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3d409e7e No.1413[Reply]

nyanbo is shit
azuma is a talentless pedophile who never would have been successful if a 13 year old american boy hadn't picked on his characters for a website mascot.
he produces more DUIs than he does readable manga

0f120283 No.1414

I don't think Azuma actually writes the script for Nyanbo. I agree that it's shit, though. He was already successful with AzuDai, too.
He might be a pedo 'cause he can't draw tits for shit.

File: 1489095080661.jpg (2.47 MB, 2808x4019)

f9737534 No.1440[Reply]

da new Sugaishi - Amanatsu – Sweet Rainy Girly Summer
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f9737534 No.1444

File: 1489095272985.jpg (2.74 MB, 2808x4019)

f9737534 No.1445

File: 1489095409470.jpg (1.95 MB, 1892x1894)

that's all we can post here

72c1bf56 No.1447

That's right, the /azupronz/ board went down with wakachan.
Is there another board with the goods posted about azu/yots?

e81af67a No.1448

f9737534 No.1450

oke I guess i shall post it there then

File: 1490845842465.jpg (202.29 KB, 969x1400)

b7ce1f82 No.1505[Reply]

Chapter 95: Yotsuba & Tokyo (Part 1)
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c47e5947 No.1531

Happened to me once when I was cute. It was scary.
My dad was walking a few steps behind me, LOLing his AO.

3a32ac1b No.1532

Haha, happened to me, too! Not the fake ticket but every time I when to the Shinjuku station I'd fuck up in some way.
Didn't know you had to take the ticket out at the other end and had to talk to the old staff dude to let me out the station. He got frustrated at my broken Japanese and just waved me through.

Coming back, my ticket got wet and the machine couldn't read it. Staff had to open the case to get it out. And there were a lot of fucking people rushing behind me (after a concert at Seibu Dome).

2f232368 No.1535

Thanks for the chapter Ralen.

I put them all together in a .rar file in case anyone wants to download it.


2f232368 No.1536

Also, noticed a typo here: >>1507

b7ce1f82 No.1542

File: 1491695270899.jpg (360.91 KB, 969x1400)

Back at my computer now, so I was finally able to correct this.

File: 1491583568174.png (581.76 KB, 720x576)

c4702092 No.1540[Reply]

Happy 15th Birthday to the Azumanga Daioh anime!

fa66d0d1 No.1541

Damn, now I feel ye olde.

00304c9f No.1543

It would be a couple years from that point until I saw ADV's release, but yeah.
The kids born when the series aired can start to get driver's permits…

File: 1474987737906.png (1.64 MB, 1235x676)

d33968ef No.1019[Reply]

Yotsuba appears an anime!
It had to be on The Danbo show, of course, but Yots fully appears in animation. It looks like CG.

If you want to watch the series you can see at an official free stream:
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688570a6 No.1043

I'd assume not, given how he tweeted about missing what would otherwise be his own show. Though I kinda like the idea of him taking a backseat awaiting what surprises the show would bring.

I'm real impressed by the sheer quality of CG the show has. You can even see the sunlight faintly shimmering through the plastic, emphasizing how the characters are minifigures brought to life, as much as their backstory denies it.

vc: McDonald Belmont. Now I kinda wish Konami ever had a deal with McDonalds to make Castlevania happy meals.

0892ddce No.1045

During the production of the Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show, Charles Schultz at one point tried to intervene in the production as he disapproved of changes made from the comic. He withdrew quickly after witnessing firsthand the difficulty in producing animation.

d0eb1426 No.1062

File: 1476735799130.png (218.27 KB, 640x480)

Do you not understand how anime is made? It's mainly drawn (but rarely you get 3DCG like this) done by studios which are often hired for productions like this by companies if it's not an original. Azuma likely has little say in something that has very little to do with his manga.

