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File: 1568926123570.png (828.07 KB, 2134x1312)

ccad1a14 No.3128[Reply]

Yotsuba monthly calendars have returned after like 5 years
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fa10cdfd No.3247

Interesting, amiami says it's produced by Hagoromo, which as far as I know closed down and was bought out by a Korean company a few years back. (They made high quality blackboard chalk, but I'm told the quality has declined since the change.) Unless it's a different Hagoromo, I find it strange they'd use their new company for this.

768bfca5 No.3258

File: 1577399946642.jpg (499.07 KB, 3613x1229)

Here's what's on the bottom of the first page. Never heard of "Hagoromo" before, so dunno what that's about
Might do this. It's wider and taller than the hook I normally hang calendars off, so I'll probably need to get creative with the mounting anyways.

45ec6a17 No.3260


>I'm told the quality has declined since the change.

A bit, but it's still great!

9eb292a3 No.3954

File: 1605655100868.jpg (191.55 KB, 1024x509)

Another year, another calendar.
I do miss the "Find Yotsuba" full color ones, but this isn't too bad.

>You could puncture the top so you have a place to tack on the wall and flip through for the next month
I held it up with a magnet until around June, when it got to be too much, so I just tore off the old months.

Same brand this year as well.

643181e1 No.3955

Same brand this year as well.
Check this out!!! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/17/world/asia/hagoromo-chalk.html

File: 1601373765081.png (161.17 KB, 571x479)

7b18f341 No.3839[Reply]

strawberryheaven (dot) net
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5ca9bb28 No.3878

>reggin 4chan.net
>brace for faggotry

a8f4ca6e No.3909

File: 1602458812233.jpg (903.92 KB, 1844x2778)

Site is run by a self-pitying attention-seeking faggot who can't keep a clean room and spams soijaks in his d*scord and shills across multiple imageboards. Wouldn't be surprised if OP was him. I'd steer clear.

0d701114 No.3914

go back to 4chan pls

8f7f4348 No.3917

It's quite remarkable how those pictures manage to achieve such ugliness with such economical linework.

47bba0d8 No.3961

who gives a shit dude

File: 1543189463966.jpg (346.71 KB, 1280x1806)

ae294e4e No.2641[Reply]

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1d6c479c No.2657

File: 1543980172508.jpg (134.83 KB, 1050x1507)

>Is that the guy who did the ridiculously-muscled X-Men characters in the 90s?
The same.
Now that I look at it, yeah the pic of OP isn´t wrong. Just looked it to me because everything except for the head is noticeably less cartoony. There is dissonance but the proportions and angle are okay, and at first I saw the angle as messed-up.
I´m looking at lots of doujin covers and I feel like many lewd artists exagerate her THICCness.

6d1f15e3 No.3911

File: 1602536872975.jpg (114.96 KB, 708x1000)

I wonder what happened to her to turn her into such a foodbeast. I bet her mother neglected feeding her when she was young or maybe even deliberately withheld it and as a result of the abuse, fattie Fukka now feels the need to overeat at every opportunity. The idea that "you never know when the next meal is coming" is ingrained into her blubbery personality.
I hate fat girls

55744f0e No.3912

As a stereotypically neglected middle child, she probably turned to food and snacks for comfort when her parents were too busy dealing with Asagi or Ena.

bd2a4c2e No.3942

this is awesome, im glad i found this board

e4e835e0 No.4062

All of that is why I love fat girls

File: 1601750080168.jpg (597.5 KB, 1426x2048)

b7829641 No.3850[Reply]

Maybe it's just me, but this feels like one of the best/funniest chapters I've read in a while. Lots of plot development, too.

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ec8a4648 No.3910

File: 1602535862189.jpg (140.92 KB, 960x480)

I like that azuma subtly upgrades their phone and tv and stuff. he could very well just leave it in the 2000's, but having it exist in our current time adds a sense of familiarity or something

fb5fe15b No.3913

First chapter was either the last or second to last day of the school year. I forget when that is for Japan. Either way, over a decade for half a year or so.

4dd989b8 No.3916

Thank you, Ralen!

9ea49867 No.3935

Honestly, this may be my favorite chapter so far. Yotsuba's book is just too fucking cute, I hope they sell them eventually.
You know they may, and you know you'll buy them if they do.

