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d92553e0 No.1143[Reply]

Due to a growing number of users logging IPv6 addresses, I've enabled support for native IPv6 communication. Please report any issues to [email protected]

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82d0f8b7 No.942[Reply]

Sorry for the delay.
Here's chapter 93. The chapter numbering seems to be back on track with this one.

It's 30 pages, and I'm too lazy to post them one at a time, so here's a download link.
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965dc6da No.969

truth be told got this off 4chan /manga

06f8fcc9 No.993

lol get over yourself; her hair was better long

2e2e9d35 No.994


Asagi looks great with the side ponytail.

Plus, it's probably easier to take care of…. and it's not like women never change their hairdos.

6acd4b0e No.1114

Was there a new IM and Yotsuba this month?

82d0f8b7 No.1123

IM, yes. Yotsuba, no.
About to posting the IM chapter now.

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e1a841db No.20[Reply]


For a long time, I thought about posting about how I was the mysterious "-M." moderator at the old Azumanga board (maybe I even did and forgot about it). Not that it's that interesting, I mostly wanted to say I had a good time.

Then Wakachan disappeared after ten or so years!

But now the board is apparently reincarnated. We'll see how it works. I'm NOT the moderator here - I haven't been for a long time, after server/communications problems made it too difficult.

I was there on 4chan in November 2003, when it was a nice place. And here I am, still posting, albeit very sporadically. I wonder if this 4chan offshoot branch will ever die?

Anyone remember my moderation? Did you ever wish I would be attacked by mad goats?

b9654962 No.27

>Did you ever wish I would be attacked by mad goats?
Nah. Maybe gently nibbled by weak squirrels.

6ce70c62 No.41

>I wonder if this 4chan offshoot branch will ever die?
I hope not. Ive only been on imageboards since 2011, but I really like this sorta imageboard culture.

56c5870c No.1059

At least you have a long experience in Wakachan. I used old /azu/ sporadically and just remember to check it up today. I went into total panic mode when it said "Board will be closed in several days"

Good thing I read about update about this offshoot /azu/. This show was part of my youth and seeing it slowly going into cold death made me want to make sure younger gen knew more about this gem than Lucky Star.

Maybe I need to learn how to manage a board site. Maybe one day I had to put another backup site.

a50c11e7 No.1060

I like how we always talk about backup spots to go if the board goes down then we end scattering when it finally happens :3 (Discord, anyone?)
I was a janitor at the old board, not sure if that's the same as a mod. I was a pretty frequent poster but I mostly deleted CP. I think I banned 2 assholes since 2007.
You did a good job from what I've seen, -M.

It's actually funny now seeing news about 4chan having a "restructure" in the future to stay afloat. I haven't been a regular there since 2010. I probably grew out of it but looking at what it's doing now it seems like a breeding ground for idiots who combatively support the alt-right. A fry cry from the Anons I knew back when they protested Scientology.

5a7b8a2d No.1061

File: 1476735271662.jpg (623.99 KB, 600x917)

I don't know about that. Boards like /a/ are practically still the same as they were in 2008.

File: 1466079271671.jpg (216.06 KB, 1280x960)

1e3f2171 No.753[Reply]

I've returned from Japan last night after a two-week vacation. I'd like to share a story of a strange occurrence in Akihabara that seems to be lifted directly out of Azumanga Daioh.

In the evening, I bought a wagyuu beef skewer from a stand on the street. I took a seat and was about to eat it, but I was interrupted by a passing gentleman who needed assistance with something. He began to speak to me, but unfortunately for him, I did not speak his language, but rather than find another person to help, he began to ask his question anyway.

He took a very long time to work out in English some request regarding poker, but as I was wholly unfamiliar with the game, I was unable to help him regardless of what his actual request was. After taking several minutes trying to explain the basic rules to me in the hopes that I would understand his trouble, I could only respond that I do not partake in gambling and that I could not help. It was only after several repeats of this awkward conversation loop that he turned away. At no point was I able to hazard a guess as to what he needed assistance with.

There is an upside, as the long length of that conversation was enough to cool my beef skewer. The homegrown beef easily justified its 1,000 yen premium.

