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3d409e7e No.1413[Reply]

nyanbo is shit
azuma is a talentless pedophile who never would have been successful if a 13 year old american boy hadn't picked on his characters for a website mascot.
he produces more DUIs than he does readable manga

0f120283 No.1414

I don't think Azuma actually writes the script for Nyanbo. I agree that it's shit, though. He was already successful with AzuDai, too.
He might be a pedo 'cause he can't draw tits for shit.

File: 1483390374052.jpg (410.48 KB, 943x1400)

47c63397 No.1289[Reply]

New Yotsuba chapter this month.
Lots of callbacks to prior chapters.
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64a45522 No.1350

I want Yanda's Line ID

c1369aca No.1403

So Yotsuba is gonna have fantastic adventures in Tokyo, full of glamour and romance?
That's cool, but makes me miss the Social Disaster more than ever. Because he always wanted to see the Azumanga characters again, and always hoped to see them randomly show up in Yotsuba.
He knew it's unlikely, but he hoped it would happen. With this trip to Tokyo it would have been soooooo easy to get him hyped and make him give himself false hope.

09bda347 No.1405

These three pages make me want to marry Yanda. I'm a guy and most of the time I'm straight(with some exceptions) but there is something unbelievably, superhumanly cute, nice and sexy about Yanda, his childishness and looks.

9e608f2a No.1406

^This is the third or fourth time I've witnessed someone coming out the closet for yanda on /azu/ lol

Personally, he seems like like a high maintenance fukkboi but apparently some people like that…

c1369aca No.1407

File: 1486595081920.jpg (204.97 KB, 728x653)

Even as a straight guy I see the appeal. He's like a child, and he's definitely cute, but those are factors for initial attraction and nothing else.
Even though I can't say I'm anything close to an expert on gay relationships I do know about basic human dynamics, and I'm pretty sure those initially attractive traits aren't the basis for a healthy relationship.
I'm pretty sure Yanda is not a paedophile, but still I don't know if I'd let him spend too much time around the kids.
He's basically on Ena and Miura's level of maturity.

File: 1481499908283.jpg (1.4 MB, 1820x2600)

43d1752f No.1221[Reply]

for your viewing pleasure: Fuuka's thunder tights
where can I post a link to it so all the other Fuuka lovers can enjoy it too?
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79137df9 No.1281

File: 1483064919916.png (1.73 MB, 573x1258)

While we're on the topic of farts though,

227027d7 No.1331

File: 1483504467617.png (2.98 KB, 64x48)

It's an outlandish kink, sure, but I'm not hurting anyone and I get kicks out of pictures of it.

I could be into abuse.

But I'm not.

48bb5fce No.1337

Yyyeah I'm not really about knocking on anyone's kinks just so we know, I just wanted an excuse to post that reaction image lol.

227027d7 No.1380

File: 1484931631039.png (23.05 KB, 100x100)

Serious, and random, question for you Mr. Geibu:

I have little to no experience with making youtube poops.

Long story short, could I talk you into making a short little 2-3 minute Azu poop for me?

I have some ideas but I suck at putting them into effect.

I can provide a few sound clips I want in the vid.

Also nice leet get.

231c37cb No.1383

I just read (and …other unmentionable things) this epic doujin saga. I like how Koiwai just accepts that Fuuka is pregnant after going raw on her after the bijillionth time - and then goes at it again lol

File: 1483889792882.jpg (36.29 KB, 470x353)

8cc9fa04 No.1346[Reply]

Anyone else watch Game Center CX?

I swear I've heard Azumanga music in more than one episode; usually when Arino travels to different arcades and plays coin-op games.

0c1bd89b No.1348

I brought this up years back, when it was easier to watch the series on YouTube.
There were at least two tracks they used from AzuDai, iirc. The ska-ish cute one with the recorder and the one they play while they're in Okinawa. Although, it's been a couple years since I've seen either series.

d2667211 No.1349

I remember a fan of mine brought this up one time. He even linked me an episode when it happens and everything!
I thought it was kinda nice having the music live on even past the series ending.

a0053428 No.1353

The travelogue segments that include music by the Kuricorder Pops Orchestra are not included in home video releases due to licensing complications. This is unfortunate as many fans consider them the highlight of the program.

7baa90d6 No.1364

I remember one episode used the opening theme for Deep Space Nine of all things. Music from Headhunter on the Dreamcast is used often too.

0c1bd89b No.1368

They really are. Game challenges get old especially when it's just platformers, but seeing Arino dicking around outside Tokyo in remote areas to play at arcades is always fun.
Like his trip to the U.S. He almost played Doom. Would have been nice to get his reaction.

File: 1483582195092.jpg (82.44 KB, 717x717)

3c4718fd No.1338[Reply]

File: 1483242900156.gif (289.66 KB, 180x135)

615367e8 No.1283[Reply]

Happy 2017, fuckeroos! Let this year be productive and joyous for y'all!

46be1a39 No.1285

File: 1483255195511.gif (1.3 MB, 397x296)


File: 1482795571741.png (4.68 MB, 1426x2048)

84549eb0 No.1266[Reply]

Dengeki Daioh went digital, so there will be better Yotsuba raws now.

d240dd24 No.1270

you forgot to add: IF there is any new Yotsubato chapters

d28e9788 No.1272

File: 1482813195900.png (586.28 KB, 960x645)

There appear to be samples of a select few chapters there to read, and as samples, the pages are small.

Also the yotsuba page gives character descriptions and you can buy individual volumes from there!
Oh and Astro Boy's there on the corner!

84549eb0 No.1273


I thought we were getting a new chapter in the next issue.

Well, IF and WHEN there's a new chapter, the editor won't have to use public garbage raws.

File: 1482628431606.jpg (103.04 KB, 800x600)

cc029a6e No.1260[Reply]


f441c860 No.1261

Merry times for the whole IB!

612f54d5 No.1262

File: 1482644709804.jpg (18.9 KB, 240x159)

Merry Xmas! Hope Santa got you some nice toys!

7220d8a0 No.1263

File: 1482647271445.jpeg (122.44 KB, 1024x768)

Merry Christmas /azu/!

954499b8 No.1265

File: 1482721133221.jpg (2.94 MB, 3264x2448)


File: 1482014909783.jpg (54.61 KB, 283x400)

86198ba4 No.1239[Reply]

what's Yanda doing there? name is きぎたつみ短編集 =42

437581ff No.1241

It’s Yanda, a younger girl on which he’s preying (like the teenage Yotsuba fan art), and Koiwai there to stop him (and another kid wrapped around the younger Koiwai’s leg (his first taste of fatherhood). Uncanny.

86198ba4 No.1242

maybe something for Ralen to translate now that he is free 99.99& of the time

86198ba4 No.1245

File: 1482177603560.jpg (41.89 KB, 283x400)

yet another Yots imitation manga.

File: 1481963957168.png (485.45 KB, 1280x738)

91d4e54b No.1237[Reply]

The Flip Fappers ED seems to be composed of equal parts Soramimi Cake and Raspberry Heaven.

91d4e54b No.1238

File: 1481964092747.png (1.16 MB, 1280x738)

I can't put my finger on exactly what it is, but as soon as I saw it I was reminded of the Azumanga anime.

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