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Colored it!

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Drew a Kagura

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Did a good job, too.

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Some very funny guy came and flooded the board, mostly with grotesque pictures, so in desperation I bumped as many old threads as I was able to. That's why the catalog is a mess and it's also why so many old threads are now bumped. I also mostly bumped with nonsense words. I don't know if that was okay to do, but I just didn't like the idea of someone flooding the board and me just letting that happen.

The creepy porno spammers are worse, but at least they seem to have a goal. This was just pointless and weird.
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yeah, i just sit back and watch, i didnt wanna contribute to the chaos yk

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> very funny guy came and flooded the board, mostly with grotesque pictures
I don't get people like this. This site probably gets like five visitors a week. Why not do this somewhere where it'd actually be seen lol

d75be5f9 No.6151

what images i missed it all

95573c21 No.6152

Just garbage shitposting.

18e55dd0 No.6153

thank you bery much

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Do any of the former wakachan users (who are still here) have any "rare" or "lost" Azumanga Daioh art? I've seen quite a few off of the Internet Archive, but it's mostly archived thumbnails which are shit quality. Any would be appreciated!
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I have definitely seen that one. I swear I'll try to remember to look for it next time I'm at my desktop.

dbd2adfd No.5576

I looked but I couldn't find it…
I definitely do remember the "Queen of the mountain roads" comic, but I didn't think it had anything to do with Osaka growing up in Osaka. I thought it was just part of a set of gag comics.

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File: 1663176536030.jpg (256.69 KB, 1280x1592)

I wanna cry. These are beautiful. Thank you!

>"Queen of the mountain roads"

Fuck, you even remember the name! Yes, it was called that!
Well, even if you didn't find it, at least now I know I didn't imagine it.

fec5f5fa No.6001

that sounds pretty cool

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This story is apparently from last year, but I first heard about it yesterday.

A little Taiwanese girl dressed as No-Face from Spirited Away, and I couldn't help but be reminded of Yotsuba.

More pictures here:

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And this year, she apparently dressed as Ryuk from Death Note.

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Hey, that's hella cute! I ain't no prude, but I don't like how little girls as young as 10 or 11 are trick-or-treating all sexy and stuff. I lost count of all the Harley Quinns that came to my door, plus I had to host a Halloween party for my cousin and her pack of wild 11 year old girlfriends, and one of them was a Harley Quinn.
My cousin was the girl from Lady Bug, which is more appropriate and totally adorable, but disappointingly not spooky.

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I'm sure there was a better way to word that

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New Yotsuba chapter this month.
Lots of callbacks to prior chapters.
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I want Yanda's Line ID

c1369aca No.1403

So Yotsuba is gonna have fantastic adventures in Tokyo, full of glamour and romance?
That's cool, but makes me miss the Social Disaster more than ever. Because he always wanted to see the Azumanga characters again, and always hoped to see them randomly show up in Yotsuba.
He knew it's unlikely, but he hoped it would happen. With this trip to Tokyo it would have been soooooo easy to get him hyped and make him give himself false hope.

09bda347 No.1405

These three pages make me want to marry Yanda. I'm a guy and most of the time I'm straight(with some exceptions) but there is something unbelievably, superhumanly cute, nice and sexy about Yanda, his childishness and looks.

9e608f2a No.1406

^This is the third or fourth time I've witnessed someone coming out the closet for yanda on /azu/ lol

Personally, he seems like like a high maintenance fukkboi but apparently some people like that…

c1369aca No.1407

File: 1486595081920.jpg (204.97 KB, 728x653)

Even as a straight guy I see the appeal. He's like a child, and he's definitely cute, but those are factors for initial attraction and nothing else.
Even though I can't say I'm anything close to an expert on gay relationships I do know about basic human dynamics, and I'm pretty sure those initially attractive traits aren't the basis for a healthy relationship.
I'm pretty sure Yanda is not a paedophile, but still I don't know if I'd let him spend too much time around the kids.
He's basically on Ena and Miura's level of maturity.

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for your viewing pleasure: Fuuka's thunder tights
where can I post a link to it so all the other Fuuka lovers can enjoy it too?
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File: 1483064919916.png (1.73 MB, 573x1258)

While we're on the topic of farts though,

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File: 1483504467617.png (2.98 KB, 64x48)

It's an outlandish kink, sure, but I'm not hurting anyone and I get kicks out of pictures of it.

I could be into abuse.

But I'm not.

48bb5fce No.1337

Yyyeah I'm not really about knocking on anyone's kinks just so we know, I just wanted an excuse to post that reaction image lol.

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File: 1484931631039.png (23.05 KB, 100x100)

Serious, and random, question for you Mr. Geibu:

I have little to no experience with making youtube poops.

Long story short, could I talk you into making a short little 2-3 minute Azu poop for me?

I have some ideas but I suck at putting them into effect.

I can provide a few sound clips I want in the vid.

Also nice leet get.