But I'm guessing this is a joke I didn't get because of the implication that the west has any influence over manga/anime popularity is silly and even funnier is the irony of using 'pedophiles' in reference to 4chan when you're on /azu/ - (and Barasui).

d33968ef No.1566

File: 1492332709008.png (1.2 MB, 1269x718)

Recent Danbo spotted in the wild animes.
This one is from ep. 2 in Eromanga Sensei.

d33968ef No.1567

File: 1492334320847.png (986.2 KB, 1293x728)

The second cameo of Yots. Third time's the charm, right?!

File: 1452664265307.jpg (318.84 KB, 858x1200)

41a3a913 No.117[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

There was a new chapter this month.

Here's the previous one to refresh everyone's memory.
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6f84ed07 No.1622

File: 1493870620870.jpg (254.57 KB, 969x1400)

Sasazuka reminds me of Riki from the Mato-chan/Chiro-chan series.

6f84ed07 No.1623

File: 1493870657653.jpg (324.79 KB, 969x1400)

That's all until next time! 5/27 according to the margin.

6f84ed07 No.1624

Next time looks like it'll be a new chapter.
Is it time to start a new thread? This one's over a year old, and starting to get kind of full.

ed3c56f2 No.1625

The current post limit before bumping ceases is the default setting of 250 posts. If you wish, you can begin a new thread for continued translations if there would be no room for further discussion.

e803afe3 No.1626

Miu's expressions in these chapters were precious.

File: 1492818144207.png (434.54 KB, 720x480)

2cbe646f No.1570[Reply]

I bet Osaka snores like a chainsaw.
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cf21471f No.1627

File: 1494050868437.png (985.06 KB, 1280x738)

Osaka made guest appliance in the most recent ep of Natsume

cf21471f No.1628

File: 1494050909646.png (702.66 KB, 1280x738)

420ecf48 No.1633

If you wanna talk about obsessiveness, I've taken screencaps of every frame of the AzuDai anime that Kagura features in.

It's about 5k pictures.

cf21471f No.1636

thats stupid, kagua is a shitburger

2cbe646f No.1643

File: 1494850401492.jpg (156.13 KB, 750x725)

File: 1453535813728.jpg (135.76 KB, 422x619)

b9b0192d No.188[Reply]

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09e38798 No.868

Their facial expressions sort of reminds me of pictures of digitally-rendered 3d models, where the positioning is alright, and you can understand what's going on in the picture, but the characters themselves lack the nuance to make it really seem that they belong in the image.

b5416e48 No.1360

File: 1484447576300.jpg (86.05 KB, 399x562)

Wonder Festival 2017 winter

b5416e48 No.1361

File: 1484448303871.jpg (149.31 KB, 533x800)

bigger size

6b7bae8a No.1404

File: 1486563341188.jpg (1.89 MB, 2100x3015)

b5416e48 No.1664

File: 1495947182618.jpg (627.32 KB, 800x1177)

Wonder Festival 2017 summer

File: 1496681573019.jpg (1.02 MB, 1800x2553)

b6cc6aa5 No.1686[Reply]

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b6cc6aa5 No.1691

File: 1496681892366.jpg (2.21 MB, 2103x3000)

you dont really wanna see the rest

0d763749 No.1692

If necessary, you can post the remaining pages on the unsafe board.

7634022a No.1694

Is there still a NSFW board? I think Shanachan, which held the old thread, is gone.

369feff0 No.1695

if necessary you can post the remaining pages in hell, where they belong

ae0dd1dc No.1705

I didn't like it. Isn't Yotsuba off-limits?
Should be, anyway. Also, why did the artist draw her shirt wet in every panel?

File: 1497561687692.png (66.27 KB, 480x386)

bc52a809 No.1710[Reply]

Danbo in DJ TECHNORCH - Destroy BOSS ON PARADE (Radio Edit)


bc52a809 No.1711

File: 1497561844480.png (57.32 KB, 480x386)


bc52a809 No.1712

File: 1497570831488.png (37.37 KB, 480x386)

bc52a809 No.1713

File: 1497570893271.png (91.28 KB, 480x386)

d5d39cfc No.5968


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