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This fluit is good ( ) ( ) .
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I want to massage and sniff Osaka's feet.

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'cuz they're adorable.

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カツヲ] 三ツ星カラーズ 第035話

it has cute girls in it too
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98d60d5a No.1859

here is a good one

df4f8044 No.1861

Yes, he is translating this title as he had the previous two titles published by MangaGamer. We would appreciate your support if you plan on taking an interest in this series.

685b7653 No.1862

I like lesbians but I've never done VN. May give it a try whenever I have a lot of free time.

df4f8044 No.1864

If you would like to sample the tone of the series, I recommend the all-ages title Remembering How We Met, or the Risa-Miya Theater video series, which was created to promote this title.

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568e1045 No.1760[Reply]

Post them Azumanga edits
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And this one

518752de No.1802

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Got this ask from an anon back when I still had Anon asking enabled. I forgot all about it.

Gotta say I felt a little dirty putting something together for some fan's crazed fanfiction writing.

fe396922 No.1830

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my personal favorite

b8906b57 No.1834

Do you maintain a public collection of bizarre compositions such as this?

a5733a7b No.1836

File: 1502225783680.gif (4.46 MB, 427x238)

>>1834 Not solely in image form, but a good lot of masked frames and resources go into making stuff like these. I tend to clump episodes together and come up with all kinds of setups for the girls!
A good lot of my works end with Azumanga Daioh edits, so nearly each video's a double feature.

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30299ae2 No.1826[Reply]

So my girlfriend wants to start making Amigurumi (Japanese style cute knit dolls). I got her hooked on Yotsuba a while back (reading scanlations was "a good way to practice her russian") and she wants to make a Yotsuba amigurumi now. This is the best one we've found but imo the hair is kind of off. Does anyone make/have these? Or know how to find better patterns, maybe a Japanese site or something?

9c0b6eab No.1827

File: 1502043139975.jpg (43.32 KB, 425x500)

There are books all about that craft. I know because I bought one about cute robots for my sister in law last Xmss. These ain't cheap, though.
Or maybe they're cheap and someone scammed me. If your girl makes some cool Yotsuba ones keep 'em posted for us to appreciate.

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The reCAPTCHA verification used by vichan is no longer functional, so it has been disabled. vichan currently uses a deprecated version of the API, and the more common reCAPTCHA V2, which uses a check box for verification, has not been implemented. As of 17 June 2017, requests to it no longer complete, preventing any posts and replies from being submitted.

The reCAPTCHA was very effective in preventing spam from being posted, so its removal may result in increased spam. Please be vigilant in reporting spam as I await a response from the developer on the possibility of updating the reCAPTCHA implementation to the current version.

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vichan has updated its reCAPTCHA functionality to use the current version 2. It has been re-enabled.

If you experience any issues with it, please contact me directly with the contact links at the bottom of the page.

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f1f48885 No.1755[Reply]

Why is Yotsuba half of the time speaking of herself in 3rd person? Is she like tht in the original dialogues in japanese?
Is it to amke her "quirkier"?

7c8ad38d No.1757

Personal pronouns are much more varied in Japanese (and pronouns in general are used far less often than in English) so most children grow up referring to themselves by their name (i.e. in the third person). It doesn't have the same weird quirkiness there that it does here, and some adults (almost always women) speak this way too as a way to seem more childish/feminine.

In my opinion, the translation makes her seem quirkier than she is by retaining these.

f1f48885 No.1758

That was really clarifying. Thanks.

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c5040dd8 No.1590[Reply]

Chapter 95: Yotsuba & Tokyo (Part 2)

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish it in one day, but this was a really short chapter.
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c5040dd8 No.1723

I just report what's in the margin. The filthy, lying margin.

def2fcbc No.1725

The edict I issued last month in >>1676 was in force only for that month.

9e0d8976 No.1727

Maybe it didn't work because your heart isn't pure enough.

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97441d4c No.1648

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Osaka goes to Scotland!

c7b83007 No.1726

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bc52a809 No.1710[Reply]

Danbo in DJ TECHNORCH - Destroy BOSS ON PARADE (Radio Edit)


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File: 1496681892366.jpg (2.21 MB, 2103x3000)

you dont really wanna see the rest

0d763749 No.1692

If necessary, you can post the remaining pages on the unsafe board.

7634022a No.1694

Is there still a NSFW board? I think Shanachan, which held the old thread, is gone.

369feff0 No.1695

if necessary you can post the remaining pages in hell, where they belong

ae0dd1dc No.1705

I didn't like it. Isn't Yotsuba off-limits?
Should be, anyway. Also, why did the artist draw her shirt wet in every panel?

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