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66497358 No.6382[Reply]

Untranslated interview of Azuma from 2006. A 2 page spread from the september issue of SWITCH, 2006. If someone on the board already had the scans then I'm gonna be piss myself ( ;^;)
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95a81539 No.6387

She's five.
Just kidding, I know what you mean.
Weird to think that this manga has been going on for two decades… when OP's interview was published, the manga was only 3 years old, and if someone had thought back then that the series was coming to an end, it wouldn't have been crazy.

2e45b3cc No.6388

>>6387 A! Before the interview was published people actually did think the series ended.

When the Tankōbon for volume 5 was released earlier the same year, the Obi (which is a strip of paper looped around japanese published books) had a line that read “The end of summer that never ends”. This made people think the manga actually ended; and it doesn't help the fact that Azuma years later stated that the beach chapter was a climax he had in mind when he started making the series, which imo does have a natural end to it.

Yotsubato also, at the time, was running for as long as Azumanga had. So there's that.
Then again, people said the same for volume 12's camping chapters so maybe we've always been contemplating the inevitable…

59fb18c0 No.6390

File: 1671297370983.jpg (71.98 KB, 720x720)

>the Obi (which is a strip of paper looped around japanese published books)
Those strips have a name? I guess I should have known, 'cause everything has a name. Your big toe is called "hallux", it's not just "big toe".
And I had no idea that even back then people were seeing signs of the series coming to an end. That makes me feel a bit better, since we're constantly seeing signs of it ending now, maybe we're as wrong today as people were in 2006.

daee1969 No.6401

They're named after (right down to using the same exact kanji) the sashes you tie around your waist while wearing a kimono or yukata.

fe495cc7 No.6404

Oh, that's cute!

File: 1594013840689.png (8.83 KB, 133x141)

e090528c No.3601[Reply]

how about a PFP thread? drop your azumanga pfps!
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a137bc0d No.6370

File: 1670814973620.png (327.5 KB, 480x480)


29e91a1f No.6372

Wtf, I didn't know you could use emojis here? 💁‍♀️

c648719b No.6376

Oh, shit. This is kinda cool. 🐿️ ❤️💯🌶️🌶️🦓🦄🦓🐈

8de18ae7 No.6392

File: 1671413305130.jpg (3.34 KB, 150x150)

The thread is bumped a lot - sorry for bumping.. O_O

But anyways, here's one!

793220bd No.6403

File: 1672205912356.jpeg (24.31 KB, 564x423)

i like this one

File: 1465519908808.jpg (31.82 KB, 500x476)

ca31c357 No.736[Reply]

I found this on Amazon.

Is this an actual proper Blu-ray release of Azumanga? I know the original show was never made at 1080p or anything, so I'm not expecting a visual breakthrough, but it's great to see it come to BD.

If anyone can translate anything about the box itself or any of the preorder/first-run bonuses, I'd thank you. I'm actually considering importing this. Help me.
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61ab7a96 No.900

Your thanks should be directed to the person who took the time to retime the subs.

2e1b2eb3 No.903

I didn't look at the rips but from the comparison it just seems like a basic upscale. I wonder if you'd be able to tell the difference between that and just scaling the DVDs yourself.

16a1b2f2 No.905

The lower amount of compression artifacts on the BD is noticeable.

042636a3 No.912

Yeah as >>905 there are definite differences and it's not just a straight upscale since it doesn't have the artifacts the original has. I haven't checked but I hope no detail was lost in the BDs.

c2e87991 No.6402

Massive fucking necrobump, but these Blu-rays use the typical smeary upscaling technique common for Blu-ray releases of late 90s and early 2000s standard definition digipaint anime, although the set also contains what seems to be the entire show's soundtrack on two CDs.

File: 1671916186137.jpg (119.67 KB, 800x491)

6edd5783 No.6395[Reply]


14ef184c No.6396

File: 1671926884333.jpg (276.47 KB, 1024x768)


65a7a9aa No.6398

Merry Christmas dudes
Feels like it was just yesterday that the Yotsuba Christmas chapters came out. I guess life feels like it moves pretty fast without regular chapter releases

6fadbc4f No.6399

>Feels like it was just yesterday that the Yotsuba Christmas chapters came out
Yeah, it's weird. It really feels recent.

