided to give me fun surprises today.
Because I googled "Azumanga Profile Picture", I found a band called Neckbeard Deathcamp and the track Unironically Calling Someone the Untermensch from a Facebook Account with an Azumanga Daioh Profile Picture from their album So Much for the Tolerant Left

OP, I have to ask, did you know this would happen?
It's so specific. Did you make this thread expecting that it would make us think about Azumanga profile pics, which would make us discover this track?
If you didn't, then be shocked and amused by this weird thing.
If you did, well done.

796b1a78 No.3618

>which would make us discover this track?
I would have preferred not to know about such a thing.

File: 1550261973321.jpg (159.29 KB, 858x1200)

4420c824 No.2736[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

We're past due for a new Azuma tweets thread.
The last one stopped bumping, and I've fallen behind on translating Azuma's tweets since he went quiet for such a long time.
Previous thread at >>146

Here's this year's Wonder Festival art.
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880fc9bc No.3585

This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - No
IM - No

source: https://dengekidaioh.jp/blog/entry-10362.html

e2d175fe No.3586

File: 1593039030030.jpg (29.18 KB, 344x252)

df0c2717 No.3587


e2cbb9f3 No.3588

File: 1593121875568.jpg (11.71 KB, 480x360)

5f2bda2b No.3604

Barasui is still alive? I could swear been almost as quiet as Yotsuba has been.

File: 1593730112320.png (222.68 KB, 640x480)

8e63413d No.3595[Reply]

This is a thread to comment and post things from the manga that weren't in the animation.
Like the fact that Osaka and Chiyo worked together at Magnetron Burger, (which is an obvious parody of McDowell's), and the fact that Osaka wasn't even born in Osaka.

Some of the jokes they didn't animate are pretty good.

8e63413d No.3596

File: 1593730181763.jpg (156.49 KB, 800x1146)

I like this one, for example.

3613d7bf No.3597

File: 1593786061577.jpg (333.6 KB, 868x1200)

That reminds me of this gag from Yotsuba&!

098c205d No.3598

Yes! That's also one of my favorites.
Azuma seems to have a thing for buttons that kill you.
Don't elevators actually have secret button combinations for special functions, though?

Anyway, Osaka and Chiyo look cute selling burgers, I wonder why that was left out of the anime.

File: 1592620686534.jpg (232.63 KB, 1251x1111)

348df63c No.3572[Reply]

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ef8f724a No.3578

File: 1592621092686.jpg (76.07 KB, 751x1064)

1bfa4279 No.3579

File: 1592621316095.jpg (105.71 KB, 960x823)


b02b6365 No.3580

File: 1592621359244.jpg (59.89 KB, 751x1063)

ce9eb68c No.3581

Cute, except >>3579 which is kind of scary.

Who's the artist?

f0ecef56 No.3594

That's kinda cute, but I don't see Yomi or Tomo as a lesbian couple, even if they were lesbians.

File: 1592434377466.jpg (56.43 KB, 426x512)

d63e786d No.3567[Reply]

So, I just finished reading yotsuba chapter 105 and i'll like to know what is the usual frequency that chapters are released. thanks for anyone that answer.

bdbe6204 No.3568

>i'll like to know what is the usual frequency that chapters are released.

Oh you poor thing…

8f9a65c0 No.3569

Even the concept of "Usual Frequency" doesn't really apply. My best guess as to approximating the "frequency": Every month take a coin, flip it twice, if they're both heads there's a release. At the end of the release it'll say the next release is next month, this statement has 0 effect on odds for next month.

8ab0ac43 No.3582

>At the end of the release it'll say the next release is next month, this statement has 0 effect on odds for next month.

File: 1454565302474.jpg (1.28 MB, 2958x4212)

8f3cd433 No.243[Reply]

How does this image make you feel, Anon?
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06445444 No.2687

Why's it cursed? She's gotta grow up sometime.

91c89ce8 No.2688

They say time is the fire in which we burn.

Don't you feel time gaining on you?

It's like a predator. It's stalking you. Oh, you can try and outrun it with doctors, medicines, new technologies but in the end, time is going to hunt you down and make the kill…

c350f2bf No.2712

Perhaps, although apparently by the manga timeline Chiyo is older than me (although only by a year) which is even more strange

69993bc4 No.2715

Yeah I guess, but i'm fine with that, I don't enjoy being alive that much anyways.

87ebd96d No.3566

File: 1592432588576.jpg (54.69 KB, 433x650)

File: 1457270693767.png (583.52 KB, 794x539)

27066efa No.357[Reply]

Any frames that you've gotten from the anime that you find humorous? I like going through the show in slow motion to get funny images!
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6513cbcc No.3530

File: 1591226911294.jpg (86.87 KB, 1212x720)

\ /

90492577 No.3531

File: 1591227408831.png (1.21 MB, 921x737)

73927b39 No.3533

File: 1591266450583.jpg (49.4 KB, 1280x720)

Osaka looks like a mushroom from the original Fantasia movie.

54d543b7 No.3563

File: 1592147832768.jpg (144.57 KB, 1440x1080)

0d86687b No.3565

>confused Nyamo
so moe I gonna die

File: 1583201601349.png (657.99 KB, 950x720)

54c05cec No.3368[Reply]

There's a second english dub of Azumanga Daioh that was made by a channel called Animax Asia. It was lost media but, a guy sent me this link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J49ww6Wxq-qGJd41p6BtTtlNtlBdtAsC/view

There might be another 4 episodes if his files aren't corrupted he says.
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ce631830 No.3373

I belive so. He said he used a easycal dc60 for it.

536c66ec No.3374

Tell your friend he kicks ass.

34a3eca0 No.3385

Tomo's VA is nearly identical in attitude and timbre to Mandy Clark's. Still my favourite voice.

Kagura's voice is actually more tomboyish and less "generic" than the original. I like this version as much as the original, 2nd favourite.

Sakaki's voice is also pretty similar, still fits her IMO.

Yomi's voice is very, very, VERY weird for me. It sounds too soft/timid for her

Osaka's voice fits her.

Kaorin's not as girly sounding but I still think it works.

The other voices are fine for the most part. The "multiple-highschool-girl-talking/shouting-voices-simultaneously" parts can be grating, I don't remember if the original dub had that, I'd need to relook.

I would say the original dub is better overall, here the way some of the lines are said or their timing feels cringy/weird/emotionless/out-of-place sometimes (also tf is with the pronunciations of the Japanese names changing here and there mid-episode?).

168e06bd No.3386

I totally agree, specially the thing you said about Yomi.

0fbab351 No.3564

Unrelated but does anyone happen to know where to find TV recordings of Animax's dub of Serial Experiments Lain?

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