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Osaka goes to Scotland!

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Through hours of scouring the internet I managed to find… a comic Azuma drew in 1995 of Donkey Kong.
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Ohoo, I knew he did doujinshi of other properties, but I had no idea that entailed gag manga based off nintendo games too!

The revelation alone is amazing! Now I'm wondering how he handled Funky Kong or King K.Rool,

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That was random.
Now I want to see Yots piloting the barrel plane

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I wanna see Jumbo do battle against DK.

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Cute pic, btw.

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Remember that weird RP thing Social Disaster and others had going on?
I googled it and surprise, I found a detailed TvTropes page.
Man, that RP was weirder than I thought.
Also, it had 5 seasons! Man, why! Why the dedication?! I mean, I loved SoDa, but this shit is bananas.
I don't remember who else played.


Anyway, check this out:

Season 1- The first season began with Yukari Tanizaki suddenly deciding to kill her class, and their attempts to stop her/escape. The story then moved into the afterlife, as one by one the students either fell victim to her or to their own stupidity, and they began trying to find a way to return to Earth before it came time for their souls to be judged and assigned to an eternity in either Heaven or Hell.
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Oh wow, people are still talking about this? Neat.

Too bad the wiki's, and the last seasons seems to be lost forever in the void of cyberspace.

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Nothing is really lost forever. Not in the internet.

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Except for Geocities.

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Every page that ever existed on Geocities has been saved by someone somewhere, and it's a matter of time before they're shared and posted for all to see.

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I miss Social Disaster

He was social, he was disaster.

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Might as well start up some character threads.
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Fatso? Dude, she's the supreme being of THICC delight.

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I remember a time when I used to check Pixiv daily for new fanart to save and/or post here.
I realized this morning, I can't remember the last time I did that…

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Fuuka hot

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Sooooo, how's it going?
I used to post here all the time. Well, not here, I posted on /azu like two bords ago. I still love Azumanga and Yotsuba but I haven't had a lot of time to nerd it up in almost a decade now. I'm getting married in two days and I haven't been sleeping, I'm way too tense.

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Congratulations! Hope there's a post-ceremonial dance👍👍👍

It'll be fine, I'm sure of it.

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Hey, I didn't even remember posting this. I do remember not being able to sleep.
Anyway, buump.

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Yotsuba and/or "10 years later" thread.

If Yotsuba aged in real time, she would be 18 this year…
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IRL Yotsuba.

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You're just evil.

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My-my, what a cute little one.

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I can't wait to read 10 pages about Yotsuba doing one thing in Tokyo!

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say, is there any mega folder somewhere that has all the chapters released so far in it?

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there used to be a site that hosted all of the translated chapters and stayed pretty updated but I guess it's gone now?
not the one that one asshole tried to get "donations" for. i think it was a russian hosted site. haven't checked it out in years since the official english publications started coming in a timely manner

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You mean (the now dead) 4chan.biz I assume. Wayback tells me it was alive in 2013 and dead in 2014. https://web.archive.org/web/20130725000433/http://4chan.biz:80/ for memory's sake. Had an online viewer, links to the image albums, and some other stuff. Was pretty nice, I recall using it a fair bit.

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Chapter 100: Yotsuba & Lunch (Part 2).
The Japanese title indicates this is the middle part, so we can expect the next issue to continue with this story.

21 pages, so I don't think I'll upload them one at a time.

The note at the end says the next issue will be out on 2/27.
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Page 17 makes me wonder if Yots was watching Spirited Away.

Thanks as always for the translate, Ralen!

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Koiwai specifically mentions that.

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am I the only one who thinks that yocchan's reactions on the pages 10 and 14 are kind of unyotsubalike (new word I invented)?? more reminding of other more conventional manga I mean

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lol, evidently I missed it!

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Chapter 101: Yotsuba & Lunch (Part 3).

This is a fairly short chapter. It looks like this will be the end of volume 14, which comes out next month in Japan. I'm guessing the past few multi-part chapters will be consolidated into larger, single chapters, which will change the final chapter numbering somewhat (I think this will only put us around chapter 97 overall).

The note at the end says the next issue will be available April 27.
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The series isn't over yet. This is just the end of volume 14.

I made the same mistake when I read it the first time. I thought, "isn't that beer?" before looking it up and seeing it was instant ramen.

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zoom zoom

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exploitable version

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Yotsuba&! Chapter 101

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yukarin > alle

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And put Tomo on Chaotic Bastard

She's not stupid, but rather lazy.

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Makes sense to me

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