File: 1671928216679.jpg (46.24 KB, 500x500)

7a1484d5 No.6397[Reply]


File: 1668146259125.jpeg (14.41 KB, 207x263)

414b3654 No.6256[Reply]

Where am i?

b0e4a445 No.6264

You are in hell Choyo. You are going to die and go to superhell

d3017b9d No.6393

File: 1671802314158.png (1.53 MB, 1800x1271)

Say, it's been pretty quiet around here. Did the botting stop?

File: 1670402385801.jpg (23.28 KB, 295x295)

9e0d2997 No.6355[Reply]

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22bf7866 No.6363

Well, that's what I heard.

6c76abec No.6378

Yeah, who knows what kind of racist spam posts she'll come across!

4ba4df43 No.6379

Yeah. Also, Yotsuba may find out where American president Joe Biden lives.
Who knows what she could do with that info.

0550814f No.6380

>find out where the president lives
uhhhh… yeah. where every single president before him lived? many lulz to think it's "classified"

1fc7207b No.6381

Yes, even I know the president of the United States of America lives in the Whitest House atop Mount Rushmore, but there was a very weird spam here about some leaked documents concerning some secret properties he's supposed to have. Of course I didn't click it.

File: 1669412051833.png (332.64 KB, 800x800)

c26902e9 No.6305[Reply]

do you guys think osaka could've beaten England
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8d243a40 No.6346

Stay salty.

5a31147f No.6347

File: 1670202741439.jpg (80.95 KB, 868x561)

I'm not salty, I don't care about the World Cup. It's not even that shiny or glorious, anyway. In fact, I'm glad Chile didn't qualify.
I certainly don't cry myself to sleep every night. Not even every other night. I don't care about soccer.
In fact, I don't even know what soccer is, I forgot what it is. Is soccer some kind of insect? A star system or a distant galaxy? A new element? It could be anything, I don't know.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! What the fuck happened with the team we had in 2015 and 2016??!! We won not only the 2015 Copa América, we won the USA special edition once-in-a-lifetime turbo deluxe 100th anniversary cup the very next year in SPECTACULAR fashion, against Argentina, no less! And now we can't even qualify for the fuckin' World Cup??!!

I mean, what is soccer?

e896d491 No.6353

File: 1670269051818.jpg (332.83 KB, 871x1600)

>It's not even that shiny or glorious, anyway
Looks shiny to me.

c907a279 No.6354

average Alexis Sanchez fan

Tbh I gotta say I'm getting tired of seeing the list of the same winners every time
(Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, France)
I wanted Croatia to go all the way in 2018, and im hoping that this year we can have an underdog

a929cb29 No.6364

File: 1670555476469.jpg (374.48 KB, 1200x1641)

>average Alexis Sanchez fan
Fuck yeah!

File: 1667079729818.jpg (782.13 KB, 1336x1920)

8667dc61 No.6202[Reply]


I'm feeling too lazy to post each page individually…
17 pages this time. The note at the end says new chapter in next month's issue (yeah right).
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82531ee4 No.6358

File: 1670461594154.gif (796.58 KB, 360x240)

33edf089 No.6360

Instead of Yotsubato not coming out every month, I would prefer that it came out every month.
In my opinion, it would be better if it never skipped a month. I don't know if this is a controversial view.

197c1485 No.6362

File: 1670537042376.jpg (48.97 KB, 800x450)

1b3bbd94 No.6365

Yeah, well… I said what I said, and if that gets me cancelled so be it.
I also think Ichigo Mashimaro should come out every month.

43500d91 No.6366

I'm glad you said it because I don't think I could've. But I do agree that monthly chapters of these series should be the norm.

File: 1668441347315.jpg (79.9 KB, 720x527)

543a235b No.6270[Reply]


(It will make you love the franchise even more!)
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630d10df No.6309

Got my glass of orange juice ready

ee8dafab No.6310

File: 1669498150002.jpg (17.95 KB, 640x480)

If only we could see her take wing…

c3781ff5 No.6313

File: 1669506616925.jpg (28.74 KB, 452x360)

Is the creator of the original vid OK? Does his heart beat still?

9bf55916 No.6338

Nyamo forever. I feel like she's a lot sweeter than Yukari, and plus, she swims and runs too, so them legs are probably heaven

a7406468 No.6341

"No I don't think Guptill is a skeleton, Lyle"

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