16f934a4 No.3939

File: 1603921020700.png (145.55 KB, 841x1200)

Yotsuba's always been a good artist

File: 1591820797347.jpg (17 KB, 260x280)

ce3a8be0 No.3536[Reply]

I know there's already an Osaka thread here, but a third of the posts there are degenerate, so I'm making this
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356d9ead No.3922

You wear a skirt to the beach?

a6028dc9 No.3928

I guess that would get the skirt all samdy. But she has her uniform top why not the skirt also?

And why does she have a gun and butter/cheese?

So many questions.

3d0b2d88 No.3931

Why a CD, also. May be a parody.
Funny how the butter is bothering me more than the gun.

cee85fcb No.3932


I thought that was tofu (although it is pretty dark).

I feel like I've seen this image discussed once before and that it was a parody of something, but I can't remember and can't find anything online.

a6bdf38c No.3937

File: 1603781703861-0.jpg (59.22 KB, 555x777)

Now you can.

File: 1451764234623.png (949.2 KB, 648x906)

7490f0b5 No.51[Reply]

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f3a7b6d4 No.826

File: 1470132891665.jpg (334.07 KB, 712x1100)

f3a7b6d4 No.827

File: 1470133011986.jpg (353.74 KB, 648x906)

f3a7b6d4 No.828

File: 1470133083476.jpg (223.3 KB, 648x906)

f3a7b6d4 No.829

File: 1470133139311.jpg (316.38 KB, 648x906)

I really dig the white hair and white seifukus.

e852e9a9 No.3919

File: 1602990991304.png (577.87 KB, 535x972)

i've always liked this guy's drive

File: 1556076034985.png (929.44 KB, 1137x640)

c50e193c No.2862[Reply]

The /a/ sings Soramimi Cake has finally been released to celebrate the 20th anniversary. A total of 42 anons participated and it sounds pretty nice.

0c33e95a No.3915

Good, We just need to wait 2 years for the anime to turn 20

File: 1602095134476.gif (489.32 KB, 512x512)

eb10b18c No.3898[Reply]

does it exist anywhere outside of private trackers or is it nonexistent? found 2 at the yahoo auction today so just wondering if the encode exist or buying is the only option

785e6ea2 No.3902

File: 1602240265769.png (491.98 KB, 1280x1707)

Do you mean officially on vhs or just a homemade rip? I've only ever seen commercials of Azudaioh from VHS rips so it might be out there.

File: 1598996371768.jpg (481.26 KB, 1426x2048)

75da9682 No.3780[Reply]

Something seems to be amiss with the old Ichigo Mashimaro thread in >>3238. I can't expand the thread or open it to make replies for some reason.

Here's the latest issue of IM. 4 pages, which is about standard.
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75da9682 No.3889

Something weird is going on with the previous IM thread. It looks like a lot of posts are missing for some reason.

There are 5 issues that make up the King Game storyline:

0ddcb38d No.3890

Could you re-post that chapter please?
The one that takes place before the 1st image in this thread.

9a7139bb No.3892

Thanks Ralen!

It's on MangaDex (with images in original size and everything) if you want to grab it from there.

75da9682 No.3894


Sorry I didn't have time to post it yesterday.
I tried posting it just now, but the board is telling me the file already exists, but then it just redirects me to the old corrupted IM thread.

e8d1cdb3 No.3895

Thanks! Grabbed it from that site.

File: 1573379641781.png (14.72 KB, 430x430)

9b995efc No.3180[Reply]

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ed8ac195 No.3217

File: 1573827154406.jpg (518.96 KB, 1060x1515)

4 pages is all.

9b995efc No.3224


I enjoy the artwork in Yotsu because of how simple and effective it is, while not at all being amateur. The establishing shots are great. But really it's the pacing of the panels that make it so funny.

293b50b8 No.3225

This is cool!

20f208c9 No.3843

that video is really good!

2b901904 No.3844

File: 1601578962093.png (168.05 KB, 574x774)

I love Yotsuba so much that even if its hypothetical anime was amazing, it still wouldn't live up to my expectations, a Yotsuba anime by Ghibli does sound interesting though.

Incredibly good video, made me really happy.

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