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3084c879 No.2006

So this is the first chapter of Volume 15, right?

c6f9fde1 No.2008

Despite having a new chapter number, the title indicates it's the second half of the previous chapter. So maybe it'll be the last chapter in volume 14?

I'm so behind, I didn't even realize volume 13 was out in English…

4294dee0 No.2092


She does look like him and his mother, so it makes sense. That he had a cute sister, that is.

014b0447 No.2093

Well, all the girls are cute, it's just Azuma's style.
She's the least cutest though imo. Ena's mom looks cuter than her.
Maybe it's the angles she's shown in the panel but it looks like her face is sticking out, like her skull is trying to exit her body through the mouth.

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48b306f1 No.2087

I'm getting a bit tired of having to wait 2 or 3 months for so little content. 13 pages? I think this is a new low.
I get it, almost every single panel is a incredibly detailed beautiful landscape. But I rather have less landscapes and more Yotsuba antics, which were almost none in this one.

32e6f140 No.2088

I kinda agree. This one is a bit flat.

48b306f1 No.2089

Tell me when the Tokyo arc ends so I'll read all of it straight and see if it feels like an actual chapter all together.

4402201b No.2090

As a translator, I'm all right with the shorter chapters, because then I don't feel the pressure of having to take a big chunk out of my weekend to translate a 30-40 page monster.

As long as Azuma's consistently releasing monthly, I don't mind a slower pace like this. As long as it doesn't dip into Ichigo Mashimaro territory with like 1-3 pages per month…

65df618f No.2091

I like this chapter better than the camping and ballooning one, but I kinda miss Yots just doing her thing around home and neighbors.

I wanted to know more about the Ayases and their friends and maybe new characters that'll stick around (I don't think this new chick will). Nothing too detailed but something like that one episode/chapters in AzuDai where they're just at home in their natural environment.

I don't mind the shorter pages, either. For the reasons Ralen said, and capping it at around a dozen per chapter makes it less exhausting to get through once the arc is finished.

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61ff345d No.2070[Reply]

new Salt Peanuts (niea] - Girls keep Swinging

15e48cf7 No.2071

There's something very wrong with her proportions.

File: 1501391809189.jpg (258.97 KB, 969x1400)

57954db0 No.1781[Reply]

Dengeki Daioh 2017 08-09
ばらスィー] 苺ましまろ 休載のお知らせ
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655532aa No.2049

My problem with that is the Western dress. This is clearly cultural appropriation.
It's totally okay for a woman to marry another woman, I think, plus live has no age; however the Japanese shouldn't go around culturally appropriating the West.

5c595971 No.2051

I agree with you totally about the "cultural appropriation". I grew up behind the Iron Curtain in the '70s and the Communists were very well aware of the devastating negative influence Western "Culture" had so they kept most of it from reaching us. And now I totally agree with them, Western culture isn't a "culture" at all, it's a mind numbing BS designed to alienate people and make them idiots. I am glad they refused access to most of it.

060a9f70 No.2052

Will we get to see another book after this one?

82f3b80c No.2053

I can't say for sure, but the odds seem pretty good he'll keep going.

c05344af No.2069

ana is english tho (or british, i never know what those people call themselves)

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070f1aca No.2058

I can predict it would involve having Ena explaining the concept of Santa to her, (and Yotsuba finding the whole thing entirely foreign, and probably terrifying).

f8589bd5 No.2059

Well, it is terrifying. The fat old fuck knows where I live and what I've been up to.

152bbfe3 No.2063

When is the translation coming? The chapter has been out for more than 48 HOURS!

070f1aca No.2067

I've got the raws. Translation probably this weekend.

671ffc3a No.2068

great news!

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fb18264e No.1845[Reply]

Lets talk about why she is best girl
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File: 1511838732306.png (332.68 KB, 636x972)

I think I might have posted this one before "the fall", but here it is again.

It's Osaka as a Mad Max character. Witness her!

865d910e No.2061

File: 1511915763004.jpg (544.66 KB, 761x1028)

Oh I love that one so much hehe its really cool where did you find it?

e8dde1a8 No.2062

mad ayumu: shikkari road

9802c4ca No.2064

File: 1511979610205.jpg (112.59 KB, 555x699)

Anonymous from 4chang drew is for me.

And other drawing: Osaka and her first beer!

2176da36 No.2066

File: 1512001738787.png (207.15 KB, 615x711)

Heheh that's cute I should get anonymous to draw me something for me again as well like the picture I posted just now with osaka cutting herself.