231c37cb No.1383

I just read (and …other unmentionable things) this epic doujin saga. I like how Koiwai just accepts that Fuuka is pregnant after going raw on her after the bijillionth time - and then goes at it again lol

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Yomi and Chiyo taking Tomo home from drinking too much plus she lost her shoes and socks while Osaka talks to her hand.
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dd4ecf4c No.911

Yomi is trying to kill & eat Chiyo because there is still 20 minutes to go before the next snack break

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File: 1472781440047.jpg (42.77 KB, 800x600)

Does Tomo's crotch have a smell?

6eb31ad6 No.917

I wonder if this person wishes Chieko Higuchi had a longer career too if only to complete the leg (or arm?)

288ce886 No.941

File: 1473692550354.jpg (46.38 KB, 830x600)

Chiyo-Chan after assuming the highest office in the Japanese government, warning her country's youth of the dangers of Marxism.

0973dbc7 No.5984

Everything does

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Praise be to our Lord and Savior Geibuchan!

He died for our Dunkin Donuts and washed us of our siis.

and things
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File: 1471654986892.png (74.33 KB, 317x317)

I've heard good things about kissanime. I wonder how long it is before some silly copyright claim is put on them.

I currently prefer Windows (live) movie maker (Ya ya I know, basic stuff) but I see mp4s are supported, but I don't have Azu in mp4.

So I might take a trip to KissAnime when I get back from work.

Thanks for the advice btw!

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File: 1471657106325.png (85.48 KB, 371x253)

>>869 You're welcome, though if paying for/pirating better software isn't an option, I'd personally recommend at least getting Windows Movie Maker 2.6 so you could at least have more effects and tricks to work with,
It's essentially the movie maker you'd get with Windows XP only retooled for newer computers, should be perfect for '06/'07 style poops.

bdcaec41 No.871

I thought they put their watermarks on it? Wouldn't it better to just get a release from https://bakabt.me/details.php?id=153146&page=2 and use handbrake to convert it?

46745739 No.899

File: 1472049872208.gif (706.33 KB, 364x189)

One more question, and I'll top pestering ya. Hopefully.

What video editor do you use? I ask because Windows Movie Maker just crashed on me, and I am kinda done with it, plus I wanted a different, possibly more complex, way of making poops. (Such as adding two audio files in sync, on separate stereo tracks, if this makes sense.)

Have some spazzing Yukari.

6da8e6be No.906

>>899 I honestly don't mind answering questions on here concerning development, but yeah, I use Adobe Premiere Elements 10. An outdated software, but I got it with a bundle with Photoshop Elements. They're essentially a tad limited compared to pro versions of both softwares, for example you can't change project settings in the middle of a project by normal means, but at 150 bucks for both of them as opposed to $800 for just Premiere Pro, you can kick just as much ass with just the elements version.

It works best if you got plenty of ram for it to frolic in, I only got 4 on this here laptop of mine, but it's carried things pretty well considering. Just remember to clean out temporary files when your done with your projects or it'll get sluggish as hell. Do not use Norton if you wish to get it, it'll sap away your ram and get in the way of progress.

File: 1456310924899.jpg (125.41 KB, 1024x576)

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12ecc3fd No.333

Didn't want to make a new thread so I'll put it here:
""Yotsuba&!" Among Manga Finalists For 20th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize:"
>Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun has announced the finalists for the 20th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize. Asahi Shimbun describes the award as "honoring the late Osamu Tezuka, an artist who left an indelible mark on the nation's manga culture." Its selections are made by a committee of booksellers based on works compiled into collections released in 2015. The winner will be published in the paper in late April, then receive the award in a ceremony May 20th.

I'm sure Azuma can throw this award on top of the bajillion others he's earned over the course of the series.

2d78c1f9 No.335

I'm sort of amused that Danbo go an anime before Yotsuba&!. I know it's because Azuma doesn't want a Yotsuba anime, but still.

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File: 1471930816082.png (178.05 KB, 471x428)

File: 1471816630395.jpg (1.02 MB, 2097x1500)

c6ef9497 No.883[Reply]

suffering from severe Yotsuba withdrawals symptoms?
Yes, I KNOW how it all feels and I got the solution for you: read Ryuushika Ryuushika by Yoshitoshi Abe

Yoshitoshi Abe - Ryuushika Ryuushika - 2009 vol 1 [c1-7]

Yoshitoshi Abe - Ryuushika Ryuushika - 2011 vol 2 [8-15]

new chapters are now at:

ch 41

ch 42
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c6a7934e No.884

Ryushika Ryushika is up to 50 chapters and they all can be read here: http://www.mangahere.co/manga/ryushika_ryushika/

ed755e9c No.895

No don't read on shitty reader sites that literally have two watermarks on each page.

Download them from the OP's uploads or I uploaded them here
https://mega.nz/#F!l8MznBza!hDs-sSr9hF8eu9DzOxmGIw for the first volumes and the rest can be found http://reader.roseliascans.com/series/ryushika_ryushika/ on good reader.

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