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D'ahh I still got the project file right here, lemme check.

53. Some of those frames are simply cropped twice to fill up the space she gets hit for, like this one.

I pretty much dedicated an entire evening to finding all those, cept for the ones I drew.

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Yesterday was Santa's birthday, and for some reason I kept thinking about this board…
Probably because this depiction of Santa is the best I've seen.

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File: 1514512484374.jpg (97.2 KB, 728x1067)

A relevant Azu panel, and indeed one of my favorite bits from the manga.

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Also up.

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I'm pleased to say that the first part of the Azumanga Daioh Remastering Project has finally been released. You can now enjoy this great anime in HD, the first 5 episodes are available below along with some more detailed information about the project.

Download archive: https://mega.nz/#!wYtVhbQT!ROwJ-nNJnnRc6c_24dkdzYjtS4Vzy-CKePwPZhsU3AY

Detailed info text file: https://mega.nz/#!8ZtCkAoB!fn52716k2pOpfqETnE_NL8Oq3kUJMFh-3gmmYWTZNyc

The files can be downloaded directly without any other requirements. We're waiting for your comments, hoping we won't be the only one enjoying Azumanga Daioh once again! :D

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Thanks peachy
Now we need a sequel series.

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Is it just me, or does the little flute bit at the end of the "Gumball" opening sound a lot like the Azumanga eyecatch?

Here they are for comparison:



cb4defaa No.865

It sounds more similar to the tune that plays where the girls visit Okinawa, but there's only so much tone and notes you can change on a recorder, so… I dunno.

btw, is that what "cartoons" are these days? Do networks just pull who ever has a decent following on Tumblr to design their shows? Jesus…

296d094b No.873

If it makes it any better, I've read that most of the character designs in Gumball are actually taken from studio projects that weren't greenlit.

The very least, the show has a visually interesting mixed media aesthetic.

b854b660 No.874

Weird, I've seen Gumball a handful of times, and recognize the theme music, but I've never seen that opening sequence. Maybe it's because I usually just have the TV on in the background without watching too closely.

There's a handful of shows on Cartoon Network that I think are pretty good.

Adventure Time, obviously
Regular Show feels like it was written by/for people who grew up in the 80s and 90s.
Gumball is pretty good.
We Bare Bears is also pretty cute.

41f6d60c No.882

>>874 They actually never show the full intro over here stateside, which is a bummer cuz it does a perfect job at showing off how it blends styles together.

I never got why Cartoon Network would cut down on intros so hard, even if they're already so short.

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so both Azuma and Barasui are just sitting all day fapping to CP and no news on any new chapters in the near future at all?
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File: 1471087676357.png (189.97 KB, 741x592)

Can they do that? Wouldn't he be guaranteed royalties on the volumes?

Reminds me of this.

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File: 1471635352996.png (512.57 KB, 682x772)

No no chapters, but Yotsuba did appear on a cover of a book. Seemed kind of cruel, but it's cute, so it balances out(?).
I'm actually interested in the book now.

460d8aed No.867

I don't know trustworthy it is going by the description. It's also a rip off social sciences text book.

fc758b0d No.872

It seems like it's just about H-Doujins and shit.

b4bb987e No.5766

Even this weird thread deserves saving. If nothing else, for not being about Shrek.

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recent comiket photo

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Are they making it this year? Where can I get it? Thanks
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7d3148f8 No.555

I worried that Satomi was in a long hiatus from Twitter, and as I expected, he is in bad condition.

435cbc7f No.565

Damn that sucks.

e5c6ce3e No.860

Not sure when they normally announce it, but there hasn't been a tweet on that same account since then, so it's probably not looking good for a 2017 calendar :(

b839724c No.5748

Calendars are good. They're helpful.

File: 1464838527580.jpg (562.59 KB, 949x1400)

7881a5b8 No.684[Reply]

Yotsuba & Yoga.

The chapter numbers are confusing. The last one was numbered 91, and this one is numbered 90.
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File: 1469608552634.jpg (722.13 KB, 1945x1400)

a51d2697 No.854


She's not fat, though.

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File: 1471125008103.gif (67.29 KB, 400x427)

The title makes me think of Dhalsim playing with Yotsuba an co. Now that'd be a fun crossover

902e66c9 No.858

The implication being that yoga is why.

8b52149a No.5746

Also up.

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This is Azuma's art for Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens. It sucks, its fucking boring & its just a fucking photo. Azuma too good draw pictures or what? No he is just a lazy drug addict.

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File: 1469551412292.jpg (167.28 KB, 1280x720)

Here are some other artist's work on the same show. Notice how they're actually worth looking at? Thats what makes them different from Azuma's.

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File: 1469551803448.jpg (181.04 KB, 1280x720)

This one is so good you could even jerk off to it.
Thank you, Hanaharu Naruko! Gargantia was fantastic BTW.
Azuma can't draw fappable art because he is a limp dicked pill popper. He can draw children and fatsos fine, but he can't draw an attractive female because that requires libido, which pill people don't have

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File: 1469552749391.jpg (13.32 KB, 400x266)

You don't absolutely have to fap to everything under the goddamn sun. You wankas just can't comprehend the true beauty of immaculate detail.

You just can't beat the power packed taste of Sunny D

9b5c098a No.5745

Up, although I don't even know what this threqad was about.

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yes indeed

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aabc7a65 No.776

Nice to see they're still at it. I still really miss Planet Porno. They had an interesting story going. It felt like an HBO series with Yotsuba characters

9ebcc7fa No.5743

Sure. Hey, Shrek had it coming, it sucks. Shrek sucks. I liberated the Shrek posters when I destroyed their board, but Azumanga, Yotsuba and Ichigo Mashimaro ought to be celebrated.

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