On a final note, pictured is the biggest prize I collected from the UFO catchers, both in terms of size and money spent. It took me many, many more attempts than I am willing to admit to claim it.
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898ffef4 No.785

File: 1467507030975.png (284.71 KB, 520x600)

What places in Japan do you guys recommend as a must go to?

ef637043 No.786

mt. fuji

5c3a1f39 No.1044

I've collected my tweets from my trip to Japan this June into a Twitter Moment. The tweets are presented in chronological order. https://twitter.com/i/moments/784807510758875138

96526cb0 No.1046

>Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!
Is your account private by any chance?

5c3a1f39 No.1049

It appears that Moments by users whose profiles are defined as containing sensitive media can only be seen by users who are logged in and request to see such media by default. I am required to mark my own account as containing sensitive media as I regularly post non-work-safe images. I apologize for the inconvenience.

The tweets are still visible in the link posted in >>764, though they are in reverse chronological order.

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3b516394 No.725[Reply]

b51c35af No.1010

File: 1474649866024.jpg (50.77 KB, 600x450)

File: 1472065429844.jpg (58.98 KB, 640x480)

288ce886 No.901[Reply]

Yomi and Chiyo taking Tomo home from drinking too much plus she lost her shoes and socks while Osaka talks to her hand.
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398662a7 No.910

File: 1472341648243.png (148.46 KB, 312x239)

Tomo thinks the birds are on her lawn despite them being in the air so she's trying to kick them while yelling at them to get off.

dd4ecf4c No.911

Yomi is trying to kill & eat Chiyo because there is still 20 minutes to go before the next snack break

288ce886 No.914

File: 1472781440047.jpg (42.77 KB, 800x600)

Does Tomo's crotch have a smell?

6eb31ad6 No.917

I wonder if this person wishes Chieko Higuchi had a longer career too if only to complete the leg (or arm?)

288ce886 No.941

File: 1473692550354.jpg (46.38 KB, 830x600)

Chiyo-Chan after assuming the highest office in the Japanese government, warning her country's youth of the dangers of Marxism.

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ee4edaa2 No.747[Reply]

It has come to my attention that spam posts containing links to illegal material has been posted on this board over the last few days. Ralen has been expedient in deleting these posts as they have appeared, but the posts are currently ongoing. As I am out of the country and will not return until this Wednesday, I do not have the time to investigate these posts and take permanent action against them.

To protect the site and its users, I have enabled reCaptcha verification as a tentative measure until I return, which should mitigate spam of any kind. As I wrote in the introduction post, I have left it disabled until it became a necessity. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but please recall that these posts were responsible for the closure of the previous /azu/, and so I must ensure that it is not repeated. If you have any concerns and must reach me immediately, please send an e-mail to [email protected] Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
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c9f31cba No.751

Have you noticed if they’re coming from a specific region? You could IP ban an entire nation if that was the case. The software also ought to know whether or not the IP is part of a proxy system and then just ban proxied IPs.

c972fac0 No.754

Most of the spam posts originated from the United States. I believe them to be coming from a botnet.

I've increased security on my domain's CloudFlare configuration, which may prevent such compromised machines from accessing the site. I've also updated vichan to version 5.1.2.

c972fac0 No.757

I've configured a keyword blacklist and several DNSBL blocklists as further protection against known sources of spam. I manually deleted a spam post minutes ago, so the previous measures were not sufficient.

If you are now unable to post due to the new spam protections, please contact the e-mail address in the first post with your IP address.

c80eee4b No.923

Despite increased anti-spam measures on my part, all attempts to completely eliminate spam posts containing links to illicit content have proven ineffective. I have re-enabled reCAPTCHA for the time being until I can determine another means to block spam links. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

973adcd7 No.936

File: 1473487791363.jpg (15.64 KB, 500x375)

File: 1465519908808.jpg (31.82 KB, 500x476)

ca31c357 No.736[Reply]

I found this on Amazon.

Is this an actual proper Blu-ray release of Azumanga? I know the original show was never made at 1080p or anything, so I'm not expecting a visual breakthrough, but it's great to see it come to BD.

