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b9e2162d No.4658[Reply]

And you almost made a move but, didn't because you knew it wouldn't be the same.

e8fdd83c No.4688

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I lost my virginity to irl Sakaki. Same height, looks, buxom build, and personality quirks. I have dedicated every day after the fact to charity work, because that was a direct blessing from God.

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40da96c1 No.4676[Reply]

Hello /azu/, is there some place I can read the original Japanese version online? I need it for a quick reference but don't have the money to buy the volumes. Thanks!

Oh and on the off chance that Ralen sees this, I'm a big fan of your translation works, keep it up! :)

6713d4ba No.4678

40da96c1 No.4679

Is there a way I can read online as opposed to downloading a torrent copy of it? Just personal preferences yasee

c94b3c86 No.4680

Does this link still work? https : //drive.goo gle.com/drive/mobile/folders/1jcCUZOxOgJz0qxmUz5aMmITIo5IaaP-0

It's like 935MB so I can't preview it.

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96de1a84 No.4593[Reply]

Let's discuss other pieces of media, not necessarily anime or manga, with a wholesome dynamic of a single father raising a daughter, just like Yousuke and Yotsuba.
In the Yakuza games the protagonist Kiryu adopts a kid named Haruka and quickly they grow a strong bond with each other thoughout the series. There's even a recurrent minigame in the series in which you walk with her in the city and go to eat at restaurants, play games, sing at karaokes or buy stuff in shops for her.

a4c34bf2 No.4594

File: 1628768215676.jpg (296.59 KB, 1200x1176)

There's an upcoming indie game called Eastward that has something like that, it's about a man who meets a girl with superpowers and they seem to form a strong bond.
Pic related is fanart btw.

575ab0bd No.4673

File: 1631300245519.jpg (710.91 KB, 1400x1991)

I'm not sure what this is, but I saw it on the Dengeki Daioh website and it gave me Yotsuba vibes.

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c018d973 No.4533[Reply]

What do you think Mr. Azuma will make after Yotsuba 15? Im thinking something Azu related.

4959ff1d No.4540

He leaves public eye and we are left in despair

f74edeb7 No.4541

oh noes

413b21f4 No.4662

He goes to Raspberry Heaven.

6092e4fb No.4664

File: 1631050340310.jpg (134.76 KB, 1440x1080)

this song makes me feel very nostalgic

I am thinking about Nyanbo, production and nothing manga related

or maybe he go space like Bezos

File: 1630955665634.png (13.71 KB, 156x156)

c1c63d66 No.4660[Reply]

her stamp basically looks like a scarred, frightened, screaming face, don't you think?

64776df0 No.4661

File: 1630967260781.png (242.09 KB, 1680x1050)

I see that, but I also see this.

9e2dfb62 No.4663

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8ab9c003 No.4530[Reply]

So are we EVER going to see any more Yots?

41a3c2a3 No.4534

There have been longer hiatuses (hiati?) than this in the past. I'm sure it will resume again before long.

7dc935d1 No.4537

Bout time for the cycle to repeat and we get a single chapter and then another 5m hiatus.

8289eca3 No.4586

Just be glad Yotsuba doesn't ever have to go on a "short" boat ride.
RIP Miura

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8069aad7 No.4512[Reply]

Does anyone approve of the ease of access of the digital copies of physical media on the internet, especially of anime-related ones. It seems that anyone these days can just casually download or torrent any media they want without even thinking of buying its physical equivalent. What are the possible implication of casuals discovering certain stuff for niche communities like this one where they can go after knowing these stuff. I would like to hear your insights about this, especially from the veterans.
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f647c666 No.2724[Reply]

This month marks Azumanga Daioh's 20th anniversary! How will you guys be celebrating the occasion?

Some art has started popping up for it, I'll post what I find!
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ceb72259 No.2746

It's kind of hard to believe, even when the anime premiered it was such a different world, time really does fly.

eb8a8b11 No.2747

it feels more the same imo
fake news in reality and shitposters online.

but anime at the time like azudai were a game changer so there was at least that

ceb72259 No.2757

We'll also be doing an /a/ sings Soramimi Cake if anyone here wants to join?

78145fd6 No.4555

Are you friends still alive?

912d97be No.4556

File: 1627662315003.jpg (66.71 KB, 472x402)

Who can really say?

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File: 1538168200239.jpg (138.39 KB, 600x600)

Azumanga and Yes! PreCure 5

82a3ce87 No.4496

File: 1624747842564.png (322.39 KB, 850x478)

Nichijou & Azumanga

5922a793 No.4497

File: 1624748313125.jpg (225.41 KB, 850x596)

Yotsuba & Hellsing

f565266d No.4508

Ayyy Persona 3!!

a726e82c No.4551

>Azumanga and Yes! PreCure 5
Hell yeah!
It's fitting for Tomo to be Nozomi and for Yomi to be left out. That's because Yomi is a good match for Milky from the sequel, Yes PreCure 5 Go Go. They're both foils to Tomo and Nozomi respectively in the same way, which is by being more competent at most things but much more neurotic, and always being annoyed at their partner's core personality traits.

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6deccbf0 No.3762[Reply]

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066e91e3 No.3828

File: 1600987025095.png (9.74 KB, 256x256)

Among other mostly anime designs, I have the Azumanga Daioh logo tattooed on my right shoulder.

Well it's not really the logo, but the "AH!" thing from OP's picture.

c80ea33f No.3829

Oh, sounds fun!
What others you got?

19b8ba55 No.3834

I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow, gotta head to work soon.

but some of them include the Berserk Brand, Sawa's ear-ring from Kite, and the Los Illuminados symbol from Resident Evil IV.

ed520c4c No.3837

c6d87076 No.4495

File: 1624747271771.jpg (23.17 KB, 300x300)


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