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if I even can

e71b58af No.4337

I don’t think you can sort them like that. Visit the Catalog to see them all, though.

1a381195 No.4341

You can sort the threads in the catalogue by "creation date". If that is what OP means.

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e8246247 No.4285[Reply]

A thread to share resources and findings.

The Azu Internet Archeological Society was created by Azu enthusiasts who explore off-line, defunct, abandoned, poorly doccumented and forgotten sites in order to rescue, doccument, catalogue, and most importantly, share material that should not be lost.
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eb104390 No.4330

you wouldn't download a osaka…

813b5177 No.4331

File: 1615601827137.png (62.28 KB, 740x581)

More specifically, Osaka couldn’t download an Osaka.

a0ba6168 No.4332

File: 1615609281818.gif (715.85 KB, 320x240)

With the discovery of Osaka, we will need some help with blender and textures and such. It will be greatly appreciated!


65fc3c93 No.4333

Good stuff. The Internet Archive is probably happy to have it too!

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96cf5c1f No.4279

He's still posting on Pixiv isn't he? Last I checked there was a big 20th 'A'nniversary collaberation coming out .

8f1741cc No.4280

[The outsider here]
Oh, I've heard of doujins before, I thought those would get you into trouble because of copyright or something especially if he was selling.

Sounds cool, thanks, got to check him out more! I'm interested in doing similar stuff like him so should I ask you for advice on that? Or do you know a better place to ask?

32800a94 No.4282

File: 1615243130601.png (432.8 KB, 777x1088)

This is the latest thing he's posted, year of the cow.
Yeah good luck trying to litigate a copyright claim over a work that is itself an IP violation haha~

dec8ef01 No.4284

Sorry, although Morichan sells self-published comics at conventions, I know nothing about the subject. I'm just a Japanophile and Azumanga fan.

I thought they were talking about the legality of doujins themselves (since they're IP violations, as you said).

12b5ef24 No.4291

Yep, I was asking about doujins in general. In any case thanks for answering👍

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a75659e6 No.4272[Reply]

let's solve it once and for all.
here. now.

2bbd9f4f No.4273

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3b19f4c4 No.4278

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14e246ed No.4281

If you want to sleep well tonight do not look up videos of what actually happens when escalators break.

3b19f4c4 No.4283

Boy oh boy, I'll look that up right now! I bet it's a fun and cute thing to see.

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39abcc32 No.4255[Reply]

jumbo's dad was arrested for dealing weed at the flower shop.
the shop hadn't been turning a profit for a while, so jumbo's dad tried his luck at gambling to make some money, but instead of getting lucky, he ended up in debt the yakuza with no way to pay it back. they made an offer he couldn't refuse: grow and sell weed at the flower shop to earn back what he owes or get his fingers chopped off. jumbo's dad had been running the marijuana grow for several years and was making his payments and was almost out of debt, but then the police found out…

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4c253ea8 No.4193

say drugs to osaka
say no to yes

277ef187 No.4229

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3877bf40 No.4262

File: 1614726432316.gif (24.83 KB, 130x130)

say osaka to yes

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9e695fd5 No.4244[Reply]


Volume 15 comes out tomorrow in Japan, after a two year wait!
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9318148d No.4246

Very good news! Thanks!

10fa9891 No.4248

File: 1614293576211.png (13.53 KB, 259x224)

I need these for iMessage and Signal.

9e695fd5 No.4251

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9e695fd5 No.4252

File: 1614420382099.jpg (371.69 KB, 1029x891)

Exclusive bookmarks for a number of stores.

62e41da7 No.4261

File: 1614726299320.jpg (90.79 KB, 366x500)

the art is absolutely beautiful

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My woman

80db5c9a No.4254

Was Tomo always this popular?

faf02729 No.4256

/a/ threads in the last year or so made a meme of hating on her and just recently (last few months) a rebound antimeme of loving her the most has sprouted up in rebuttal. Hard to say how much of it is genuine but there does seem to be a lot of love going her way lately.

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7f1e5df5 No.4241[Reply]

I first watched Azumanga Daioh when I was like, 13, ten years ago. I first heard of it because I was reading 4chan's FAQ and it mentioned Yotsuba, and I looked that up and found Azumanga too. I recognized some of the characters from 4chan so I watched it all, 360p english dub on youtube lol.

Anyway I havent watched much anime in a while so I decided to rewatch the anime and reread the manga. I've been googling around and finding about stuff I didn't know before, like the 10th anniversery bonus chapters, or the revised art in the manga. Sorry I don't have any new interesting pictures to contribute, I just wanted to make a thread and I'm happy that there's still people out there who like talking about it.

I relate to this pic of Osaka a lot. This is my attitude toward forgetting things. Also it's suripsingly lucid dialog from her. I love moments like that.

84879778 No.4243

File: 1614162857159.jpg (84.5 KB, 300x927)

Must have been nice, huh? Yo find out there are extra chapters, and that the whole thing got re-drawn, and the supplementary lessons. Azumanga is just too influential, so even if we don't see ever again something like that, it will live for ever anyway.

File: 1475963379846.jpg (140.47 KB, 708x1000)

2d3b3278 No.1047[Reply]

Please tell me someone else has seen this. It's not actually Azuma-related, but it reads like a Yotsubato fanfiction, and the anime, for what it's worth, is pretty high production.

The protagonist's personality is like Tomo, with a dash of Osaka. And she looks like Fuuka.

And, on top of that, the teacher looks like a long-haired Kimura.

It seems like someone is a fan of Azuma, huh?
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ee629a28 No.1158

Final chapter's been translated

8e7b8d15 No.1162

If you have the translation on hand, you may post it here. Preferably, post it as a linked archive, rather than individual images.

c4ea9fa2 No.1164

Manga Traders has 13 volumes of this actually.

a89ab6a8 No.4236

have there ever been any information that suggest that the ishiguro read yotsuba or azumanga daioh?

531ffbbb No.4240

a brief google search for interviews with him yield no results for azumanga or yotsuba. I wouldn't say he didn't read them or at least knows them, but I didn't find anything

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