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>Thanks to the insane effort of @jade_midori_, the old doujin Azumanga Daioh fighting game Azufight: もっと対戦しよ~ IS NOW PLAYABLE ON MODERN SYSTEMS.

>Here's a fast and dirty pack I put together that includes the game, the hack and a system guide:

5425eba3 No.4741

Would love to play this game, but it won't brick my console will it? (I play an Xbox One X, Project Scorpio)

I will main Osaka!

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f276d1f9 No.5287[Reply]

It's pretty easy to find scans of the Yen Press version of Azumanga. But are scans of the ADV edition around? Obviously Yen did a better job, but sometimes I do prefer ADV's choice for a strip I want to share. (Pic related.)

7ff8a5a9 No.5324

What's the difference between the two? What is it that makes one better than the other?

a321bdf7 No.5342

Well in one of them Kagura calls Tomo retarded and in the other she does not

7b420219 No.5344

File: 1656344587459.jpg (144.33 KB, 1024x768)

>Kagura calls Tomo retarded
I miss that word. We should bring it back.
And I could, 'cause I'm retarded.

6ad8af40 No.5353

I've got them both. Years ago, I remember liking ADV's more but just thumbing through a few chapters side-by-side now I think I like the Yen version better.


>+slightly better titles
>+seems to capture the original intent a bit better overall, though not always
>-more localization (or just de-japanizing? uses "noodles" instead of "udon", etc)


>+dialogue reads more naturally
>+Osaka talks like she's from the sticks
>+typesetter actually made an effort

In one Tomo had cat, in the other, it's a hamster.

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59349ca4 No.4116[Reply]

I'm going to be lazy and just post the link here instead of posting one page at a time. I don't have much commentary this time anyway.

Our little girl is growing up…

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480f0a96 No.4192

i think he could change his ideas easily. he even says he doesn't see the series as a "family" series, just yots plus whatever but lately i think there are hints of parent/child bonding that is shown here and there.

then again he doesn't seem all that interested in thinking ahead that far anyway. azudai just perfectly ended the way it started.

9d0eea45 No.4194

That was quite interesting. Thanks for posting.
Thanks Ralen as always for the TL.

4b3b22dc No.4195

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cbb01755 No.5313

I don't wanna see Yotsuba& end either. What should we do?

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0110983c No.1483

Best Daughter Ever.

4adffa01 No.5306

File: 1654712216827.jpg (286.77 KB, 1124x1600)

Ena is cute!
She's cute! CUTE!

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2bb683c7 No.4226[Reply]

Ive been wondering /azu/; With the rise of 15.ai and other TTS projects, would it be possible to do something similar that would allow us to make chiyo swear? Would it even be something worth perusing?
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08f08663 No.4238

good meme

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88c9c12a No.4515[Reply]

found this pic I took from 2008 on an old HD
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fd4277ad No.4518

File: 1625110740998.jpg (165.13 KB, 960x1280)

This must have been from Fanime (San Jose, CA)
[May 2009]

1b847446 No.4520

Somebody's getting frisky with Danbo

38d24f82 No.5223

do you know what keyboard it is

97413743 No.5226

can't believe you smoke crack OP

af20ba28 No.5228

File: 1650903983759.jpg (1.29 MB, 2020x1028)

It's only for true gamers. Don't even look at it if you're not hardcore.

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57060bb7 No.5203

>sound unplugged

2606696b No.5204

Cute TV.

de3fcd1a No.5205


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4cea5261 No.4294[Reply]

We need help ripping the models from Azumanga Donjyara Daioh. Any help is appreciated.

ad8e15a8 No.4295

The second these are ripped I'll be 3D printing them.

ca666fd8 No.4299

File: 1615417535739.gif (169.04 KB, 250x275)

the sec these are ripped ill be porting them to gmod

1c3dba45 No.5197

Bumping this again because I also bought a Donjara Daiou CD and am curious about all the contents.

While looking for tutorials about extracting the 1st google result was about an attempt to extract from Donjara lol:

Should we list what people have already tried doing for so that we know where we're standing strategy-wise?

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748cded3 No.5144[Reply]

>I was looking through my images collection and found a set of Tarot cards based on Azumanga Daioh and Yotsuba&. They're dated January 30, 2009. I don't remember where I got them from and I can't figure out who made them.
Anyone remember the name of this artist? I saw this on /azu/ before but don't remember when.
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File: 1648704271248.jpg (186.74 KB, 380x600)

9a8f0755 No.5179

File: 1648704315075.jpg (172.07 KB, 380x600)

83333639 No.5180

Those make too much sense, I love 'em.

f5872fba No.5183

File: 1648931203207.jpg (65.02 KB, 380x600)

3dd43f33 No.5189

That's classic XD

File: 1645911919436.jpg (706.59 KB, 1336x1920)

931a3fe8 No.5062[Reply]

It's here.
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2fc92650 No.5101

That was a specially wholesome chapter, even for Yotsuba standards, and that's coming from someone with the same Christmas spirit as a stone.

25801c1c No.5102

Wholesome as fuck chapter, yeah. Pretty cute.
Too bad Christmas already happened.

063d7cf5 No.5104

You can always read it next Christmas.

47302e8f No.5105

File: 1646512819808.jpg (411.39 KB, 1266x902)

good job!

10e5a9bf No.5130

Man, it feels like he's talking straight to us. I can't help but feel like this 18 year long year has given hope to countless people. Thanks Azuma and thanks Ralen.

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