Also another drawing from them

File: 1477920566404.jpg (109.8 KB, 393x398)

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92f022f6 No.1120

File: 1477960056815.jpg (256.52 KB, 840x1200)

And the following page.

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aa004fd2 No.2043

File: 1509597358011.jpg (63.43 KB, 540x960)

This story is apparently from last year, but I first heard about it yesterday.

A little Taiwanese girl dressed as No-Face from Spirited Away, and I couldn't help but be reminded of Yotsuba.

More pictures here:

aa004fd2 No.2044

File: 1509597392621.jpg (84.05 KB, 720x960)

And this year, she apparently dressed as Ryuk from Death Note.

79a2597f No.2045

Hey, that's hella cute! I ain't no prude, but I don't like how little girls as young as 10 or 11 are trick-or-treating all sexy and stuff. I lost count of all the Harley Quinns that came to my door, plus I had to host a Halloween party for my cousin and her pack of wild 11 year old girlfriends, and one of them was a Harley Quinn.
My cousin was the girl from Lady Bug, which is more appropriate and totally adorable, but disappointingly not spooky.

File: 1451762874911.jpg (201.48 KB, 1300x1820)

662cb8e9 No.44[Reply]

Might as well start up some character threads.
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fe970132 No.1459

Then Osaka tells her "grains of truth" pun, then Gordon smashes a bag of them against her head. Raspberry Heaven starts ending and the credits play.

cc053db7 No.1462

File: 1490129404348.png (11.53 KB, 400x420)


cc053db7 No.1463

File: 1490129460231.jpg (69.13 KB, 401x900)

ef84dc21 No.2041


b516bea6 No.2042

Fatso? Dude, she's the supreme being of THICC delight.

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80a96e11 No.2026[Reply]

Although this mundane, natural, charming, childish conversation is what I expect from Yotsubato! and one of the reasons why I love it so much, I've also come to expect that often when Yotsuba doesn't quite understand the conversation she's having that's a setup for a future payoff. I fully expect Yotsuba to find a mouse, remember how Ena wanted a hamster, and give it to her with a big smile. Ena would like it, because she's cool like that, but Fuuka and Asagi would freak out. That chapter writes itself.

Also, 1980 yen is about 20 bucks, right? Poor girl, it's hard to be 9. When you're a kid, that's a lot of money. I had a hamster and just kept it in a modified bucket. Isn't Ena into recycling?
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da8a42f9 No.2032

What chapter is this from? I don't remember this at all.

8b04d113 No.2033

When Danbo dies. 69 I think.

da8a42f9 No.2034

I see, thanks!

1c868a5c No.2036

File: 1509049702801.jpg (86.08 KB, 697x249)

I distinctly remember when you translated the chapter, in the comment you posted next to that page you said something like "I remember now that 20 dollars is a lot of money for a kid", and now you comment about that again. Of course children (and child-like people, like my mildly retarded girlfriend) don't have a good understanding of money, but I can tell you were deeply impacted by the moment you understood the value of money.
Happened to me too, when I came to understand how money works, because my dad explained it to me, I felt super sad. I understood, and right then I realised I was abandoning a part my childhood. Every single time I learned something that brought me closer to maturity I felt sad, so I remember every instance of that happening.

7819222d No.2038

You sure you're dating a retard? Not an actual child?
You can tell us.

File: 1496967659388.jpg (75.27 KB, 560x560)

ed8bf220 No.1700[Reply]

It looks as though Bandai are releasing a set of Azumanga gashapon rubber keychains soon!


Never thought I'd see the day that AzuDai would get some brand new merch. Also let's make this a general merchandise thread, since we don't have one already.
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ed8bf220 No.1717

There's a lot of merch you can find on eBay, including someone who's taking preorders for the new keychains, as >>1701 said.

You would be better off looking at places like Suruga-ya. It is Japanese, but it will have a wider range and cheaper prices, though you'll need to use a proxy service to get them delivered to you. Plus using your browser's translation function is serviceable on that site, from my experience.

ed8bf220 No.1761

File: 1500742742521.jpg (3.38 MB, 3840x2160)

Oh hey, look what arrived today.

0107e5c0 No.1904

Speaking of Azu merch, Geibuchan has a poster I never seen before of the gang with flags and a track lap. Is there a digital version of this anywhere?

28c158bc No.2024


What exactly are they selling here? A digital doujin?

d906646a No.2025

>>2024 it appears to be a doujin game for pc.
Or rather, doujin minigames, judging from the back of the box.

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