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df0d8f99 No.4415[Reply]

Is there anything Danbo won't do for money?
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he works for Amazon now too

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"Look how they massacred my boy."

(Seriously they had to keep the mouth too?)

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e8f72774 No.4435[Reply]

everyone talks about Shonen Bat, but they miss Ayumu Kasuga. She's in the first scenes. She is almost a main character.

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a7f5c0b7 No.3956[Reply]

So I recently had two very distinct, very odd Azumanga Daioh dreams the other night, and I was wondering if /azu/ would be interested in hearing about them?

One was a quest to save mostly rare Azumanga merch from my old high school before the nuclear apocalypse and store it in a disaster proof vault so humanity could know Azumanga even in the end-times.

The other was pretty kinky and sexual in nature (Osaka and watersports) so that one I might not be able to post.

What do you think?
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0a90bdd4 No.4111

File: 1609271495869.gif (7.14 KB, 200x104)

But there was a new chapter, your dream was just a early premonition that was a month off.

582321cf No.4112

That dream sounds as though Azuma himself could have written it.

e35f30ad No.4113

Have you ever had a dream that, that, um, that you had, uh, that you had to, you could, you do, you wit, you wa, you could do so, you do you could, you want, you wanted him to do you so much you could do anything?

7981e827 No.4114

>you wanted him to do you so much
That depends on who "him" is wink

9be9fe16 No.4434

I had a dream about a week ago where I was in high school and Kaorin was my classmate. I think we were collaborating on a school project or something? I don't remember.

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87c92582 No.4416[Reply]

Why does this site use google JS recaptcha? I think I'm going to vomit.
bring back the old VC

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60be6878 No.4405[Reply]

ITT: we add noses to /azu/

d387f6c2 No.4412

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2aabbdc4 No.4345[Reply]

is Nyanbo! also welcome here? I like it, it's so much fun and, believe me or not, it's aesthetic as hell.
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6aff42ae No.4353

She's in the ending, that's it.

9a7f3215 No.4355

File: 1616882909665.gif (207.82 KB, 373x434)

yes, it's just few seconds, but it'll probably be the only time we see her in an anime

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The former administrator of wakachan.org/azu has provided me the latest available archive of the site data for the old imageboard. The most recent post is dated 12 December 2015. It is available at https://ib.axypb.net/archive/azu/wakaba.html and in the "Archive" link at the top navigation on each page. Feel free to repost images from the archive to this site. Be advised that this is a static backup only without the Wakaba scripts in place, and so post controls and reporting features are disabled.

Regarding the old content, I would like to propose the following. As I stated in the "Welcome Back" thread, the post data from the old Wakaba-based board is incompatible with the current software, but I have received an offer to have the data migrated. The former administrator has provided only the static threads and images. I have requested the database dump that corresponds with them, which is necessary for a migration of the old posts. Upon receipt of this data, I will forward it to a specialist who will then attempt to convert the post data. If successful, all archived posts will be moved into this site. The address of this imageboard will not change.

I have opened a Straw Poll to decide whether to move forward with the data migration. The options are to leave the archived posts in place in a separate area of the website or to attempt to integrate them into this board. Feel free to voice your concerns and reasons for your decision.

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00d0c328 No.154

I second that!

84c03a83 No.155

The consensus on the poll is against this proposal. No changes will be made. Thank you for your input.

7c861763 No.165

I was on the fence about it, but ultimately I think not importing the old threads is the way to go. Sometimes a complete refresh can be good.

2cbbb8b9 No.541

File: 1459226330934.jpg (101.82 KB, 462x544)

I usually visit wakachan once a year to see what's news. Just noticed the site seems to be not working. Guessing the owner pulled the plug?

Stumbled upon this place from a google search. What's going on in this thread?

0f21f9ae No.543

Please see >>1 for more information. In short, Wakachan was shut down as illegal content was discovered on it by the host. It is not known what this content was, but it is likely that it was not uploaded by any regular users with malicious intent. The former Wakachan administration was not interested in reopening the site, so I volunteered to open a new imageboard for the /azu/ community after I was informed of its closure.

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19278b04 No.4365

File: 1617566192621.gif (11.46 KB, 176x164)

(Look's like Osaka's saying, "Come at me, bro!")

f7a2e6a8 No.4382

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4420c824 No.2736[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

We're past due for a new Azuma tweets thread.
The last one stopped bumping, and I've fallen behind on translating Azuma's tweets since he went quiet for such a long time.
Previous thread at >>146

Here's this year's Wonder Festival art.
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2c5a7386 No.4354

Might just be shopped, not sure if custom plates are even a thing in Japan, but if thats the actual plate that's pretty cool.

ec4119ec No.4357

You can request specific numbers, and they will give them to you if they are not already taken. So it might just be real

78346937 No.4358

File: 1617200618547.png (835.25 KB, 1426x2048)

I just got the raws. I'll try to translate this weekend.

12 pages this time! Here's a taste.

7f99f7d1 No.4404

I was checking the Dengeki blog for this month's releases and it caught my attention how it's labeled as the June Issue instead of May, anyone know what's up with that? https://dengekidaioh.jp/blog/entry-10523.html

this month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - No
IM - Yes

cc1c027f No.4406

This thread doesn't bump anymore. I made a new one here >>4361

My understanding of the significance of the month is that's when it's supposed to be removed from store shelves. So the issue released in April will be available until/through (not sure which) the month of June.

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8b4cc53f No.4338[Reply]

If anyone is good with Blender and textures, please join this. We need putting together the Osaka sim model.

e2fc314f No.4339

What specifically do you need? Can you post progress on the model or explain what needs to be done? I might be able to help later

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