If anyone can translate anything about the box itself or any of the preorder/first-run bonuses, I'd thank you. I'm actually considering importing this. Help me.
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ca31c357 No.896

File: 1472007467338.gif (188.53 KB, 720x480)

Thank you based anons

61ab7a96 No.900

Your thanks should be directed to the person who took the time to retime the subs.

2e1b2eb3 No.903

I didn't look at the rips but from the comparison it just seems like a basic upscale. I wonder if you'd be able to tell the difference between that and just scaling the DVDs yourself.

16a1b2f2 No.905

The lower amount of compression artifacts on the BD is noticeable.

042636a3 No.912

Yeah as >>905 there are definite differences and it's not just a straight upscale since it doesn't have the artifacts the original has. I haven't checked but I hope no detail was lost in the BDs.

File: 1466046191077.gif (170.34 KB, 320x237)

516e6d92 No.752[Reply]

Praise be to our Lord and Savior Geibuchan!

He died for our Dunkin Donuts and washed us of our siis.

and things
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46745739 No.869

File: 1471654986892.png (74.33 KB, 317x317)

I've heard good things about kissanime. I wonder how long it is before some silly copyright claim is put on them.

I currently prefer Windows (live) movie maker (Ya ya I know, basic stuff) but I see mp4s are supported, but I don't have Azu in mp4.

So I might take a trip to KissAnime when I get back from work.

Thanks for the advice btw!

6da8e6be No.870

File: 1471657106325.png (85.48 KB, 371x253)

>>869 You're welcome, though if paying for/pirating better software isn't an option, I'd personally recommend at least getting Windows Movie Maker 2.6 so you could at least have more effects and tricks to work with,
It's essentially the movie maker you'd get with Windows XP only retooled for newer computers, should be perfect for '06/'07 style poops.

bdcaec41 No.871

I thought they put their watermarks on it? Wouldn't it better to just get a release from https://bakabt.me/details.php?id=153146&page=2 and use handbrake to convert it?

46745739 No.899

File: 1472049872208.gif (706.33 KB, 364x189)

One more question, and I'll top pestering ya. Hopefully.

What video editor do you use? I ask because Windows Movie Maker just crashed on me, and I am kinda done with it, plus I wanted a different, possibly more complex, way of making poops. (Such as adding two audio files in sync, on separate stereo tracks, if this makes sense.)

Have some spazzing Yukari.

6da8e6be No.906

>>899 I honestly don't mind answering questions on here concerning development, but yeah, I use Adobe Premiere Elements 10. An outdated software, but I got it with a bundle with Photoshop Elements. They're essentially a tad limited compared to pro versions of both softwares, for example you can't change project settings in the middle of a project by normal means, but at 150 bucks for both of them as opposed to $800 for just Premiere Pro, you can kick just as much ass with just the elements version.

It works best if you got plenty of ram for it to frolic in, I only got 4 on this here laptop of mine, but it's carried things pretty well considering. Just remember to clean out temporary files when your done with your projects or it'll get sluggish as hell. Do not use Norton if you wish to get it, it'll sap away your ram and get in the way of progress.

File: 1456310924899.jpg (125.41 KB, 1024x576)

fa4576f8 No.325[Reply]

12ecc3fd No.333

Didn't want to make a new thread so I'll put it here:
""Yotsuba&!" Among Manga Finalists For 20th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize:"
>Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun has announced the finalists for the 20th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize. Asahi Shimbun describes the award as "honoring the late Osamu Tezuka, an artist who left an indelible mark on the nation's manga culture." Its selections are made by a committee of booksellers based on works compiled into collections released in 2015. The winner will be published in the paper in late April, then receive the award in a ceremony May 20th.

I'm sure Azuma can throw this award on top of the bajillion others he's earned over the course of the series.

2d78c1f9 No.335

I'm sort of amused that Danbo go an anime before Yotsuba&!. I know it's because Azuma doesn't want a Yotsuba anime, but still.

95b2ec54 No.893

03d847e5 No.894

File: 1471930816082.png (178.05 KB, 471x428)

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