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>eansa med oss, klappa era händer
バルサミコ酢、やっぱ いらへんで

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Not sure where we lost you, but I don't blame you.

>>4075 is the famous "Caramelldansen." The song is in Swedish, but became popular as a meme in Japan with some of the lyrics being misheard as Kansai-ben. In Japan it's colloquially known as the "Uma Uma Dance" (potentially either "Horse Horse dance," or "Yummy Yummy Dance").

The first line of >>4078
>eansa med oss, klappa era händer
translates to English as "Dance with us, clap your hands,"
but also sounds like, "barusamiko-su yappa irahen de" (バルサミコ酢、やっぱ いらへんで), which roughly means "Turns out we don't need any balsamic vinegar" (in Kansai dialect, which is the region Osaka is from).

There's also an episode of Lucky Star where Tsukasa gets briefly obsessed over balsamic vinegar (or at least the words "balsamic vinegar") so there's a good deal of fan art featuring her with a bottle of balsamic, which is why I posted that.


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>Not sure where we lost you
It's because I didn't know these >>4078 are lyrics. I thought some people were posting comments in strange languages. But now I get what the post is.

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I remember on the old /azu/ that a guy used to post the lyrics to The Flaming Lips "Christmas at the Zoo." I wonder if that guy is still around.

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Okay, so do you remember the episode where Osaka thinks breaking chopsticks is a worthy accomplishment? As a westerner, I have devised a new system that is not yet applicable to easterners. L-R 1. Godly luck. Tab is fully in tact. Not broken at all. 2. Okay luck. Tab is broken, but still partially intact. 3. Bad luck, retainer is attached to can. 4. Horrible luck, tab has ripped off part of can. Anyone else have this thought before?

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I used to compulsively collect can tabs when I was little, but I always just went for L-3 because in my mind that was their natural state.

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File: 1607966741074.jpg (27.57 KB, 600x450)

though I never understood rubbing chopsticks against each other, though it's still a comfy feeling

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I got godly luck on a can of beans last night, but it meant I had to resort to using a can opener.

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It's to get rid of splinters. That's also why it's offensive to do it in a restaurant, because it implies their chopsticks are low quality.

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me too

i definitely just do it under the table (metaphorically and literally)

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Would you ride the Osakabus?
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I wonder what's the destination…

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Let's go to America

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magnificent busso

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Hey, Tomo is always a good topic.

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Hey you, you're finally awake…

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uh oh

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I kinda feel like there's more to this image…

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Yes, but you've seen it before, it's currently on page 2.

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I think Yanda is a jerk.
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Sure is Yotsuba in this thread.

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lanky yotsu a cute

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I wish Yanda was real so I could punch him in the face. For instance, I would have punched Yanda in the face here. Have you ever wanted to punch Yanda in the face?

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>Have you ever wanted to punch Yanda in the face?
I'm totally against violence, but I understand this desire and temptation you speak of. I know the point of Yanda is that he's as childish as Ena and Miura and even Yotsuba, and in that role he's funny and effective, so I don't get as mad as I should.
It's a good thing that he's handsome, otherwise he wouldn't survive.

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Yanda upset Miura, like- what's his problem.

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Yotsuba monthly calendars have returned after like 5 years
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Interesting, amiami says it's produced by Hagoromo, which as far as I know closed down and was bought out by a Korean company a few years back. (They made high quality blackboard chalk, but I'm told the quality has declined since the change.) Unless it's a different Hagoromo, I find it strange they'd use their new company for this.

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File: 1577399946642.jpg (499.07 KB, 3613x1229)

Here's what's on the bottom of the first page. Never heard of "Hagoromo" before, so dunno what that's about
Might do this. It's wider and taller than the hook I normally hang calendars off, so I'll probably need to get creative with the mounting anyways.

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>I'm told the quality has declined since the change.

A bit, but it's still great!

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Another year, another calendar.
I do miss the "Find Yotsuba" full color ones, but this isn't too bad.

>You could puncture the top so you have a place to tack on the wall and flip through for the next month
I held it up with a magnet until around June, when it got to be too much, so I just tore off the old months.

Same brand this year as well.

643181e1 No.3955

Same brand this year as well.
Check this out!!! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/17/world/asia/hagoromo-chalk.html

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strawberryheaven (dot) net
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>reggin 4chan.net
>brace for faggotry

a8f4ca6e No.3909

File: 1602458812233.jpg (903.92 KB, 1844x2778)

Site is run by a self-pitying attention-seeking faggot who can't keep a clean room and spams soijaks in his d*scord and shills across multiple imageboards. Wouldn't be surprised if OP was him. I'd steer clear.

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go back to 4chan pls

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It's quite remarkable how those pictures manage to achieve such ugliness with such economical linework.

47bba0d8 No.3961

who gives a shit dude

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File: 1543980172508.jpg (134.83 KB, 1050x1507)

>Is that the guy who did the ridiculously-muscled X-Men characters in the 90s?
The same.
Now that I look at it, yeah the pic of OP isn´t wrong. Just looked it to me because everything except for the head is noticeably less cartoony. There is dissonance but the proportions and angle are okay, and at first I saw the angle as messed-up.
I´m looking at lots of doujin covers and I feel like many lewd artists exagerate her THICCness.

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File: 1602536872975.jpg (114.96 KB, 708x1000)

I wonder what happened to her to turn her into such a foodbeast. I bet her mother neglected feeding her when she was young or maybe even deliberately withheld it and as a result of the abuse, fattie Fukka now feels the need to overeat at every opportunity. The idea that "you never know when the next meal is coming" is ingrained into her blubbery personality.
I hate fat girls

55744f0e No.3912

As a stereotypically neglected middle child, she probably turned to food and snacks for comfort when her parents were too busy dealing with Asagi or Ena.

bd2a4c2e No.3942

this is awesome, im glad i found this board

e4e835e0 No.4062

All of that is why I love fat girls

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