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Azumanga Daioh 02
Finnish | CBZ | 163 pages | 30.2 Mb


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Azumanga Daioh 04
Finnish | CBZ | 185 pages | 38.5 Mb


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Azumanga Daioh 04
Finnish | CBZ | 185 pages | 38.5 Mb

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Hi !
I see you are the (official ?) english translator of Yotsuba to.
Do you know if a french team translator exist ?
In any case, you do a great job, thanks !

2e565600 No.724

Thank you, although I am most definitely unofficial.
I'm afraid I don't know of any French translation teams.

798c6f23 No.726

you can always translate into french from english

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in a battle between her and Miu, who will win?
She is the funky weirdo character from Dead Dead Demons de Dedede Destruction manga.

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HOUSTON, January 20, 2016 – Sentai Filmworks is proud to announce its latest acquisition: the classic, offbeat comedy Azumanga Daioh! Based on the original 1999 manga series written and illustrated by Kiyohiko Azuma, Azumanga Daioh is a witty romp into the misadventures of six high-school girls – Chiyo, Tomo, Yomi, Sakaki, Kagura, and a transfer student from Osaka, aptly nicknamed “Osaka.” Under the “guidance” of some rather peculiar teachers, the girls try their best to survive wacky school culture festivals, bread-eating contests, a teacher obsessed with seeing his female student in short shorts, awkward (and sometimes dangerous!) trips to Chiyo's summer home, and more!

The anime series was directed in 2002 by Hiroshi Nishikiori (Trinity Seven, I’m Gonna be an Angel!, GAD GUARD), with Ichiro Okouchi (Negima!, CODE GEASS: Lelouch of Rebellion ) in charge of series composition. Production was handled by J.C.Staff (Honey and Clover, Nodame Cantabile, Detective Opera Milky Holmes).

Azumanga Daioh will soon be released on home video as part of its Sentai Selects line of classic animated features, in both dubbed and subtitled formats.


I wonder if this will be a new dub?
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she's mexican

1de030ba No.676

Great that they're being re-released, but I'm not one to buy new sets of things I already own. Hopefully this brings in new fans.

b04bcdfd No.677

I've decided not too buy this because since buying the rights to azu, every single azu video has been taken off youtube, including ones that don't even remotely break fair use laws. This is just another morally corrupt comany and I'm pissed they'd do this to azumanga.

16028d2a No.679

reading the first sentence my 1st thought was "live action" movie! cool! then….meh

dc71245f No.681

File: 1464709154664.png (121.32 KB, 640x480)

>>677 Actually that's King Records, not sentai filmworks. They've always owned the anime and all kinds of other shows too, they just upped the ante on copyright in general. Not that it really affects me since I'll always edit the show to hell and back before I'm done with it.

Also now there's reports that they're bringing it to Bluray for Japan, bundled with a soundtrack as a bonus, retailing at 30,240 yen ($274.56 US)?? http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2016/05/21-1/azumanga-daioh-receives-5-disc-japanese-bluray-box-release
…Let's uh, hope the price lowers on that and that it doesn't just stay there? I think the price'll drive people away since that was an average price for just buying the dvd before Sentai Filmworks re-released it, but even now that this provides an inconvenience since I've just bought the new DVD set, I'm rather torn because I'd personally prefer being able to watch my OzzyMangoes on a higher resolution than 480p.

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Strips read left to right.

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nice drawn butt on Osaka in the Crying game….mmmmmh

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I don't have a theme for this thread, I just thought this was a good image.

"Hey, that's not half bad. And I thought it'd look stupid."

"Your side tail is long, Sakaki-chan."

Yomi: "Shut up."

Kaorin: "Miss Sakaki is so amazing!"
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File: 1457331596506.jpg (70.13 KB, 736x981)

"Neko-Koneko" through forced perspective. Source unknown.

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File: 1457499891727.jpg (15.73 KB, 353x292)

"Neko-Koneko" through putting a kitten on top of another cat. Source unknown.

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The logical conclusion.

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File: 1458693752179.jpg (2.86 MB, 2448x3264)

I recently bought a set of AzuDai postcards. They all have official art on them, but this one in particular is interesting, as I haven't been able to find any larger versions of it anywhere.

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made this way back

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The chapters for volume 13 were reorganized, which is why there's an apparent jump from 89 to 91.

Previously the "Grandma" chapters were split up into 3.
86: Yotsuba & Grandma
87: Yotsuba & Cleaning
88: Yotsuba & The Black Monster

In volume 13 now they're split into 4.
86: Yotsuba & Souvenirs (this was also the title of chapter 15)
87: Yotsuba & Cleaning
88: Yotsuba & Grandma
89: Yotsuba & The Black Monster
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ab333aaa No.451

Thanks for the hard work as always. I wasn't even aware that wakachan is ded, but i'm glad to see that this board has been reincarnated. Anyways, thanks again.

329eafc9 No.477

Thx Ralen and Admin.,

38f4972c No.529

File: 1458776849172.jpg (316.76 KB, 835x1200)

Due to the recent numbering change, I decided to browse through the Japanese book of volume 13 to compare to Ralen's translations and found a page which may or may not be translated at all. Or at the very least I don't have a copy of it. It's in the 87th chapter in the book.

c8b91989 No.530

File: 1458781666448.jpg (353.41 KB, 855x1200)

It looks like it's just a couple of panels added to the top of this page.

Referring to the double ribbons on Duralumin:
Yotsuba: "That's Grandma! You have a great sense of style!"
Yotsuba: "Daddy has no sense of style… fashion-wise…"
Grandma: "Ohhh…"

38f4972c No.532

Yeah, that page has been removed entirely from the book and replace with the one I posted.

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1f62a9bd No.341[Reply]

Sorry if it's completly off topic but it seems that the project status and wiki are down on the old board.
Do you have any idea when they'll be up again or are they completly down with wakachan?
thanks and sorry if it was already asked somewhere else

c73018f8 No.344

I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about… But everything that was on wakachan is gone.

1f62a9bd No.354

Wait, I'm dumb ^^"
confused with yuriproject x)
so, staring anew, do you have any idea of when the project status and wiki of yuriproject will be up again?

e65ee544 No.355

You will need to ask these questions on one of the Yuri Project General Discussion threads.

1f62a9bd No.356

Roger that
Thanks AXYPB :)

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ccc6302e No.10[Reply]

I hope more azunymous people find this site. I wish there was a way to advertise it to the /azu/ faithful.

Does Ralen know about this?
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32bd3ddc No.226

Have there been any new chapters of Yotsuba since the site shutdown? I’ve been out of the loop for a while.

3da30d1f No.227

The most recent chapter is Chapter 89, "Yotsuba & A Whole Day." Yanda comes over for Lunch and Yotsuba/Koiwai hang out.

c50e23da No.254

Which means no, the last new chapter was on the old board. Maybe next time?

f9bd8a20 No.342

Damn, i didn't find out about this til now. I even missed it going on axypb for sharing Kriegsaffe No.9 with friends. Thanks to the local kagura-lover anon for pointing me here.

021b44a9 No.343

OH SHIT I forgot to tell you myself, sorry bud

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New Year's thread.

9c56b0b0 No.43

File: 1451762741155.jpg (379.4 KB, 1300x1127)

Year of the monkey.

9c56b0b0 No.77

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